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Simon Matthew is here!

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(Stealing my post from my FYT monthly thread cause I'm lazy!)

(Contractions started at 1am on Sunday and everyone was wondering what was going on...)
Hey guys, sorry it took so long. Contractions continued through out the day and boy were they strong. We met up at the birth center at 6pm and I was 3cm! Since I went from 1 to 5 in 2 hrs with Sarah, we decided to stay. So we hung out for awhile and around 11pm or so I was checked again and was only at 4cm At that point I got in the birth pool. I labored in there for awhile and after some intense contractions I was checked again because I felt like pushing. Connie (my midwife) couldn't find my cervix and baby was only a knuckle or so away from being out. That was arounf=d 2 something. I got out of the tub to push and all that did was make baby go back up. Got back in the tub and Connie checked one last time and discovered that there was my cervix lip and so no more pushing. About five contractions later, I had to push. Baby shot out like a cannonball at 3:43am. Remarkably no tears or even "skid marks!" Baby had a short umbilical cord so we waited for it to stop pulsing before trying to get the placenta out. Then as I was standing to get out of the tub, I blacked out. Placenta still wasn't out and I had many dizzy spells waiting for it. It finally came out about 45 minutes after birth, but by then I'd lost to much blood. My bp was 70/40. It gradually, over the next 9 hrs, got up to 100/65 with the help of iv fluids. We got home at noon. Sarah was there for it all, though she stayed out when i was birthing because the intense contractions freaked her out.

And in case you're all wondering....

Baby is a ......


Simon Matthew was born into the water. His nursing is lazy right now, but we're working on it. He's a minture dh, except really wrinkly and man are his nails long! He weighed in at 7lbs 8oz and is 21.5 inches long! He and I are cuddling right now.

BTW, I'm on strict bedrest for the next week to get my strength back, so we're out for all activities Luckily dh and my mom will be taking off varius days to help with Sarah.

I am still on bedrest and doing okay. Yesterday my bp was at 100/52, so still really low. Simon is doing well. His nursing needs some work but he's doing much better. My milk came in today. The nice thing about having a 2year old nursling is that she helped relieve some pressure so he could latch on this morning. She really loved being able to help in that way (plus she was thrilled with the milk! I think the colostrum annoyed her, lol.)

ETA: I've lost my chance at another birth center birth or a homebirth. Next baby will be at the hospital with a midwife. Poor dh was really freaked out by the amount of blood I lost adn the fact that teh midwives couldn't get an iv in me. Plus, normally one midwife stays with mom and one goes to baby, but with me, both were on me. Simon had a little gargling that was making dh nervous but since I was bleeding out, they couldn't really deal with him. I'm okay with that, but I wish things had gone differently.
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First....Congratulations! Great name! What a story! Love to you and yours!
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Congrats anr welcome baby Simon!!
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Simon Matthew

what a scary process for you though....i am so glad you are doing better. enjoy your babymoon
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I love the name Simon Matthew! I have a Liam Matthew! Congratulations!
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aw, congrats! i love his name! and i'm glad you're recovering ok, how scary that must have been!
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Congrats!!! Take it easy, get better and enjoy your baby!
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