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Fetal Movement @ 29 Weeks

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I thought I read somewhere that you should feel the baby moving at least a few times per hour by 29 weeks.

I'm just getting nervous because I haven't felt the baby move in a few hours (like 4) and lately it has usually been fidgeting around all day...
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Try your hardest not to worry!!! I am almost 29 weeks and there are always period where my baby feels like it is trying to escape and other times when I assumes it is sleeping (or something like that). Last week there was a night where I realized that I had not felt the baby move all day! I got really upset. DH wasn't home from work yet and I called my sister crying. As soon as DH got home I took a relaxing bath and the baby "woke up". Just try and relax and trust that everything is okay.... for now. Personally, if you still don't feel your baby move by late tonight or tomorrow morning then, you might want to think about seeing your care provider.
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Hrm, thanks for the reassurance, I'm trying to stay calm, but will feel much better once I get another swift kick in the hip bone! heh.
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Eat something sweet and lay back and relax, after a few to 20 mins s/he should wake up and move around. That's what all the Drs told my friends to do, and it's worked for them every time.
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It's so hard not to worry about this, isn't it?
This baby is a lot quieter than ds ever was and I find myslef constantly worried that she's not moving enough. I almost went to the hospital over the weekend because I was just feeling little twinges and not the bigger movements.
Like pp said, a glass of oj and lying down on you side in a quiet room and you should feel some movement in a short time!
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Yeah I tried the laying down thing and it didn't work at all.. it was actually after that that I started worrying, and posted. But I've felt some little kicks and punches in the past hour or so, whew!!! Not quite as forceful as yesterday and early this morning, just yet, but much better than the *nothing* of earlier!

Wouldn't it be so much easier if we could just peek in and make sure everything was OK? Heheh. I'm going to try to remember this anxiety when I have little scares when baby is on the outside, so that I can be glad that at least then I can see him/her!!!
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The movements always slow down near the end cuz baby is getting bigger, and doesn't have as much space to move around freely.

It's totally normal.

And some days you won't remember having felt a thing, and other days you will. Usually we are busy doing stuff when they move, or aren't focused on it so don't take notice, or are sleeping.
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With my first, if I started to worry I'd eat a few chocolate chips and belly bean would usually wiggle after a few minutes.

I'm glad your little one "woke up" but perhaps this would be a good excuse to keep a few chocolate goodies on the shelf?
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I'm glad he woke up! My babe isn't all that active, so I worry sometimes too. However, laying flat on my back or drinking a glass of icewater always does the trick!
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At least once a week I go thru a mini-worry thinking "oh goodness, I don't rememebr the last time the baby moved!"
I usually bust out my $25 fetoscope, palpate the baby, get the heartbeat and relax. I then palpate the baby some more and that almost always wakes the baby up.
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Originally Posted by Synchro246 View Post
bust out my $25 fetoscope, palpate the baby, get the heartbeat and relax. I then palpate the baby some more and that almost always wakes the baby up.
pal·pate1 /ˈpælpeɪt/ [pal-peyt]–verb (used with object), -pat·ed, -pat·ing.
to examine by touch, esp. for the purpose of diagnosing disease or illness.

Doesn't that hurt? LOL

No seriously, what do you mean palpate the baby?
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I use my hands, mostly the palms and my fingers all together (not finger tips) to pres in and push the baby back and fourth between my hands, some people call this ballottment (though I'm not 100% sure that's correct useage of the term, could be). I tried to look up Leopold's Maneuvers and this is all I could get: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leopold's_Maneuvers
They are the various things you do with your hands to determine how the baby is laying in the uterus. It doesn't hurt, especially when you do them to yourself.
With my first pregnancy I could feel everything, I grabbbed his little head and butt all the time. This time it's more dificult--anterior placenta may be the reason, but anyway I palpate first so that I know where to start looking for the heartbeat. My skills have definitly improved, I can feel the baby and put the scope right where it needs to be for hearing the heartbeat.

I don't remember if you have a midwife or doc or what. If you do don't they palpate the baby?
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I always worried with dd. I swear she rarely moved. Never had any big movements. At some point later in pregnancy, the docs want you to do kick counts, but I told them I couldn't do it because she never kicked - there was nothing to count!

Even sugary stuff wouldn't make her move.

We never did well with the NSTs at the OBs office either.
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My appointment this week was the first time the midwife really felt my belly at all... she had a student midwife who just started feeling around before using the doppler, and the student said, "I'm not really sure..." so the midwife came over and started feeling around, but she didn't really explain what she was doing. I figured, from everyone else's posts in our DDC that she was trying to find out where the baby's head was. I guess that's "palpating" then..Hmm.

ETA: Can you hurt the baby by doing this? Like, crush its little nose or something?
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My baby usually bounces around but there was one day where it was quite. Didnt even want to move much when i felt it.

The next day it was back to its normal bouncing around.
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This is not to be a downer, but rather to offer an opinion from another perspective.

By noticing the absense of movement is how I pretty much knew something was wrong in my previous pregnancy. My intuition also played a role in me knowing, although some women I have talked to who have been through the same thing said they never had any intuitive feelings about it.

I am not by any means saying freak out any time you feel absense of movement but what I am saying is DO take time out to "connect" with your belly every so often-sometimes we are so busy running around that we dont pay attention....
Also - babies do NOT get quiet before labor. Whenever I hear this I swear it makes my skin crawl.
And no matter how cramped it gets in there for baby-you should still feel them moving, period. Kicks may become more like rolls, punches more like soft pushing-but regardless, there should be movement.
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Originally Posted by ILoveMySofie View Post
Also - babies do NOT get quiet before labor. Whenever I hear this I swear it makes my skin crawl.
I'm curious about your source on this.
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