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Mothering needs to do put these in a spread in the magazine!
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Originally Posted by jrayn View Post
Nothing like a man in pink! Very heart warming!

I have a true rarity, a pic of me and dd sleeping! I think she has a wad of my hair in her hand!

I love all of these, but this one is just beautiful! You both are gorgeous and look so content and peaceful.

I'm always the one taking the pictures, so all of our cosleeping ones are of dh with the girls. I have a few of me breastfeeding, but that's it.
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Here's mine:


This was taken shortly after ds's first surgery. We had them move the nasty metal crib out of his room and bring in a bed so we could co-sleep. We had to sign a bunch of forms saying that we wouldn't sue if he fell out.

Dh overheard the nurses talking at one point about how hot it was to see a dad being all nuturing like that.

ETA: I forgot to say how beautiful all these pictures are! So many sweet, content, sleeping babies and kidlets... you can just feel the gentleness coming off of them, even in sleep...

Those sleepover pics are the BEST.

My two oldest girls (10 and 5.5) decided this week that they want to sleep together. Fine by me, I love seeing them all snuggly together. I'll have to take some pics.
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Here's mine!

DD was about 6 months old...maybe...I forget.
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Here's another!

Awwww lookin' through all my photos is bittersweet...:
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I don't have one of us together, but I just took this LAST night. This is what I found when I came to bed... she had sqirmed out of the blankets, and then curled up in a ball (I guess because she was cold).

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This was taken just a few hours after his birth.

Added a few more pics.
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This is not a bed-sharing photo so it may not count, but it is my all time favorite of my daughter sleeping in my arms at 3 months...


Originally Posted by teacup View Post
Huh uh! What about head-to-foot?
I have one of those. I took this picture so I'm not in the bed -- probably woke up when she kicked me in the head :

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Aww, N_60 she is cute. My DS2 sleeps the exact same way.

Us napping on the floor

Daddy and Owen napping
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These are so precious. I have my photos on my computer but not at a site. How do I do that? What is photobucket?
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Originally Posted by granolalight View Post
These are so precious. I have my photos on my computer but not at a site. How do I do that? What is photobucket?
photobucket is a photo hosting site. All you have to do is create an account and upload your photos. After you upload the photos there will be a link next to the photo that you can paste into a post so that others can view your photos.
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Well, I do not have any of the youngest except in the hospital, and the only one in bed they are awake, but these are cute nontheless. None of me of course!

Most recent on the couch.

In the hospital almost 2.5 years ago!

Good morning!

Mason in the nicu sleeping with dad!

Love everyones photos!
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pic 1
pic 2
pic 3

i love all these pics!!!
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Originally Posted by lunamegn View Post
I have a super cute on of my son spooning by husband but I can't find it on my hard drive. I only have a paper copy of it.

Here's one of them all passed out. Like father, like son:

I love all the pics, but that one made me . So cute!!
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I need to take more pictures! You guys have so many great pics. This is the only one I could find. It is DD2 and DS when they were 4 and 6 mos (so a long time ago). I had been sleeping between them and when I got up I guess they went searching for me found each other .
Too bad it's so blurry .
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this one is at three months, with me
napping with daddy

i love these pix! i wish there were more of ds & i, but as a pp mentioned, there are a lot more pix taken by mama than of mama.
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My kids really get snuggly! We walked in one night to find DS using DD as his pillow! Did he fluff her first??

Seeing all these pics brings back memories of those first few moments caught with the camera...soooo sweet!
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This is my favorite of NewCrunchyDaddy and our son. I took it at about 4:00 am during a bout of insomnia.

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Originally Posted by mama24-7 View Post
Here's my dd & ds holding hands:


OK, that one brought tears to my eyes it is so beautiful!
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