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Originally Posted by ItyBty View Post
I just got back from the RE's office. There is good stuff and bad/annoying stuff to report. DH gets to make another semen sample. I got an internal ultrasound that showed a polyp, and my septum. RE wants me to have a laparoscopy to remove the polyp and he also wants to remove the septum. He says that a polyp can act as a sort of an IUD, preventing implantation. He also thinks I might have endo or pcos possibly, he looked at my charts and said that he doesn't think I'm ovulating regularly, and he doesn't like the level of variance in my LP and O-dates and overall cycle length. He also thinks I may have a hormone issue, low progesterone maybe, that could also be conflicting with getting pregnant.

My issue is that our insurance will likely not cover ANY of this, and I'm thinking of just having him remove the polyp (which is still surgery, but under $1000) instead of doing the septum too, which involves an incision, anesthesia and costs more like $4000-$6000. My logic is that the septum isn't much of a septum, it's just a divot, and I feel its the polyp that is causing issues. He wants me to have both the polyp and the septum removed, and then after that to go back on Clomid, and have IUI's each month and see if that works.

What would you do?
Wow Barbara! That's a lot of information from one appointment. I guess I'd start with the polyp and see from there. Can you afford to get the polyp removed and then do another IUI? I'll be thinking about you.

Originally Posted by ChristyM26 View Post
Sarah, try to stay positive! It'll happen.

Barbara, I'm sorry your insurance blows chunks.

Ladies, if I could get some crossed fingers, that would be wonderful. I've had a little spotting the past couple days and while my doctor tells me not to worry, I'm a bit stressed. Fortunately it's all dark brown, which I'm told is almost never a problem. It's still worrisome. I'll keep you all updated if anything changes, but in the meantime, please think some positive thoughts.
Christy I'll definitely keep you in my thoughts. When I was pregnant with dd I had dark brown/mucousy bleeding that scared me to death. Everything was fine but I understand your fear. Keep us updated.

Originally Posted by Tenk View Post
I need to get something off my chest.

I've decided to trade the "extra" clomid I had for some Gonal-f injections. I'm going to do my "regular" clomid and the gonal-f days 7-11 and then trigger myself. The doc seems to have forgotten that we we're going to IUI THIS month and won't have the request submitted in enough time for this cycle. I so so so don't want this cycle to be a bust. So, I'm going to do it myself. I just needed to share it with someone. I told you ladies b/c I don't feel I will be judged here as you were all so nice when I admitted the clomid off the net. Ok, night night

ps....CRAMPIEST HEAVY PERIOD on clomid. We even skipped out on DD's soccer practice tonight cause it's so bad. BELCH
Tenk I wish you luck with this cycle. I don't see any problem with how you got the meds. Its just the lack of monitoring that would make me nervous. Just be careful........hope you're feeling better today.

Originally Posted by willthiswork View Post
Hi girls,

We're ttc since September 05. Had my first IUI this month. Good luck everyone!
Welcome & good luck!

Originally Posted by SarahJen View Post
Clomid users: Lots of creamy cm after O, side effect

yes I know, I'm obsessing... it's just not normal for me to have this much
Yep I had that too.

Originally Posted by ItyBty View Post
I don't know what to make of this - pleas ehelp me out here.

Last night AF still hadnt arrived, and i didnt have any HPT's so i peed on an OPK because I'm an addict, and i got TWO LINES. but then about an hour later I started bleeding. What in the hell does that mean? I'm still bleeding and crampy now.
Barbara I was chart stalking and saw that. Very weird....so is AF officially here now? Can you go ahead and schedule the polyp removal now?

Originally Posted by Leslie in Chicago View Post
omigod Lesliesara!! congratulations!!

Tenk shared the news with me on my Infertility IVF thread--I was so excited to hear this! I hope some of your good luck rubs off on me. We decided to do one more IVF cycle before moving on to adoption...

ItyBty: I had a polyp removed a few weeks ago. It was a super easy, quick surgery. I agree that the polyp is more of an issue than the septum. My new RE, who I really really like, said that usually septums aren't removed. This was after I told her about the previous RE who did remove my septum last summer. But the polyp is another issue -- the RE wouldn't do the IVF without removing it.

Tenk, honey, I'm concerned about the gonal-f. I'm on Repronex (which is the same) and Follistim. When it turned out I didn't have the Follistim pen/syringe on the day I was supposed to start, they said that I absolutely should not take the Repronex on its own. I trust that you've done thorough internet research--haven't we all?!--but these meds are really powerful and need to be monitored. Wishing you only the very best.

Leslie thank you. Its nice to see you hanging around again. I'll definitely be "stalking" on your IVF thread! I wish you the BEST of luck with this cycle.

OK wow that was a lot to catch up on. Airmide I'm going to read all about your acupuncture and respond to it another time. Not much going on with me. I don't even feel pregnant except for some wicked gas. I really just want to get to the 12 week mark so I can stop being so anxious.
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Hey everyone! I'm preoccupied with some family stuff this weekend but wanted to say hello and respond to just a couple things:

Barbara -

Airmide - Wow! So interesting. I hope it brings the desired results!

Sarah - I'm feeling fine (focusing on other things, mostly) and I agree that the 2ww is less emotionally intense that the week around o for sure. Actually, for me the week of af and the week right after o are the easiest. There isn't much for me to do (except up my veggie intake) right after o and the roller coaster of hoping and dreading that comes at the end of the cycle hasn't started. I'm thinking of you!

Still thinking of Christy and hoping things have settled down... And big hugs to you all! Elk
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Hi, I was wondering if I could join here. I have been posting in the 20's TTC, but then I realized how long I have been TTC. Its been a year of really, really trying, before that a year of trying, and almost a year before that, "well, if it happens, then yeah for us" not trying, not preventing. I have been marrried for almost 3 years, and am 22 years old. I am also a military wife. As my siggy says, we adopted our neices, who are three and one who were in a really bad living situation, with a mother who could care less. The girls have brought so much joy and love into our lives, but we know we have love for a few more!

I had two M/C's one in August 04, and another in Feb 05

I have been seeing a RE, who just last week gave me provera (which i just had a provera-induced period a week and a half ago) and then i am starting 100mg of clomid. there might be possibly a lap in the future, not sure. My HSG a couple weeks ago revealed a "completely" blocked fallopian tube, and a "malformed" ovary..... whatever that means, and the radiology doctor told me i have a slim to none chance of conceiving, but then on tuesday, i get clomid from the RE? again, doesnt make since to me. we are hoping that the clomid will work, but dont want it to be false hope.

I am not sure how i should be feeling. its weird though, that knowing through the first couple of years of DH's and mine relationship, we were always so worried about possibly getting preggers, and now it seems as if its never going to happen.

Well, that was kind of a long introduction, hope you all didnt fall asleep by now.

Have a great day ladies!
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Welcome, Lisa! Sorry that you're "eligible" for this board but glad to "meet" you. Sounds like it has been a long journey for you already and that the HSG revealed some challenges... I'll be interested to hear how the treatment plan develops.

CONGRATS on the official adoption of your nieces. They are lucky to have a loving aunt and uncle to parent them.
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Lisa Welcome! I remember your thread about your nieces, I think it's a wonderful thing you've done to give them such a loving home. Hopefully your stay here will be short
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Thanks so much for the well wishes. Our journey has been very long, and heartbreaking, but we're looking foward. Hopefully the Clomid has something good to bring to us, like a BFP!

And thanks for remembering our neices. They are the light of our lives, and cant imagine a day without them. But wait, they're not out neices, they are "our girls"

I look foward to learning alot here. MDC has such a great community!
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ugh.. such a stinking bust week!!! I'm about ready to keel over.

no af yet... yay.

I cant really catch up now.. I wish I could but I. need. sleep.

lisa.. I'm adding you...

whos going to take over the thread??????? I asked already but no one said anything

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I need to get more caught up...hopefully soon!

Lisa welcome!! I also hope your stay here won't be for too long! Congratulations on the official adoption of your girls! Sarahjen mentioned a thread about them...I'd like to read it if someone feels like linking here for me?

Angel I'm so sorry no AF yet, that's just crazy...I am so thankful with all the other stuff I go through at least I don't have to worry about that!

What's involved in keeping the thread?
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so... off a complete whim.. I took a test today

holy crap... A BFP!!!!

: : :
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april fools
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Originally Posted by angel1895 View Post

april fools
Crystal you are a bad,bad girl!

Lisa welcome & good luck. Will it take long for you to finalize the adoption? I was following along with your thread when they came to live with you. All of you are so lucky to have each other.
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Angel....are you kidding!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Congrats girl. I'm so happy for you. Is it a nov or dec dd or do you even know with those unpredictable cycles of yours?

so so so so so happy for you

and still stalking here for more bfp

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Originally Posted by angel1895 View Post

april fools
Oh I get it.

You suck!
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Cyrstal you are so bad... my heart is still jumping around in my chest for you !

I will keep the april thread if everyone is agreeable... though I am short on time so I will just be copying post 1 from Cyrtsal's thread
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Here's the april thread.... ask and ye shall receive
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