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have you tried homeopathics for noah?
it really helps my kids when they have sicknesses like that..

ngaio had a stomach flu or something where she puked everything up for days and i finally sent someone to get some homeopathic ipicac and as soon as she had a dose the throwing up stopped...she did again about 6 hours later, another dose and she was fine.

there is good ones for diarrhea..i cant think of the name though. :

its scary when they are so sick... i hate the feeling of being so unable to help them..and that they cant really understand yet why they feel so horrble.

ngaio cried most of last night.. she was restless and she kept saying "body.owwsh" over and over. she is teething but she also has had like 4 falls in the last 3 days.
she climbs on everything and i just cant stop her. she fell on her head off the kids table (she was standing on it trying to get something ff the shelf..)and though she was running around after a quick nurse i cant help feel like this totally horrible mother who lets her baby get head injuries all the time..


i need a padded house.. for mysake and my kids.
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check out my blog

its got the first rough draft of my tattoo@!

the leaves are all going to look more like the left hand one, but other than that its pretty similar to what it will look like...

im getting it tomorow!
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qof c, I remember when Killy had rotovirus- it was the first time I'd heard of it (we either don't have it over here or call it something different.) It sounds horrible- I hope Noah gets better soon, Michelle, and that you don't get it.
Fern, how excited???? Have fun...
Our weekend is being spent decluttering Skye's room. It looks really cool, and absolutely huge- pictures on Monday.
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Originally Posted by MelW View Post
On a breast-related but not breastfeeding-related note, I bought my first bra since Neela was a few weeks old today. I put on a sexy shirt a few weeks ago and was totally unimpressed with how my bra fit and breasts looked, so I just bought a totally impractical but very sexy bra. And it makes my breasts look hot :
i just bought my first pretty nursing bra. it's a pink bravado one i got from an mdc mama - i love it

Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
kaspirant, I'm so sorry I haven't emailed you yet. You haven't missed anything, I've just been a bit crap.
Amy, pm me your proper email address and I'll send you an invitation to log into the spreadsheet.

hmmm. is this what we were supposed to do? somehow i missed it! off to send you a pm.
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: : : :

neither my mom nor my dad is coming to my wedding...

My mom responded "well none of you girls were at my wedding" She's referring to an october wedding to my stepdad that took place while I was in college...and broke. We even offered to pay for her plane ticket and her hotel...more f*cked up excuses...

but that's not the worst of it.

my dad is super conservative and while I love and respect him...this just takes the cake.

His reply "Coming out to CA to see you two get married would be the same as taking a trip to watch someone murder someone else" He wasn't joking...he is convinced that since I am re-marrying I may as well be committing murder...

My sisters are broke...neither of them can afford to come...

: just doesn't cut it... I need a :heartwrechingsob: smilie right now.
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Awww, Kaspirant... mama! I'm so sorry! and more
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kaspirant, want me to go and see your dad? I have a few super-conservative ways of putting things.... fwiw, my uncle and aunt disagreed with my divorce, my decision to live with Steve (and my first husband) outside of marriage, and the whole convulated mess that is my family. They're still incredibly proud of me, because they see that I'm happy, and they know how rare true happiness is nowadays. I can kind of see your mum's pov, though I think she's being a bit petty. I really hope she changes her mind.
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im so sorry..
why are people so uncaring? it makes me so sad. but i think that in the bigger picture, had they decided to come with all of their negative thoughts and energy, maybe it would have been sad anyways..you deserve only the most wonderful day and greatest celebration..dont let anyone ruin it for you.

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lots of hugs to you, kaspirant. family can be so hard sometimes...

and lots of hugs to you, SoulJourney and to Noah too! I hope he's feeling better.

i am so tired, i'm about to collapse. And then there's a whole new week a comin'! must...sleep...must...rest....ugh....zzzzzzzzzz... .
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Oh, kaspirant - I"m sorry . That's not very nice of your family at all. I hope your DH-to-be's family is a little more welcoming of you.

I'm with you, spiritmomma - soooo tired! Rowan is getting a canine tooth in now and it's making her a real cranky-pants today. Last night she was up a LOT - and she was doing so well before too! She wouldn't even go back to sleep for DH like she normally does. Tonight we're going to be firm about it - no boobies until after 2 am, because mummy reeeeallly needs to sleep. And mummy will be going to be shortly.

If I were genetically engineering babies I'd make one that didn't get teeth. Or had them all at birth. Or something. Teething sucks.
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Got flu. Want to sleep. Can't. Car broke. Isaac in hospital yesterday. Gah
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Originally Posted by kaspirant View Post
: : : :

neither my mom nor my dad is coming to my wedding...
kaspirant - hugs to you. i know this is difficult. when DW and i had our commitment ceremony both of my parents told me they were not going to come - issues with the fact that i was in a committed relationship with another woman. at any rate they both came at the last minute and were in horrid moods the whole day - long story short i ended up wishing they hadn't come. all of this to say i know it hurts and hugs to you - just have fun and screw 'em if they won't have fun with you

Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
Got flu. Want to sleep. Can't. Car broke. Isaac in hospital yesterday. Gah
i hope isaac is okay???
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
Got flu. Want to sleep. Can't. Car broke. Isaac in hospital yesterday. Gah
May you, your car and your son spontaneously heal.
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Kaspirant. I hope you have a terrific and beautiful wedding without them.

Helen, take care. Lots of healing vibes for you, Issac and your car.

SoulJourney~ Healing vibes to Noah, too.

The fan in our living room heater broke and overheated and set off the smoke alarm. Broken from being jammed with an elastic and a dime (or "elaskick" and "money"). When I tried to explain to Neela that she shouldn't put things in the very tempting slots because it gets broken, she told me to "fix it" She's really verbal, but still has very toddler logic. And I'm supermama who can fix pretty much anything, I guess.
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kaspirant- neither my mom nor my dad were planning to come to my wedding, either...so i stopped planning for them and we started planning for ourselves...and we pretty much eloped to a cruise in the bahamas. we had a big party the weekend that we got back and my mom was invited and did come to that. people can be such jerks. re:the conservative bit...I am so sorry to hear what he said. it's completely unfounded and ridiculous. when did loving someone become "wrong" and comparable to killing? ARGH.

helen- hope things turn around for you this week and isaac gets better asap. is he out of the hospital now?

we are trying to declutter our house so we can travel starting in june. we are getting rid of a bunch of stuff, loaning some things out to a friend (glider and diaper changing station) and trying to sell our VW Jetta. If you know anyone who wants one around NC, please let me know! We are flying through Seattle and staying there for about a week before continuing on to Australia. Woooo hooooo! Maybe we can meet some of you NW mamas?
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Ooo! Gunter, do a day trip to Victoria and come visit us!!!! http://www.clippervacations.com/vict..._ferry_service
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hellen... that sounds like a rough day indeed.. i hope things are better today.

so.. i'm tattooed!! :check out my blog.
not great pictures, but it gives an idea.. and its not done yet!
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Flu still bad. Isaac hyperactive on blue inhalers and nebulisers, but at home, alive, and breathing. Maybe if I take his blue inhalers, I'll feel hyperactive and so be able to function normally.
Car was NOT broken, the heat blocking plate (or whatever it was called) from the original exhaust was still in place but had come loose. The garage took it off and now the car is fine. Thank goodness. All in all, the day has been less bad than it could have been.

Fern, I love the ink Very, very you.
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Oh my god. I am so so glad to be back to MDC and our DDC! I have been away at my parents' for the past five days and haven't been able to get online...I haven't had a chance to catch up and read, but I have missed the conversation, and the support! I am trying to de-stress from my trip...it was pretty stressful (as it usually is with them)...will probably/most certainly have some questions for you wise ladies soon.

Anyway, just had to pop on and say hi and missed you and can't wait to catch up!
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Just popping in to say hi. No real news here. Things have been a little crazy! There has been a lot going on, quite fast, in terms of dealing with stuff with the house. We had a meeting last Monday at our house with about 15 people plus one of them had a toddler Ella's age, and then a last minute houseguest last Thursday. (Our friend's waterbed sprung a leak, and he kept trying to fix it, then progressed to the couch, and then finally he was getting totally sleep deprived and called to ask if he could come sleep in our guest bedroom for a night so he didn't lose his mind!) And we are selling our old car that doesn't work, and has basically been an extra closet on wheels, so all the clothes for Ella for the next three years that my sister saved from my niece, all were taken out and have been in the house. But I'm slowly getting things decluttered and organized again.

Ella has also progressed to an incredible pace of home reorganization these days. We don't want to put locks on everything (especially b/c we're moving in a couple of months) but some days it is tempting. Also, our laundry room is off/attached to the kitchen, and we keep our kitchen trash in there. DH made the horrible mistake of throwing out a torn pair of underwear and letting her see him do this! She promptly started taking all the underwear out of the laundry hamper and throwing it into the trash! So now I have to really check the trash before taking it out! She also loves throwing things in the bathtub. So while I try to pee, she is usually taking everything out of the cabinet and drawers and throwing them into the tub. Her favorite is a few packages of travel-sized Kleenex. : Also, another funny was that I was going to put her into the shower with me (in the other bathroom, which has a stall shower) and I got her naked and jumped into the shower myself first, then popped out to get her. In the time it had taken me to do that, she had discovered the toilet brush (I have one of the Lysol squirty ones) and was running out of the bedroom, emitting a war cry and brandishing it like a samurai sword! It was so cute!!

I had a non-Mommy related self-development activity today. I have a friend whose husband is a professional chef, and he has Mondays off. So I had recruited him to give me some lessons on knife skills and chopping food. I mean, I can cut things okay and I'm actually a pretty good cook and baker, but when you watch a professional cooking, the way they can handle a knife and cut vegetables is just amazing. So he came over and we did some chopping, julienneing, dicing, and a few other more advance techniques with french names that I don't remember! It was good--I learned a few new techniques and a few different terms and methods of cutting various things. And most of all, I learned that in culinary school you spend six hours a day for six whole months learning this! So I don't feel so bad now for my amateur ways!!!!
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