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i have preg pics on teh camera but none uploaded yet. i've been wanting to post some in the ddc belly pix thread. if i ever get to it i'll post a link here.

meg - that job sounds like a lot of fun. hardly like work!

we are on the loooong path to PL by like age 6 or something. his new thing is stopping what he's doing and standing still and then going 'mom i peed in my diaper!!!!!' greeeat. maybe this is progress.
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Jstar--put that boy in undies and leave him that way for a few hours while in the kitchen or outside, or wherever you don't have carpeting. Just here n there, and I betcha it'll happen. At LEAST by age 5.
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just hopping in to say hi! off to a conference tomorrow, mom left this morning (whew!) and I'm exhausted. so exhausted. but hi!

and Renae? raisin-momma? really?
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well we do do undies on the weekends when we're around the house. but he's so meh about it. i think we just need to keep going with that. he does do a little better when it is undies with no pants on over it. but you know....i'm expecting an overnight revelation of 'wow i can pee and diapers suck' but he really isn't feelin that. s.o.m.e.d.a.y. i don't know why christmas day he was sooooooo into it and made it all day long without a single accident. even through a nap. since then it is more like 'mom i peed'. i'm fine with pee pants and changing with no fuss. we'll just keep persevering. we've been at this stage for months though. i expect snappier results

for the love of god i finally got an email from the modest mouse folks saying they never mailed tickets and they'll be at will call. nothing like waiting until the shows are tonight and TOMORROW to let people know. i was getting increasingly irritated and sent 3 increasingly rude emails to them. geesh. now we're debating about selling the tix for $100 each and going to a movie instead although i know i'll want to go in.
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Z is about where Isaac is wrt PL. He'll ask to put on undies, but he just doesn't remember to pee on the potty. (He will often pee when prompted, but IMO, that's not Z PL, that's Mama PL, and I'm already PL and have too much other stuff to do.) Jess, I'll race you to 5! Seriously, though, I'm not messing around with this. If he's too distracted to remember, then he can wear a dipe.

Fergot to say that if I had Meg's job, I'd be tempted to glug glug glug all the leftovers...
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Originally Posted by KKmama View Post

Els, I identify with your 2nd paragraph there. (And hey, wasn't that the point about my blog piece about not nagging T in the morning????) I have friends/acquaintances IRL who I'm sure think that I border on neglect (because I no longer hover over Z at the playground while he's climbing, because I let them get FILTHY at the playground, because I don't always "have it together", etc etc etc), but I also know some find me SO UPTIGHT. : I think you're great. (I'm probably okay, too. )
You are so totally on my list as a mama I admire. Not leastly because you have no TV! KK can do it, so can I!! Every time I lapse into wishing I had the electronic babysitter (and BOOOY does it work!) I think of you, and keep playing blocks/books/whatever.
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Sarah, I have no idea how I totally missed your post right before my own. But then I am mostly absent.

I do so admire that you do not use TV at all KK. And I am also the neglectful mother who lets her kids run wild at the playground. Last week I was hanging out on the bench with my friend and my kids were all over, in the sandbox, on the playstructure, they were fine.

J can sometimes tell that she has to pee and sometimes she totally forgets. But she doesn't mind the wet pants at all so that is not a big motivator here. Still, we are slowly and surely getting there. Her legal counsil, N, has negotiated treats for her lately so that is fine. We will run out at some point and then we will be out. DH will eat most of the gummi bears anyway. (he buys them) But if we keep reminding her to try to use the potty and keep on keepin on it will all work out fine.

J is so focused and intense sometimes and lately it has been about puzzles. She spent all morning doing puzzles and can do a 48 piece puzzle by herself. Of course she wants me to sit right next to her while she is doing it (and not be doing someting else) but hey-it was kind of cool to watch. I want to run out and buy a 100 piece puzzle now and see if she can do that. Maybe my neighbour has one I can borrow.

yes, it is TJ bearytales.

We are making garden plans for our backyard garden and I am feeling super excited. Of course I will probably forget to water it and everything will be a bust but OH WELL! The planning is about 10 % of the fun anyway.
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Wait, Jacqueline, your location says "half absent". Not mostly absent.

A 48-PIECE PUZZLE??? Wowza!! That is impressive.

I got a kick out of J's "legal counsel" negotiating treats for her. Kids! :
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I'm here, I promise! Mightily trying to keep up but thinking of you all the time with much much ! Especially when my friend M. and I get all excited about the bellydance classes we're hopefully going to take this summer! :bounce We've been singin' your praises, Elsanne! : I have to call that Zingari East place...the website is a little out of date!

I've just been doing other things on zee internet and around the house, enjoying the FABULOUS weather here (which I think will be ending on Friday. Oh well) and falling in love with AFI's side project, Blaqk Audio. *swoon* I have an unhealthy obsession with these pretty boys. : What can I say! I love love love me some androgeny! I think part of it is wishing *I* could have some of that androgeny myself, but knowing that I am so totally female, so the gorgeous creatures who aren't any one gender (looks or otherwise) just really, really awe and intrigue me.
Okay, enough gender-philosophizing out of me!

What else is going on...I have decided to cut down on my "vitamins"...why keep taking a million things that make me feel like crap to keep me from feeling like crap?? I am tapering off of everything sloooooooooowly, and so far, so good. I mean, it's not even been a week yet and this process is going to take months. I'll keep going to therapy, and finding alternate ways to deal with the anxiety and depression.

Don't get me wrong; I think meds can work for many many people, but for me, they just don't. And if by next fall/winter I am still feeling like crap (or even worse, feeling even...um, WORSE) I will be open to trying meds again. I dunno. I had to have a long "talk" with the therapist last night but at least she supports my decision. Now I have to call the doc who PRESCRIBES the stuff to me.

Just having made the decision has made me feel so much better. Wish me luck.

I am so sorry this post is all. about. ME! I will write more with more responses and stuff, but Rowan is awake. Daylight savings did NOTHIN' for him.

Oh, and in super-amazing-exciting news...oh wait! I got TWO bits of exciting news! One of my dear friends in CA is pregnant, due in October, so I will be out there to help out like she did for me when Rowan was born! : And...my in-laws were going to go to Vegas this August for a tax conference, and bring us (DH, Rowan and I) along...but DH's older brother's fiance/wife/whatever is going to a family reunion in HAWAII in late July...so guess where we're going as well?!??!?!?
I am still trying to take that all in, it's so freaking SURREAL.

Have a great day mamas, I may not be as present this week, but I am still here and ing you all!

Oh, and potty-learning?
yeah. He'll be going to high school in diapers.
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claudia turned me on to zoom baby gear and i want some of their totally bada$$ training pants. i think those will be necessary when we get to the stage of attempting to leave the house in underwear (you know....in like 2010). the tps are pretty pricey though. i bought one of their completely adorable little dipes on monday though : awwwwwwwwwwww

i'm impressed with the puzzle kiddo J. isaac got a thomas floor puzzle for christmas and he does lots of watching someone put it together for him

good luck with the vitamins plan renae. and wow...hawaii!

i would glug the leftovers at meg's job too
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just a quick mwah to the mmf to let ya'll know i'm still here.

have committed to a friend to start a homeschool preschool group with her in the fall. i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited! if l still qualifies for ei, i guess we'll be doing p-sch 4 days a week instead of 2. kinda hopin at this point that he doesn't qualify, though maybe that's wishful thinking.

got a sweet lil babe asleep on my shoulder. awe. he's got incredible deep blue eyes when he's awake, just like his daddy and big bro. we all have a little cold, but it's pretty mild. so glad this one's a healthy guy in general!

my goal is to participate with the mmf by next month- baby steps.

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FF--the homeschool preschool sounds fun! Once upon a time, I was really thinking of hs'ing, but don't think that's the best thing for C right now. So when do we get a pic of those sweet blue eyes?? :

: should be my tag. C's dev. ped eval is the 28th! Getting cold feet a bit, but then she does something quite typically C and I'm reassured that it's what's needed right now.

But the best news is that the hippo place called and her eval is moved up to *this* Saturday and they have a Saturday slot for her which would be better than Thursdays ....and I might be able to volunteer during her session since I won't have E with me. I don't know diddly about horses, but I guess I'll learn!

I had a reading the manicotti box earlier (yay me...I actually made dinner during naptime!)
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Thread killa??

Sherri---hope Sarah has a wonderful day!!!

A tad bit snowy here...quite a let down after 70 degree weather!

E's OT coming at 10 and that's about it for today. I think C and I will do bake some pumpkin muffins during E's nap.

Any fun weekend plans?
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Happy Birthday Sarah, Katie's sister!

Heather that manicotti box made me smile, I get the biggest kick out of that kind of stuff. Specifically, check out engrish.com , super fun ways of smile.
Indeed : should be your sig. You amaze me. I am really interested to hear how the ped eval goes, and glad for the moving-up of the hippo eval!

Fern, in my mind, you ARE participating! And I am amazed by how well you are doing with two...seems to be easy peasy for you! That is awesome! I am so thankful W is healthy and mellow, you worked so hard through L's babyhood to keep him healthy!

Where is our morning goddess?
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I have this problem where I think I need to respond to everything if I'm going to bother to post. And that leaves me.... not posting! Reading, but not posting. Lame lame lame.

So here I am, with many thoughts and warm fuzzy feelings. Yay for good mama days, babycatching, potential employment, preschool, babysitters, updated blogs and coffee.

Shmeh to pottylearning dilemmas, exhausting parents and inlaws, dizzymaking evals, presentations and all other forms of necessary but shmeh-making stress.

Boo to broken washers and, dare I say it, raisin mamas. And cranky, snotty, fevery babes who can't sleep or nurse comfortably, but feel too lousy to play and too restless to snuggle.

Smooches to all you wonderful mamas.
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Here are the primary reasons I don't post more frequently. The first shot captures Miss A's personality very well.
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Juice--I dare say the babe looks like he's got the same feisty grin as A!
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FF, the homeschooling group sounds fun. I have come to full grips with the fact that homeschooling would not work for us. I only entertained the thought slightly, but I do admire those who do it. Way cool.

After reading about J's puzzle doing, I indulged Mia a bit when she brought me a puzzle yesterday, thinking, "hey, maybe she can do it!" Ummmmm... no. She liked looking at the pieces, but that's about it.

Dudes.... I'm so irritated with Sultan's mom right now. She just called to tell him she canceling their weekend visitation because she has a runny nose. A RUNNY NOSE???? Gimme a break, lady. : He expressed to me that he wanted to see her anyway, so I told him to call her back and tell her so. We'll see how/if she responds. I'm sorry, but unless you are really sick, you take your kid for the weekend. She takes him all of four days per month - I think she can handle parenting two of those days with a sniffle. Whatever.

Random thought of the day: I want an Ergo. I think Jett would love riding around on my back, but I can't justify the $$$ for it right now.

Speaking of money, one of our cars is in the shop and needs to have the whole sunroof replaced, which is NOT covered by the extended warranty, so it's going to run us ~$3000. We were JUST getting ahead and actually saving some money, and now we are back to broke status. Grrrrrr.....

Okay, I should really shower. You don't even want to know the last time I did. Although, I bet KK's got me beat.
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juice: you may post whatever, whenever you can and want and need. and you can eventake a page from elsanne's or renae's books and make your posts all about "me, me, ME!!!" no need to respond to everyone all the time. although we would hang on your every word of mama-wisdom if you did.

heath: just thought i'd send you one of those

megan: mmm... shower...

today we are making playdough for a present for a soon to be one year old we know. and drawing "lucky" pictures for the grandparents.

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No! Surely FilthyFern's got you beat. : jk, fernfriend.

I just wanna smack Sultan's mama upside the head for you. A RUNNY NOSE? Does she have ANY IDEA? No. The answer is no.

*note to self: right. compassion. love. right. sigh.*

Juice love the pix! The oldest n youngest look so much like you! Alison is her own little birdie...
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