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oh my. john's mom had to be taken to the ER this afternoon because her incision site on her head was leaking a bit. turns out there is an infection and a big bunch of puss underneath (or around it? not sure) the plate in her head. she is being transferred right now to the bigger hospital 30 miles away from us where she will undergo emergency neuro-surgery tonight. wow. i am caught between feeling : and : . can't a sister get a break?????
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So much for a relaxing visit, huh....hoping the surgery is without incident. : indeed!
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sheesh, megan... thinking of her and of you all... sending her some healing vibes...

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Originally Posted by mamameg View Post
oh my. john's mom had to be taken to the ER this afternoon because her incision site on her head was leaking a bit. turns out there is an infection and a big bunch of puss underneath (or around it? not sure) the plate in her head. she is being transferred right now to the bigger hospital 30 miles away from us where she will undergo emergency neuro-surgery tonight. wow. i am caught between feeling : and : . can't a sister get a break?????
OK, I missed something, apparently something pretty big. I knew she was there, I knew she was watching a lot of TV - I didn't know there were medical issues... I'll have to go back and read more. please update when you can.

Originally Posted by Sarah'sMama View Post
Not much to report, just checking in on my girls! And juice I'm so glad today's better.
Today didn't have any freaking choice. It HAD to be better! And is was, and is, and while life still ain't perfect we are moving forward step by step. And now I have to run, as the baby is really not wanting anything to do with Daddy.
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Originally Posted by mamameg View Post
oh my. john's mom had to be taken to the ER this afternoon because her incision site on her head was leaking a bit. turns out there is an infection and a big bunch of puss underneath (or around it? not sure) the plate in her head. she is being transferred right now to the bigger hospital 30 miles away from us where she will undergo emergency neuro-surgery tonight. wow. i am caught between feeling : and : . can't a sister get a break?????
Oh... My God. Meg, many many good things, warm hugs, positive vibes to you and your fam right now.

Mercury in Retrograde is right, man. The good news? My mom got her plane!!!


Check my blog for my latest glam shots. Viet took those for some promo material.
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Okay, recap for Juice and anyone else who might not recall the deets on my MIL. Her med issues stem from an accident she was in a year+ ago. She was riding a moped, in the rain, no helmet... at 4 AM. (Drug addicts do that sort of thing, if ya catch my drift.) She suffered a major head injury and has had a few surgeries over several months. The last surgery was a few months ago and supposed to be the "last one" and she was supposedly good to go. She's made a rather miraculous recovery, including a "cure" for her drug addiction. Her brain was so altered from the accident, the addicted part of her brain is no longer. Weird, huh?

BUT.... now it turns out, no one asked her doctors if it was okay to fly : so that may have caused this infection. It seems logical to me that the cabin pressure could potentially cause swelling and stress and spark in infection, don't you all think?

I feel guilty for being frustrated with her visit and with her, and for feeling like this new surgery is just one more thing for me/us to deal with, but no one really asked us if she could come in the first place. John's uncle bought her ticket w/o consulting us, because he wanted to go on vacation (well deserved, but still) and she can't be left alone. So rather than find someone to stay with her at their house, he decided to fly her and her busted head across the freakin country (from FL to CA) to come stay with us for 10 days. Did I mention : : : ?

She was scheduled to go home on Sunday, but who knows when she'll go now. I assume she will be in the hospital for several days, and then at our house for several more before she can travel home. If she can even fly, that is. The outcome of this situation is sooooo uncertain. We've just got to get through the surgery and the rest will fall out from there.

The prospect of her being here for like a month is sending me into a total tailspin. Can. Not. Deal.

Thanks mamas for letting me vent about this. John shares my sentiments, but it's still weird to talk my DH about his mom like that. He has a long history with her (not good) and he's no mama's boy, that's for sure. But I still feel like I have to hold back some of my exasperation. He has put up with my parents visiting a million times, and although it's drastically different, it's in-laws and you do what you gotta do.

I guess at this very moment I'm just super glad John took today off. If he had not, it would have been me and the three kids taking her to the ER, and following her to the other hospital to wait for the surgery. I'm feeling relieved that all I have to do it 100% kid duty tonight. Suddenly, the diner/bath/bed routine seems like a piece of cake.
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You know, I must be psychic. Earlier today at the store, before all this news, I was mysteriously drawn to the easter candy display and was compelled to buy a bag of cadbury mini eggs. Mmmmmmmmm.... turned out to be just want I need. I can have chocolate for dinner, right?
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You so did not need this, meg. I hope it all works out as it should, and am so relieved John was home for the drama, and spared you alot of hospital-sitting.
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Megan-yes, chocolate is great for dinner, especially given what you've gone through this week. I love me some of those cadbury eggs. Yummy.

I'm just subbing....at work right now and don't have much time as I need to count my drawer and go home!

But, I wanted everyone to know that I wrote a nice post yesterday and the electricity went off right at the end so I lost it! And I didn't have time to re-do. I'll have to do it at some point.

Gotta run.
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Wow dude, I was offline for a DAY!
Elsanne, your instructions for a Waldorf doll had me ! Hahaha! Awesome. I made a doll for someone like that once...

Meg, WOW. I'm sending some "give a sister a break!!" and "MIL get better!" vibes your way!
OMG I love me some mini-eggs. I was tempted at work the other day (I work in a mall, there's a drugstore there, and the Easter candy is in full effect! ) but I resisted. I'll wait till perhaps a bit closer to the actual day. Maybe. Or maybe I'll get some when we go to the grocery store this afternoon! : Haha.
Wine at 5pm...mmmm! Tequila, not so much. I, like many people I know, had some baaaaad experiences with tequila back in the day.

Rowan is still sleeping, but I don't expect it to last much longer, and I want coffee. I and am thinking of you all sooooo fondly!

Finally subbing to the (correct!) thread! I am a dork, though. I was reading the end of the Feb. thread and I was like, "why hasn't there been any new updates?"

Have a great day, mamas.
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Hi everybuggy. Feelin chatty today, but not a lot to say. Meg, REALLY thinking about you--you know it's serious when the bed/bath/dinner routine alone sounds like a piece of cake. I am prayin for you and her that all is resolved easily and well, or that somehow you get lots and lots of help to deal. Keep us posted. When is the surgery? Today? Meg, I think chocolate for dinner and tequila at noon are actually decent coping techniques. That's what I told myself yesterday, anyway, when I eyeballed the nice rose wine in the fridge...

I cannot believe Sol is 2 y 10 m now! This is two months away from 3!!!! Any parties in the works for our may babies? I don't have any plans yet, although I would love to throw her a party. Viet says, next year.

And little Amara is 8 months! How did that happen?

TC--I can just imagine the TJs debacle. I know these scenes altogether too intimately.

Sherri--doesn't it feel good to get things like dmv paperwork accomplished? I love the feeling. The car I brought down here is now officially illegal in the States. I let the tags lapse after two years down here, and were I to return in it I'd have some trouble. I tried to renew them online but couldn't, and I'm not sure why--told me to go to my local dmv. Yeah. So, anyway, the car (which I love with all my heart), now has 275k miles on it and I don't think I'd trust it for another return trip, unless I had to. Plus, driving that far with two lil uns, noooo thank youuuu.

It is actually getting hot here these days. Like, tank top and hose-yourself-off-outside kind of hot. May is our hellroast month, not July, so we're gearing up for that. 6 weeks ago I was still sportin' the turtlenecks. Go figure.

And please assuage my ego by checking out my bellydance glam shots. I think I will just print them out life-size and put them over my actual self so that I can always have that image. Instead of sloppy housewife.
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1. I LOVE Cadbury eggs.
2. Elsanne, you are beautiful.

That is all.
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Els--love those pics! 8 months...where does time go? Is she creepign/crawling and getting into everything now? V. jealous of the warm temps! I can't wait for warmer weather!

We went to check out the preschool that C's OT recommended and we will probably start her now (eek!) in the 2 mornings a week program. Much easier to try it out for a couple months now as the fall may be a bit busier She didn't want to leave which is a good sign. She also was a bit miffed that there wasn't actually a school bus that she could ride to school. They are very used to working with kids with "issues" so that is a plus.

I have paperwork up to my ears...so best tackle that while E is napping...
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Thanks Sarah & Heather. My ego beams.: : : :
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Originally Posted by elsanne View Post
Thanks Sarah & Heather. My ego beams.: : : :
As it should! Those are wowie pics.

Meg, thanks for the recap. What is UP with all our crazy parents? I hate to say, it makes me feel better on one level. I always thought I was the only person whose father was likely to be found wandering naked in the desert with only a cell phone and an umbrella, but apparently it's more common that I'd thought.

I really really hope that everything goes well, and she recovers very quickly and is able to fly home. The idea of having *anyone* in my house for any significant time sends me into a tailspin - I can't imagine. and take care of yourself. Chocolate is definitely warranted.

Heath - fingers crossed for good preschooly experiences!
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Heath--how exciting about the preschool!!! What is the "eek" about? Is it hard for you to imagine C going to "school"? I remember mentioning this as a possible sanity-saver for you a while back, and don't remember you responding. Is it something you wanted to wait as long as possible to start?
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beautiful pic-cies, els! you DO look SOOOOOOOO glam. but then again, i think you look glam everyday.

megan: thinking of you today. and :chocolate: (we need a chocolate smiley)

heath: yay on the C not wanting to leave the preschool! marek is so tentative these days, i can't even imagine it.

squeaky stefan... must go...

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Oh no, megan. I am so sorry you are dealing with so much right now. We are all thinking of you today. s

Heather, that is so cool about the preschool. I think two days a week is a good amount for easing into it. Eleanor would want the yellow bus too. She knows that I work managing public transit (the white buses) so whenever we see a yellow bus she says in a sad voice, “that’s not your bus, Mama.”

Els, damn, you ARE glam and gorgeous! How much does that getup weigh? (Don’t think I haven’t noticed that you have needed reassurances from us recently – first your absence, now the pix – I am completely supportive of you and will be your cheerleader any day, but are you okay? Feel our love. And BIG kudos to you for asking for what you need from us!)

Anybody else have fond memories of using the Cadbury (or cheap-o versions) as make-up as a kid? We used to lick the candy coating and wipe it on our faces for blush, eyeshadow, lippy. Gross, but it’s making me crave them nonetheless.

My girlies are good. Eleanor is feisty as ever. We are struggling with nighttime and general listening. She’s just soooooo independent. She is totally chill with Annabel though so that is good. She helps with her bath (we shocked ourselves and actually gave Annabel two baths in one week!) and loves to bring her toys to lay on her chest. Did you know that Annabel is a month old already? I am hoping to carve out some Alison and me time this weekend. How does one coordinate naps???????

We didn’t co-sleep with Eleanor – we were open to it but she slept better on her own than in arms/in our bed. I was kinda sad about that actually. This one seems interested in being more snuggly and she is a great sleeper (4-5 hours in two consecutive blocks each night!). Any thoughts on co-sleeping with Annabel but not Eleanor. I am on the fence about cosleeping with the second kid while struggling to get the older one to stay in her room and go to sleep alone (although I do NOT want to sleep with both of them at this point) Your thoughts? I am scared of the Nighttime Parenting forum.

Love to the may mamacitas!
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mamameg that is just.....crazymaking! i too would be a) freaked out by random medical emergencies you aren't expecting and b) really freaked out by not knowing how long she might stay. here's hoping for a smooth surgery and great recovery. whoa.

i'm currently looking for the PERFECT stick. and perfect dolly head. people in my neighborhood are really into the mutated dolls as yard art thang so i could probably walk around and find something appropriate. it might not turn out very waldorfy looking.

actually i'm currently printing out THE giganto REPORT. cue the drum roll. mega PHeW. and i found out i am getting an ammmmmmmmmmaaaaaazzzzzzzzzing bonus. : : : i feel like kicking my heels together. (or bellydancing a la ms. super beautiful tribal mama!!!! awesome pics!) my boss is trying to keep me....and well it is working! my SAHM dreams are not going to happen but i'm not going to work as much as i have been or as regularly. i think i'm going to look for a really flexible nanny or see if the babysitter i love is willing to work for 10 hours a week or so. i don't know. financial reality is you know....not lining up with me thinking i am going to sit on my toosh while dh makes the big bucks.

loving the updates. glad C liked the preschool. isaac thinks he is going to get to ride the big yellow bus when he starts kindergarten but i am pretty sure they do not have schoolbus pickup for our local elementary.

i was wondering if eleanor was having any jealousy issues. it sounds like she is being a verrrrry sweet big sis i would go with the cosleeping with annabel thing just because i think with newborns it is so much easier (if they like it). i am not a longterm cosleeper myself personally. i slept with isaac completely until ~3 months when i started putting him in the crib sometimes and cosleeping sometimes. it was my way of gradually getting him used to sleeping on his own while still being flexible about getting sleep myself if it wasn't happening with ease. and as he got a few months older and i wanted a regular bedtime for him i always put him down for the night in the crib and then (most of the time) brought him in our bed during one of the night wakeups. this sorta both cosleeping and not was perfect for us.... and as isaac slept in my bed while doug was gone last weekend and kicked and squirmed i was really feeling YES that makes me : i have a hard enough time sleeping on my own without someone waking me more. if eleanor had questions i would just say baby is sleeping with you now because she is teeny tiny and as she gets older she'll sleep in her bed just like her big sis. (or something like that).

isaac still wakes up in the night every 2 or 3 days...usually if his covers come off and he gets cold. doug or i will go in and usually he'll want us to lay down. luckily he is now in the full-sized bed so there is room. or he will come padding into our room sometimes at 5am and hop in for a snuggle and go back to sleep. i'm already wondering how the musical beds will go once baby arrives

no big bday party here for turning 3 since my due date is within 4 days of the big event. so we have promised the promised land of chuck E cheese. pure parental torture but he went there once and STILLLLLL talks about it. it can be a totally flexible with going into labor celebration
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Els---the eek was that I didn't think this was something we would start until 4-ish, but as her issues have come to a head, you just kind of have to roll with it and change plans.

Lisa--C was the snuggliest of cosleepers, but E just wasn't having it and then she needed her reflux pillow so then was in the cosleeper next to the bed. I say just do what works for the babe and you both. Coordinated naps didn't really happen early on, but moreso as E settled into 2 or 3 naps a day.

jstar---woooot! on the bonus. Sounds like the part-time ish work thing would work???

And double and triple eek! I just called back to talk to the director and C will actually be starting on Monday! I figured with the monthly tuition that it didn't make sense to wait until the 19th (she has one of her evals on the 12th) so we shall see. I'm more following her interest and excitement about the school than my own hesistance. I also think it will also help us pinpoint more of the specific issues she needs to work on with. And it's only a commitment til June so if it's not quite the right fit we can reassess then.

Life here is always interesting....
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