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Lisa - strength and warm thoughts to everyone! So glad she'll be ok. And it happened when it did. Poor baby.
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Wow, so sorry for the scariness, Lisa! I would'a freaked too! And sooo glad it happened before takeoff, so you could get help as soon as you did. And I'm thanking lucky stars that e handled it well, so you two mamas could focus better on Annabel. One positive is that you are on vacation from work, and can be home with your family and get everyone well again. Big for you and your family.
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Oooh, Lisa! I am SO glad everyone is ok! I would have lost it as well! And yeah, something good in having it happen BEFORE the plane took off! How frightening.
Much love to you!

Els, I read the Rolling Stone article too. That's when I started thinking about all of this in depth.

More later though. I just had to offer Lisa and Alison and Eleanor and Annabel HUGS!

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Thanks guys, feeling your well wishes is nice.

Annabel had no cold or warning signs really. She was fussy in the evenings for the last couple of days which in hindsight is unusual for her. She had coughed and sneezed 6-7 times in as many days, so certainly we had no idea she was developing PNEUMONIA. I think that the surreal factor of blood out of nowhere was part of the whole stress for me. It just seemed like it couldn't be happening. So, so scary. There is something about this kid though - coughing up blood was exactly the thing to do to prevent us from flying - she seems to know how to get what she needs.

We're all okay, but I am so tired right now I can't think and I need to do some dishes and get to bed. I will catch up on the may mamas goings on soon and post something - I saw there was discussion about cows and Rolling Stone?!
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It's okay, Lisa. Feeling our well wishes IS nice.

that is a funky sentence but grammatically a-okay!

It's gonna be a party-filled weekend here, we have kids' parties today and tomorrow, then an adult party sunday that is daytime so kids-okay.

I have this thing in the mornings where I want to brush all debris (kids, etc.) aside as I make coffee and read emails/mdc, and not be bothered until that routine is finished, about 1 hr or so. This is in direct conflict with Sol and Amara's plans for me in the morning. I say they have plans for me, but really they are plans for themselves, and darnit they are the most self-absorbed baby and toddler I know! (just kiddin there--don't get scared)
I know that I could get up an hour earlier than they do but a) no I can't, and b)I get precious little sleep as it is, and c) no fucking way.
Whoops--did I say that? 'scusie! : It is still within that hour of which I speak where the coffee cup is half empty, instead of half full.
Besides, I don't have an alarm clock in my bedroom. It's in the bathroom. My two little alarm clocks are these cutie-cute blonde warm things on either side of my person, perfectly designed to make me not flail imprecisely seeking the "sleep" button on them. I am never late for work.

Love to my maymamamuses. I like this morning thing I just wrote so here I go c & p to blogdom...

happy fridays. How is Annabel today, Lisa?
Juice--it's Friday! You just may have survived this week! (she was having a hard one)
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i also want the morning ME peace time but my want is about 15 minutes of the world's top headlines and a cup o coffee. this turns into MY TURN!!! when the wee one wakes. i have to put him off until i get in the shower and then i put a show on for him because i know he won't be running around the house doing anything scary. doug *hates* the fact that i start my/our day with tv but he doesn't have to shower alone in the house with a toddler on a daily basis. i'm trying not to take him in the shower anymore because i am just too big to hold him. so tv it is for now :

this morning there was a little snippet about a 6 year old boy whose dad came home from iraq and came to his school to see him. the boy cried and I BAWLED!!!!! too touching for the pregoo lady. i feel so lucky my hub is not in iraq. the worry would be so hard. i think i cried because i hate the fact we are at war. hate it.

happy friday!!! we have no plans for the weekend except hopefully meeting the doula on sunday if she isn't at a birth. i think i'm going to go get some wood and strawberries and build a little strawberry bed in the backyard. i had a great one at my old house

isaac's teachers have both told me this week that he is doing WAAAY better in sharing and not lashing out over toys. i am so glad to hear it. he picked up a book this morning as i was leaving and a little girl grabbed it out of his hands. he didn't do anything but kept talking to her. then a few minutes later he came and cried to me. but this is major progress for chomps!

i hope you get some rest lisa. and hopefully you'll get a little break from work even if you haven't gotten to take your trip. soooo wacky there were hardly any warning signs!!!
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Originally Posted by jstar View Post
this is major progress for chomps!
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I better post something....I actually got a message when I came to MDC today at the top of my screen saying something like "you haven't posted in a few weeks. Why not take a moment and do so?" I was coming here to do just that, but I didn't expect MDC to add to my guilty feelings! I know my May Mamas, though. It's a no guilt zone. Hooray.

So, first of all, Lisa! I've been thinking about you and your scary ordeal all day. I'm glad things happened when they did, but wish they didn't have to happen at all. We took G on a plane ride at about the same age, and I would have freaked. Try to get some rest and TLC for all of you. Also, sorry you missed your trip, but so glad A is okay.

There are many other things to respond to, I know. But, I'm so far behind, I best just stick to the basics.

We saw KK along with T, Z & L on Sunday. They were passing through town and we met at a park and spent an hour or so together. She also gave me loads of baby clothes....many of them pink! Probably jinxing me, but I'll give them to a good home if we don't use them, of course.

House closing is on April 9. We move April 21. Barely started packing. It will happen.

G has been feverish and sicky all day. He just wanted to lay on the couch with his water, Pooh, and blanket and watch his shows. I let him, he was so pathetic. His nose started running tonight, so maybe it's just a cold. He kept saying "mama, I'm cold!" yet he was pink-cheeked all day. He's so rarely sick, I just feel so helpless to do anything for him. I did hold him a lot.

MW visit tomorrow, so I'm eager for that.

I am reading and feel pretty caught up with you all. Just been too busy. You are often in my thoughts, though, and I talk about you all with dh on a regular basis. Through all my moves in just the last three years, my May Mamas have been there.

Off to bed!
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Hi Jacqueline! That's wild that mdc does that! You will be moving on my birthday...I"ll be thinking of you!
Sol has been going through a renewed "mamamamamamamamamama" stage wherein she just wants to be with me. Probably a backlash from the last months of pregnancy/first months of Amara when she was only minimally with me? I dunno. I enjoy being with her, mostly, and taking her places, but I still am not crazy about taking two children places. Just the physical logistics! let alone diaper/aguarightnow/food/sleep stuff.

Had a great time yesterday, onto more busy-ness and parties today. My mother let her apt her lapse without rent pymt (grrrr) so off I go to remove her scheit.
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Hi Jacqueline! So good to hear from you. I've been thinking about you and your little (big) log cabin.

Hope your whole FFF is doing well now, Lisa.

Elsanne, have a fun weekend.

I am planning on going out for Thai food for lunch with my mom, then DH and I are going out to a movie or something this evening. Wow, decadent. What it really is, is my last gasp of freedom before the quarter starts on Monday. Sigh.

We ordered a dollhouse kit for Lily's birthday. I am hoping a) it won't be too terribly time-consuming to put together and b) it's not too "old" for her. I do like doing things like that, though - i.e., cutting and gluing/nailing tiny little bits of wood - and if she's not interested in it now, she will be someday, right? Hopefully. The grandparents on DH's side really wanted to get one for her, so they're paying for most of it.

I'm looking forward to Easter. We're going to a neighborhood egg hunt on Saturday and Lily is already excited.

Happy weekend, everymama!

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I'm back. It was nice seeing the grandparents, but egad, I'm tired.

I'm going to whine for a minute, but it *really* was a nice visit...

First... L had pinkeye the morning after we arrived. Then Z had an ear ache midday (and my step-mom ran to the store for children's motrin and homeopathic eardrops and pink eye drops--is it okay to mix those things?). Then T had pinkeye. Then I had the ear ache. The kids weren't sleeping well. By Tues, T's pinkeye was raging--I wound up calling the ped at home Tues night, and got a prescription for antibiotic eyedrops (yeah, the PE was viral, but he had rubbed his eyes so much they got a bacterial infection). By Wed, we're all getting sore throats. Thurs/Fri, I had no voice (sound like a frog today). We went through half a bottle of motrin this week (I gave L a couple of 1/2 t. doses during a couple of bad nights, and took a 3 t. dose myself a few times, then there was Z's ears and also T at some point). Last night was the only night they slept at all decently. (Thankfully, since I drove back today.) Yesterday the hacking cough/dripping noses continued. We went through 1/2 a bag of cough drops on the way home. (Jacquie, be thankful we saw you on the way there instead of on the way back, and yeah, I wonder if we got what that kid at the playground had... and they slept from Montrose to Vail today, anyway!) I never would have survived if my mil hadn't "given me a nap" every day (she's never done that before, and we're getting along better than we ever had in the 21 yrs I've known her, so that was all good). She took T, and I'd lay down with Z and L and pass out... Oh yeah, I took apart her faucet and replaced the washers (it was dripping), and she was *so* impressed. (Like "I didn't know girls could do that!" impressed : )

Then I get back, and... I'm so disappointed. Dh was supposed to be "getting stuff done" (finishing up the painting downstairs, reinstalling the babygates on the stairs correctly, stuff like that). It feels like he got only about 1/2 of what he should have gotten done accomplished. Argh. And then I yelled at him : and re-lost my voice.

That's about it. I want to read through the May mamas that I missed and catch up. I feel like I lost a week of my life. Oh well--it was a good cause.
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MCSB... it's probably time again to say how impressed I am that you're plugging away at the CNM thing, and I love everything you share with us.

Els, during the trip, Z was constantly in this "Don't leave me, Mama!" thing, which was a little annoying. (I can't leave you even if I want to for the whole WEEK, kid!) And a different take: I am *thrilled* when I only have 2 kids to take somewhere.

Ha, ha, MDC guilt! I want you all to know that Jacquie is the picture of glowing pregnant health. And G had a ball (that's a joke... I've never seen him without one ). I hope G feels better soon. (I'll bet it was that hacking kid at the playground!)

Jess, glad chomps is chomping less. Your comment about the war reminded me that I had a really funny political dream while I was gone... I dreamt that GWB was living in the house kitty-corner from us (a bunch of not necessarily well-behaved college students live there). I was out in our front yard, frowning at the house (I'll admit that I do this from time to time), and W pops out, in a sweatshirt and baseball cap. He dumps a plastic bag of trash on the sidewalk. I ask him what he's doing. "I'm puttin' out the recyclin'," he says with a s******. Then he hops into a car and sideswipes our neighbor's car.

Lisa, I'm so relieved that Annabel is okay (I read up backward through the posts, and it was a little scary). Mega s to all of you.

Celebrity crush... I feel a little embarrassed to admit that for a long time, it was Richard Gere. Then maybe George Clooney (yes, I have a major thing for prematurely grey hair .

Meat/dairy/whatever... I feed Z and L only organic/free-range meat, and when we eat fish (rare occasion), it has to be wild-caught. And the chickens and dairy cows have to be organic and pastured (no Horizon for us). I feel bad enough that two of my kids are eating meat, that we eat any fish at all... Yeah, Sherri, your plan is .

MCSB, are you gonna raise chickens? (Very cute pix!) I have a friend here who has some, and he says we should do it too. I just don't know what I'd do when they got old....

EL, poor lentil, and poor you. I hope the u/s is paid for and that you can get relief in the ahem dept.

Juice, s to you, too. Definitely an ack week. I'm looking forward to spring break being over, too.

Dinner: we're having Nepalese takeout, I think, because dh is trying to appease me, and because the fridge is empty, and because I'm exhausted.

I had another thought for EL... make sure that you make sure that you don't have a fissure instead of rhoids... they can look very similar externally, but they are treated a bit differently...

Ug, Sherri, I can't tell you how crazy snow makes me. You have my sympathies. We have a fence, but major chunks fell down with big wind this winter, and we're supposed to be finally replacing it in the next month or so. Can you talk to your neighbors about it? (Dh has talked to all of our neighbors about our fence plans, to get their feedback, and to get them to contribute $$.)

Renae, I'm very curious about the lip ring, too (post pix!), but I'm definitely not a piercing/tattooing person.

I think I need to say random hellos to Claudia, Nuggets, and Heather.... anyone else?

I think I'm all caught up.
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I just started the new thread here!
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