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Els, you look divine (as in, goddess-like). And honestly, those pictures exactly capture you the way I imagine you.

Meg, I was thinking that it was really good that your dh was home for that. I'm sorry things are such a mess and so uncertain. It really sounds scary. Yeah, I'll bet the plane trip was not good. And it's not like you needed this.

HF, I think that's really good news re the school. If she and the school are ready now, then great!

Lisa, I think you should follow your instincts. When Z was born, it was so obvious that all kids (even sibs!) are soooo different.

on the bonus, Jess.
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Yeah, the waldorf stuff is expensive but I wish we had done it from the get go and not be living in a trashheap of plastic right now. Oh well.
Gotta get kids out of the bath. Catch up later.

I frequently miss that the month has changed inspite of N making a big deal of it and then I get no updates on the other thread and I lose track of my maymamas! So I would like a 1 year subscription too.
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Must share... last night, as I was changing Z's dipe, he rolls over, sticks his fanny into the air, and farts. He says, "I go poop into the air." I think it's time to start pushing a bit on the PT.
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Too funny KK. This morning DD was standing, with her hands on the couch, singing, "Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty" with accompanying booty-shake. I have no idea where this came from.

Here are some smilies from DD:
: : : : : : : :

She REALLY likes the broccoli, "Look! The broccoli's dancing!" and the dog, "The puppy's running! Woof! Woof!"

Back to your regularly scheduled maymama chatter.
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Hi all. Things are going well. I just really don't have much to say these days. I think my post-partum brain is still in babymoon phase. I am reading along and thinking of you all.
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Hi maymamas. I am still pondering Lisa's comment, and may need to take it to therapy with me. Look what you've done, Lisa!! Why IS it all about me??? : Actually, I think I am the perfect opposite of Fernitude--in terms of clamoring for attention, or asking for support: quite vocal. Am trying to figure out now what it all means. Thanks to Lisa. But I do mean thanks, despite my silliness: I am dealing with the mega-mommy-issues with my mom (who is NOT HERE), and trying to digest the fact that she really IS bonkers. And how I can love her anyway.

Good Sunday, very mellow, took the Sol-child to the Mega Shopping Store, which was fun. Got the week's groceries.
Also got out the bike-car-thing (the trailer for two children) and actually put it together and on my bike all by myself!!! *sense of accomplishment*Then we went round n round the fountain park in front of my house, because it's awfully bumpy on cobblestone streets.
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Els, you look so great in those photos! Glamour-puss! on the mom thing. What is it about all these crazy moms? : We do seem to have more than our fair share in MMF Land.

Heather, school starts tomorrow, right? Good Luck! I'm sure she'll love it, even if there is a bit of an adjustment period. Mia looooooooves preschool. So much so, that I am now saddened at the fact that she has a verrry hard time leaving when I pick her up. Getting in the car is always a big scene. I just figured out it's because she doesn't really want to leave. It's hard to let go and see them want things other than just mamamamamamama.

Lisa, I'm at Eleanor's buss comment. Too funny. Sultan takes a yellow bus to school and he gets picked up right in front of the house, so Mia sees the bus every day. But recently, whenever we see ANY yellow bus any where, she gasps dramatically, and with much concern asks, "Where is Sultan's bus going????"

Glad to see we're not the only one's skipping out on the big b-day party for the may babes. We are going camping the weekend after Mia's birthday, and I just don't feel like doing a big thing. We will have the obligatory huge party for Jett's #1 - which is less than two months away - and that seems like enough party for one season.

Okay, my house just went from calm to crazy and I have to go.

Oh, short update on John's mom. Surgery went well. Still in hospital. Will be there 5-6 more days. We're looking into finding a rehab facility for her to stay in after that, because it's not exactly safe for her to be in our house with an IV, what with the kids and all. Taking it day by day.
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Els---I've totally had to work on digesting the mom stuff bit by bit and making sure to hold onto all the realizations that I've had over the years and not allowing myself to try to change my mind on them. I pretty much only have an "in the moment" relationship with her these days and try to enjoy things phone call by phone call and visit by visit and detach in between. *hugs*

Meg---glad the surgery went well. Sounds like she will need lots more supportive care than you guys can offer at home. I think the rest of the fam ought to be coming out here to drive her home when she is well!

Eek....just got done packing the backpack. She is way excited and picked out her special LE horsey pants to wear tomorrow. Will have to update tomorrow afternoon!
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Hi everyone.

Meg - glad to hear your MIL is doing ok. Hope things go smoothly from here and no more surprises. Day by day is right.

Heather - School tomorrow! Yay! Funny how things sometimes change virtually overnight. I hope C loves it and you adjust well, too.

Els - Hope you aren't too bent out of shape. There's a difference between wanting to be missed and a cry for help, huh? I do hope you're ok, but I also think you are, KWIM? And I'm glad (I think?) that your mom's gone. Everything as well as can be expected on that front?

Claudia - thinking of you, mama...call me if you feel like chatting, ok??

I don't remember if I talked about Lily's bday thing here. We're doing a shared party with a friend who's turning 4. Low-key, casual, basically cake and ice cream and preschoolers running around in the yard. I'm hoping we can do it at their house, not ours!

We had a pretty fun weekend. Dinner out last night for my birthday, delicious awesome ($$$!) restaurant. Then to a wine bar for dessert and syrah. Yuuuummmm. One of my (childless) friends watched Lily, and when we got back at 11:30 Lily was still awake. Wow. My friend was like, "Well, she just didn't want to go to bed." I was like, "And that's when you say TOO BAD!..." It was really totally fine, though, and freeeeee so I can't complain.

Then today we went shoe shopping and I bought two pair! That is major in my life, gals. Rare. One pair was DH's big bday present to me (nice Danskos) and I got another pair with some bday money. Felt soooooo splurgey.

Also have actually done quite a bit of schoolwork, and DH is almost done digging the huge trench for the new retaining wall in the front yard. Yay for getting things done!

And now here comes Monday again...:


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sarah---I totally missed doling out birthday wishes over yonder...sounds like a splendid birthday celebration. So glad you splurged on some awesome shoes!! at the babysitter antics...that Lily knew she had it good!

I think I mentioned....we're not doing a birthday party/bbq thing this year. Instead, we're going to DC to see the pandas for the long holiday weekend. I really can't wait!
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Sarah- nice shoes! Danskos are crucial for the midwife. And what are the others? I've done a bit of shoe shopping lately and I've definitely got shoes on the brain.

Birthday- We're still on the fence about birthdays. The lentil has been to two birthday parties for kids in his class this year turning 3 and neither of them was a tremendous success. I think part of the problem is too many kids- the parents here seem to want to invite everyone in the class, not accounting for different levels of development (his class has 2 and 3 year olds). The range in development tends to hinder group projects, like painting ceramics or doing party games. I'm inclined to have a very small party with just a few friends and let him celebrate without having a big blow-out. His school actually sent out a letter this year telling parents not to invite more children than your own child's age (age 3=three guests). I think there's a certain wisdom to that. But 3 kids means someone is the odd kid out, and that's awkward too. Maybe we'll have an informal picnic.

Meg- I'm glad you MIL is somewhere else watching television all day. That would drive me bananas. Keep taking it day by day and you'll get through this. :

Els- your photos are amazing. I love the movement. And I also loved the group photo- looks like a pretty cool gang of ladies.

Mom stuff- My mom is coming to visit this week. I'm already mentally preparing my retorts for her incessant backhanded compliments (I can't believe you paid that much for this house! I mean, it's a nice house, but that's a lot of money." Or- "It's such a nice place, have you tried cleaning the grout yet?") I know she means well, but she's just on a completely different planet. It's her 60th birthday, and she hates aging, so I have to brace myself for all that "I hate how old I am, my friends all tell me I look 40, I can't be 60, I'm practically dead!" She's also gained some weight recently, so I'm preparing myself for the unending onslaught of "I'm so ashamed of my body" and "I can't believe how fat I've gotten" and "I lost 10 pounds already!" Can you tell we have, um, issues? I'm trying to be excited about this visit, but I just can't drum up the energy. Maybe this time I will just be honest the entire time, instead of being the good girl and trying to make her feel good.

Ug. I'm so judgey. I need to just let her be.

If it's not one thing, it's your mother.
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Danskos (in black)


Tsubos (in brown/slate/blue)

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Hi everymama!

heather, hoping today went well for you and C. If my hunch is right, it was much tougher on you than it was on her. And those two hours or so she was gone seemed endless. And is it safe to do a smiley parade for you yet? I don't think you noticed my question on the previous thread for permission, so I'll ask again.

I saw a cute idea in a magazine the other week. It suggested using empty egg cartons to plant seeds in. Brilliant! I wanted to do a seed planting experiment with the kids, but never woulda thunk using empty egg cartons. So excited to get started!

Cute shoes Sarah! Everyone needs new shoes! And gorgeous pix of Miss L o'er yonder. Her eyes are so captivating! Beautiful girl!

We won't really be doing anything big for Katie's birthday this year either. Probably just invite some family over for cake and maybe pizza. That's it. I'm not really going to do a big party for the kids again.

Els-you're stunning in those pictures! You look so mystical and magical! You go girl!

mamameg-I was walking through Walgreens today because I had to pick up some pictures from their photo lab, and of course had to walk through the Easter candy aisle, when I was suddenly pulled to pick up a bag of Cadbury mini eggs. I'm blaming you for planting the thought. Oh how I love Cadbury chocolate! Divine!

Emmalola-how're you feeling these days? Sending strength for your visit from your Mom.

I've got brownies baking while dh puts kids to bed. I'm savoring the quiet for now. Talk to you peeps later!
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Sherri---dare I say wait til April fool's day? : School went well...her teacher said she "had a wonderful first day" I was indeed a bit teary pulling away from the school and leaving her on the playground, but grocery shopping with just E was such a treat! I have many ideas for things I can do in my time with just 1 kid! Love the egg carton idea! I have some stashed away w/ art/crafty stuff, but we need to plant seeds too. Really hoping we don't have a dreadfully hot summer again...our garden just wilted last year.

I'm : at dh....he got me sick last week and of course his version turns into a head cold and I'm starting a nice chest cold. Debating going to the doctor tomorrow. Certainly that would be fun w/ two kids in tow, no? ack!
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Originally Posted by emmalola View Post
If it's not one thing, it's your mother.
: Ooooh yes!!! I would totally "engage" with those backhanded compliments. That's a tough one for me. I can't even figure out what my therapist would counsel about it.

Sarah, those shoes ROCK my socks! I am so glad you had a great birthday! That's really wonderful--may it be the best year yet!

Sherri--you got it exactly--"mystical"! I told Viet, Mr. Obnoxious Photographer, I was going for "mystical and beautiful", not closeups of my paunch. So then we kept laughing about "mistica y bella" while I was all stress-y. It helped.

Heather---yaaaay for happy toddler days! And yay for a break for you! I honestly don't know how you've done it so long without that teeny tiny, not exactly a break, break. I have both girls all day and I feel like I've been hit by a sledgehammer by the time evening rolls around. Now, if we had TV, boy, I could get LOTS of toddler-free time...
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OK, I'm going to try a post today. I hope it's ok if it's all about me- it's easier not to leave anyone out if you leave everyone out. :

Basically, I'm really enjoying the kids, and I have a lot of support, in terms of visitors holding the kids while I take care of the basics like food and clothing. BUT, there is so much more to do, that there are all kinds of things that are falling off my plate. I missed the deadline for renewing my teaching license, and am about to miss another deadline (it costs more the longer I wait). I haven't ballanced my checkbook or paid bills or even deposited checks since the babe was born. There isn't time and frankly I'd rather nurse and read Jane Austin.

So, while emotionally and physically and spiritually I'm in a good place, I also don't feel like I'm "allowed" to just hang out on the computer right now. So that's why I'm reading along but being kinda quiet.

I'll hop in to the chatter about B-days, though. It's funny that just as all of you are getting burt out from the big B-day bashes, I'm thinking about throwing my first. The other years were just grandparents for cake and ice cream. This year I'm thinking about a celebration complete with kid friends. Since I live in a small 2-bedroom apartment, I'll probably ask to have it at the living room of our house church.

L is back from the park with dh, and asking for dinner, so I gotta go.

- ta ta!
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mcsarahb- you have my shoe taste. I adore tsubos. And they are the only "fashion sneakers" that give me enough arch support, so I am the happy and proud owner of two pairs. And I have more mary-jane style shoes than one person should.

fiddle- go easy on yourself. Don't forget you had a baby just weeks ago. Or was it days? anyway, these things will be done eventually.

We went to the park for a real park afternoon today. It was so nice outside, we just needed light jackets. The lentil played for two hours. He didn't want to leave, even when he was ready to leave. It was cute. And so nice to be outside. The place was packed, too, which always adds to the festive feeling. I met a few nice moms too. Missing close female friends, you know? I call them, but I wish I had that kind of bond with my friends here. Most of them I either don't know well enough, or just don't connect with like you do with people who you've shared things like childbirth with.

I'm feeling so much better. Less need to nap every day, and the nausea is starting to get better. What a relief. I'm in maternity pants, but that's just a convenience. I realized today that I don't spend every waking moment thinking about the baby, which is such a switch from when I was knocked up with the lentil. It's almost weird.

I forgot to tell y'all that the lentil had his first sleepover at a friend's house on Saturday night. Sweets and I went to see Pan's Labyrinth then stayed up really late looking up the Spanish Civil War on wikipedia. True geeks. We were sitting there for at least an hour reading each other snippets from their sites on all sorts of random listings for the war, Franco, the fifth column, etc. I'm embarassed to even write this, it sounds even geekier on the computer screen. I think we needed to do that to intellectualize the violence in the film. that was a rough one. But anyway, sleepover! He had a great time and totally cried when we came to pick him up in the morning. I can imagine him in a few years pretending that we're not his parents and that he was adopted so he can play with his friends more. It was such a treat to have a night without peeing in the bed or early wake-ups. I missed snuggling with him in the morning, but that wasn't the end of the world.
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Originally Posted by emmalola View Post
mcsarahb- you have my shoe taste. I adore tsubos. And they are the only "fashion sneakers" that give me enough arch support, so I am the happy and proud owner of two pairs. And I have more mary-jane style shoes than one person should.
Ha. They are cute, for sure. I'd never heard of them before yesterday, but loved the color and they feel great, too. Wow on the sleepover. I don't think we're ready for that yet. Lily would do fine, I'm sure, but not me. Also glad you're feeling better - may the rest be a piece of cake!

Fiddle, I'm glad you're in a good place. I agree, don't worry about the other stuff. It will happen. I really wish the world stopped a little more for new babies. Why should one have to think about things like bills and checks while nursing a 4-week-old? Sigh.

Heather - yay for good first days! I'm sure that made you feel good...and a little sad. So glad C. had fun.

I just ate some Girl Scout Thin Mint ice cream. OMG, what a concept.

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Holy moly, I've got some catching up to do!
I did see those a-m-a-z-i-n-g pictures of Elsanne though! Sooooooooo pretty. My friend and I are looking for a local bellydance class that we can take together; we both used to do it and we both miss it so! I'm SURE my city has *something*. We'll see.
Seriously. Elsanne, I am in awe of your goddess-ness! :

Well, Rowan has a cold so we've been sequestered since Monday, he seems better today but he didn't sleep well and woke up at 6 this morning. Speaking of, I gotta get my coffee on (cup #2! )
We figure if he seems okay tonight, DH will take him to their music class. Otherwise I'm gonna have not one, but TWO make-ups to schedule! Which is kinda okay because I don't get to go to music class much anymore, and I really like the teacher.

Oh, and of course, AF is here with a vengeance! Owowowowowowow. Ow! My entire lower back and torso just...HURT. Ah well. At least I'm still in my jammies.

And DH and I have had some trials and tribulations lately too...so um...it's been kind of a weird weekend. We're okay...it's just weird. *sigh* More about it later.

I am going to go back and read what I've missed, and write more later. to you all!
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Just had to comment on this real quick:

Originally Posted by A&L+1 View Post
Anybody else have fond memories of using the Cadbury (or cheap-o versions) as make-up as a kid? We used to lick the candy coating and wipe it on our faces for blush, eyeshadow, lippy. Gross, but it’s making me crave them nonetheless.
Um...NO! ! Hahahahaha!!! That's awesomely gross! And it made me nearly fall off the chair laughing. Because one day, our own kids are gonna do that.
My memories of the Cadbury eggs are being incredulous that a bunny laid eggs (remember the commercials?) and that the inside DIDN'T taste like egg. (which is obviously a GOOD thing! could you imagine? A chocolate covered RAW egg. But that's what I thought! )

Damn, now I want one.
I actually got myself a bag of those Cadbury mini-eggs, the milk chocolate covered by the thin sugar shell? Yuuuuuum. I think they'd make a fine breakfast, especially in my AF-ness!

Okay, back to reading. Still haven't gotten that coffee, either.
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