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mmmmmmmmmm donuts. i haven't figured out any correlation yet with what i've eaten so i think it is purely a baby position thing. i had a few glorious days last week without it but it is pretty much constant and gross : the enzyme tabs don't really even do the trick for me but at least i feel like i'm 'doing' something. i took them out of my purse because a certain little man was eating far more of them than i was.

i just have to say i feel reallllllllly stressed today. i'm behind on many many deadlines. or at least i just have too many people that want something right now and they all think they are the only person on the planet. my boss is gone and therefore my phone rings waaay more than usual allowing me to get *nothing* done : i did just finish one thing though and i am 'zen breathing' before i start the next. i'm getting a headache. *le sigh* hey only 3 more months of this mad house!!!!
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well, i'm glad i didn't try to call you today, then.

but if you want to take a break, call me.

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Diggin' the new avatar, Miss Claudia!
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thanks, els. that was taken on our snowy day last month (or i guess it was end of january).
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Aww, so much shared! This morning was rough (and hey, so is tonight!) because Rowan is sick : : Poor baby. My friend M. and her DS are sick too. I am just waiting...I know I am going to get it...
Damn dude, it's almost 10pm and Rowan is STILL not asleep. I guess I'll go relieve DH...
Just wanted to say , my mamas.
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Hey girl--: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : This is me, and Amara, and Sol a few days ago. And the week before that, it was Amara only different, and Sol a few days prior. And the week before that, my mother, and Sol. Then Amara.

Feeling poorly at the moment. This too shall pass.
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to all the : :
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Originally Posted by elsanne View Post
kk--asafoetida? croci? Gonna have to open up dictionary.com...
Originally Posted by elsanne View Post
The asafoetida was definitely a pre-: thing. Right now, I'm more on the bandwagon. And I've finally seen my first crocus. It's warming up around here. FINALLY.

I also : the very cute new S pic in TC's avatar.

Dudes, while I was :, laundry just did NOT happen around here (except for a load of dipes that dh grumbled through... T ran out of socks'n'underwear, which he got very : about. (Actually, I don't think there's an emoticon for "whiney".) Now I'm playing catch-up. Isn't it curious how the laundry and related tasks wait for us, oh so patiently? I want laundry that has initiative and does itself.
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I want a man that has initiative and does himself.


Oh, I crack myself up. I really can't complain; my DH does more laundry than I do. I'm sorry everyone's sick around these parts. Pleeeeease don't give it to me as I have so much to do in the next 2 weeks to get done with this quarter. This weekend I think we may even have to ask MIL to watch L while I do homework and DH work on the retaining wall. We have this huge 2-foot deep trench right next to the front sidewalk that could kill somebody falling into it in the dark or something. Must fill it before we get sued.

Oop, hear a whistle. Gotta run
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kk: i wasn't even sick and i want laundry with initiative. maybe we could invent some self-folding laundry...??? and then get the kids to put it all away.

talked to fiddle on the phone yesterday and i mentioned that i'm still trying to figure out what to do with M while i'm at my appt with the therapist next wed. and she offers to come out here and be with M while i am out. : i : you, fiddle.

time for a shower now...

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I REALLY like the idea of a man with initiative that does himself. :

Okay, kk and renae, here ya go! Check out the convo and the ladies mentioned.
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my dh had no clean work pants this morning. there's his initiative to do laundry : i am also not a pregnancy love-machine so he has to do himself too poor man.

i refuse to carry laundry up and down the two flights of stairs right now. it's the one pregnancy excuse thing i do. if it is down in the basement i'll wash it. somehow though i managed to carry a few items of my own clothes down because i'm on limited wardrobe possibilities right now.

my dh is so mean. this morning i had to eat really early so i can fast for 2 hours for this test and i tell him 'why am i sooooooo starving and sooooo thirsty just because i know i can't have anything?' and then i drop isaac off at daycare and he drives by me having a love-fest with a huge bagel from zupans and honks at me. evil man! i shall get revenge!!!!

isaac has graduated from being class pita to class angel. 3 girls just moved up who are terrorizing everyone. the frequency level of the shrieking is definitely different. it went from almost all boys to almost all girls overnight. i guess on the first day during lunch one was pouring milk on her plate and another was throwing food and isaac and his little buddy were shaking their heads saying 'that is not ok.' and looking at the teachers like 'aren't you going to do something?????' the teacher said isaac and his little buddy are getting along great because they're so taken aback by the new little pistols in class COOL!

gotta run.
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Claudia- right back atcha, mama.

Oh, and Heather- I got the pillow Monday and we it!!!!!!!!!! W likes it when he's awake, even, if I need to set him down. It works so much better than a carseat or swing because it keeps his back straight, which seems to help. And at night, I get a little personal space while I sleep, which is delicious.

L is at music class with grandpa, so I've just had a delicious sweet potato, and am now off to a long shower while W sleeps. Life is good.
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i passed : i am soooo relieved i don't have to do the 3hr. mega PHEW. my iron was good too and last pg it was low. so i'm doing better on all fronts.

claudia i have a client coming at 2 but i think i'll have a break to give you a call after he is gone.

that is awesome that little W likes the pillow
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Jstar---awesome on passing the test!! I had a feeling all would go well!! too cute about Isaac and his buddy! I'm so glad you were able to work through all the chomping stuff with them. C's new school basically has a no tolerance policy...one bite is it...second bite they're out. Eek!

FF---Yay!! I told you there was lots of comfy baby karma associated with that pillow. It is perfect for not putting pressure on the belly! Glad you have some quiet time! I love sweet potatoes!

C's eval at the IU (intermediate unit) was such a waste of time. : I'm just spent from dealing with so much BS that I won't even get into it. She did awesome and we went for a quick lunch at Ikea afterwards for some of her beloved meatballs. Two more evals on Monday and then we are done with that : til closer to her birthday.

2 girls napping atm.

I need to find something fun to do this weekend....any ideas??
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jstar - so happy for you! So they give you your results right away, same day? That is cool. Where I'm in clinic right now they have to wait until the next visit or call in to check.

Heather - sorry about more BS. You deserve a break from that, mama! What kind of fun this weekend? By yourself? Family?

I am like this right now--> 'cause I just found out I will be at the hospital I wanted next quarter for intrapartum clinicals. I will be catching babies in a month, gals! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
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Originally Posted by heatherfeather View Post
Jstar---awesome on passing the test!! I had a feeling all would go well!! too cute about Isaac and his buddy! I'm so glad you were able to work through all the chomping stuff with them. C's new school basically has a no tolerance policy...one bite is it...second bite they're out. Eek!
we would never make it with that policy we've had long conversations though about how he is too old to bite and toddlers bite when they don't have any words to use. maybe some of that sunk in...he has been repeating it to me. our school could always ask us to leave over the issue but i think mostly they're understanding and trying to help him develop better coping skills (as am i)

bummer about the bunk eval : i'm a fan of the ikea meatballs myself

woooot sarah - i can't believe you'll be catching babies so soon!!!! that is really exciting.
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Wow Sarah, cannot beee liieeeeve that you'll be catching babies so soon! Lucky lucky ducky! Good work, girl! I am so happy there will be more mws like you out there.

Heather--I can only imagine how totally up to *here* you are with all the gar-baaaaage you have had to deal with. Mmmm meatballs. Sounds goood.
How is school going for C? Sol walked in and never once looked back, any day since. Only hard time was after christmas break, when the routine was long gone.

Fern, so nice to have a moment to one's self...I can feel the peace radiating from your post.

Jstar, mega excited and happy for all-clear results! "pregnancy love-machine" bwa ha ha haha!

Meg, thinking about you and MIL. How goes it?
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My washer is broken. It is not spinning the water out. I want the laundry to walk itself to the laundromat and do itself. I will give it quarters. New washer is ordered though and coming Monday (I hope)

Reading, but I am too tired to respond to much.
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Sarah, how exciting! Wow! I can't wait to hear all the amazing baby-catching stories you will have!

Nuggets, My washer is on its last legs too...okay, well, it has been for um...years now! I'm lucky it hasn't gone kaput thus far.
But I ALWAYS want the laundry to do itself. Dishes and vaccuuming, too.
Not to mention the bathrooms! Anyway.

My tummy hurts. I think I had too much coffee this morning. Wait, who am I fooling? There is NEVER such a thing as too MUCH coffee! Haha.

Elsanne, thank you SO much for the bellydance info! I can't wait to show my friend M.! She and I want to take classes together. I will look into it soon. I am about to get Rowan dressed so we can go to her house, actually. My day to watch the kiddos.

I am scheduled to work ALL WEEKEND. : I need the money and it's worth it, but I basically don't get a weekend this time around. *sigh* It's also rare; a couple people got fired or are on vacation, so that's why I'm on so much. Hehe.

In other news; my cat's not eating (not even his regular 1/2 can of wet food! He gets 1/2 a tiny can of food twice a day along with the dry stuff), possibly not drinking (this is something I am !!! about! But he doesn't seem dehydrated or anything), and he looks thinner to me. He's only 3, so it's not an age thing. *sigh* I am leaving things as they are today (I kind of have to) but if he still isn't eating tomorrow I am taking him to the vet. Sucks.
I checked him this morning, he's sleeping upstairs (nothing new) and he got all annoyed that I was poking and prodding him and he tried to bite me. So I think that's a good sign.
Cats are weird. I just hope he's being a brat. Nothing's changed with food, we've been feeding him the same stuff for ages.

Ugh. He's another of my babies, you know? I'm gonna be worried about him all day.

Okay, I gotta pee and make Rowan get dressed to go to M.'s. Wish me luck!

I hope you all have a great Friday.
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