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March Decluttering Challenge! (think Spring!)

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Welcome to the MARCH decluttering challenge!!
If you participated in last month's challenge, feel free to share your accomplishments & what you'd like to do differently this month.
Post your goal- whether it is number of items gone, number of bags, rooms, whatever works for you
Are there items that haven't been used in a long time, are just taking up space, or have been outgrown? Time to get those outta there!

Last month I met my goal of 250 items. I think I reached 280 or so, so I was pretty psyched about that

This month I'm going to shoot for 300 items.. I know my laundry room will add quite a few to my total
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So i totally slacked off last month and missed my goal. I think I got like maybe 350 of 500. So this month I am setting my goal at 300 as I am running out of stuff to get rid of. I am cleaning today so I should be able to come up with some stuff.
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I can't believe I made my goal last month it was such an incredible feeling to reach that 500 mark, I think I'm going to set my goal a little higher this month at 700 and see if I can reach it, as last month was my first challenge and I still have tons of junk to get rid of! So my march goal is going to be 700!
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ok- I'm in. Having a baby next month and don't so much junk to deal w/.

I think I'll go for bags gone-- because there is alot of paper junk I have to go through and don't want to count it up!
I think I will set the goal for 20 bags-- if I pace myself, that's one each day w/o weekends.
*deep breath* ok, I can do this.
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My main goal this month is going to be to declutter the basement, declutter my stored stuff at my Mom's in Texas (we're visiting over spring break) and hopefully do another sweep of my house! I'm not sure if I'll get to the last seep, but I HAVE to get the others done! I'm going to keep count, and I'm going to make my goal 1000 again, but I'm not going to be bummed if I get through the house and don't quite get the ##! Thanks ladies for your constant motivation!
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My goal is to finish as many of my squirreled away craft projects as possible.

I think I'll check out that master bedroom thread, too...
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Last January I did the challenege when it was 1000 I think, and I didn't get there. I think I could do 500. I have a lot of stuff to go. A lot. And we're on freecycle now.
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Count me in, I sat out Feb so we are ready!!
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I keep a rather tidy house, but I have this one front closet and a basement workbench that I need to declutter.

The workbench will be the bigger challenge because most of it is my mother's stuff (she lives with us). She has a huge storage area filled with stuff that she hasn't seen in two years. I'd love to hire someone to go through that. It's just beyond my ability. I'm a neat freak and I wouldn't even know what to do with that kind of clutter. I'd probably hyperventilate just looking at it.
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I'm in...

for another 500.

DH and I got rid of 4 pairs of boots. Not a high number but high volume.
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I am in for 300. It doesn't sound like much but I have already did about 700 since Dec.
I have a storage closet I need to par down. I wonder if you ever get to the point, other than outgrowns clothes, that there isn't anything to get rid of?
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My goal is to reclaim the garage. Everything I have been decluttering from our house has ended up out there. This week I started working on that issue. I started posting stuff on freecycle. I set up a park play date for our parenting group to trade stuff (all those things I've been holding for other families will be going to their new homes). Dh will borrow a trunk to hit the first dump day of Spring (those broken box springs that we replaced but haven't been able to get rid of because our city doesn't have dump days in Winter will be gone!)

And I'm going to run through the hosue looking for naything else to declutter....
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I'm bumping mine up to 900 items this month. Last month my goal was 500 and I ended at 840. I'm gearing up for my garage sale in May and we're in the process of finishing the basement so I'm constantly decluttering the boxes we have stored down there.
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As I was folding laundry I was looking at DH's clothes and I got rid of 10 hole-ridden items! YEA!! It's already beginning! I've needed to get rid of some of the boxars, but I never notice the holes unless he's wearing the boxars, then it's a little hard NOT to notice!
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I'm in for 200 again!

Feb's declutter total: 174/200

I was conservative with my counting and it came back to bite me
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I think my goal this month will be two carloads or 15 boxes/large items. If the weather holds, I need to tackle the garage, so that goal should be easy. I also still need to go through my crates of Christmas things and downsize those. I'm so addicted to getting rid of things, I can't stop!!
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My goal for March is the basement!

Our former kitty had major litter box issues down there as well as it just being our dump all for the entire house!

Already I got rid of a box stuffed with easily 150 magazines so far today through freecycle.

DH has been working today on the OLD computers we acquired through freecycle. One he will hook up upstairs for daycare kids today, one he is keeping as a spare, and approx 7 plus various paraphernalia are getting freecycled ASAP.

Some of the things that need to be done in there:

My craft stash organized. We put two small dressers down there, but haven't transferred anything into them yet.

Storeroom things need cleaned off. When we redid a floor upstairs the banging caused a LOT of dust and wood shavings to fall through. One box of stuff got water damaged from a leak that was above it and needs sorted through.

Workshop needs cleaned. I started this project 2 months ago but need DH's help since I'd like to pitch 90% of it and some things we actually DO need

Sell DH's baseball etc cards he doesn't want/need

Vintage stove that was here when we moved in is going to the curb to hopefully be claimed by a scrapper or someone. I've tried offering it on freecycle with no luck and would love it gone.

I need to find a way to organize my big toys for rotating out (kids trampoline thats huge, kitchen, rideons, etc), outgrown baby equipment that we'll need again

A ton of other decluttering and cleaning...you cant even walk through most of the basement so this is a huge project.
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My husband just got on board! (okay sort of) He just said, I'm going to be getting rid of a few things, do you want me to count them?! I was like YES!!!! I also remembered I forgot to add 2 bags of trash from a quick prelim in the basement on the 27th, and two torn up shirts I threw away! That means I'm at 17/1000!!!
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I'm totally in! I'm going to start out light and say 100....
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Heeheehee ... after a quick 15 minutes in the laundry/storage room, I already have almost 1/2 a box:
1 pair of curtains
1 Lenox Christmas bowl (a wedding gift I've never used and I've been married over SEVEN years)
1 Mikasa Christmas platter
At least 2 dozen old rags (I have WAAAAY too many)
1 random Christmas platter

My husband says we can't downsize (at the real estate rate here, a smaller house wouldn't reduce our morgage much, if any) but I'd like to get my stuff to the point that we could.

And, after reading "Material World" by Peter Munzel, I'm haunted by images of what all my sh** would look like on my front lawn!!! Talk about motivation!
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