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I got a little bit done in the master bedroom this afternoon.

3 expired/empty medicene bottles
2 small bags of trash/clutter from our nightstands
5 Total

35/150 Total for Feb./March
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Originally Posted by TxMominCT View Post
I'm just the opposite! When I have a car full of stuff I have no problem getting out and donating it, but sorting through, getting rid of stuff, etc that's hard for me! SO you should come get rid of my stuff and I'll get your stuff out of your house!!
Totally. It's so much easier to toss other people's stuff!

I was so much better at it back in WA state where the salvation army would pick up. Here, they don't and it all ends up in my basement. But I'm determined not this time!
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
I'm at 18/900
Cleaned off dh's dresser and sold some clothing. 37 items.

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I'm in. We have a tiny house and clutter is taking over! It's not *that* bad, but it's a small space so it happens quickly.

My goal is 150 items. I don't want to set my limit too high and give up. I have a reflux baby, am the leader of DD's Brownie troop, and am in law school so time is pretty dang limited.
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Alright! I had some time to work in the spare room, and got some boxes out of the shed to empty out. I have 192 things out the door! Wahoo!!! 4 bags of stuff just for consignment. I can't wait to see how much credit I get.


mom to dd (5 1/2), ds (2 1/2) and #3 due in June
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I looked at the "ebay" pile last weekend and made the executive decision to not even bother, so junked it all at goodwill. I have to admit, just dumping it (even tho I may have sacrificed about 200 dollars and a whole lot of shipping headaches) felt oooooh so good. So now 400+ items/1000 gone before baby is due.
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Alright, I'm in.

I really want to de-clutter the shelves we have in the garage.
I want to go through all of our paint cans and properly dispose of those that we don't need/want.
I want to go through my craft stash and clean out things I know I'll never use.

That'll get me started!
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I didn't make my last goal of 250, but only missed it by a bit, and we had company most of the month, so I'm going to go for the same amount this month. I think I will clear out the shelves outside my kitchen in the garage so that I have a canned goods pantry/butler's pantry for my dishes that won't fit in my cabinets, do my bedroom again, as that is where everything gets dumped when the rest of the house gets cleaned last minute, and hopefully get ds2's closet where I can put some of his clothes in it. If there is still time, I have a drawer or two in the kitchen that could be done, as well as the medicine cabinet. If I actually get all that done, I wil be well over 250, but I want to keep it low enough to actually make it this month Maybe I will revise, depending on how it's going. The accountability and countng makes it oh so much easier to keep up with!

Oh, and I got rid of 7 plastic cups from the glasses cabinet, so I'm off!

March total so far: 7/250
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Count me in!!

I'm going to set two goals. First I'd like to do my ENTIRE house. Last summer my x moved out and I still have a whole bunch of crap to go through. We have a shed attached to our house that's FULL of stuff. Most of it is either his, or stuff that I asked him to drop off a goodwill while we were together . My bedroom closet is unusable because it's stuffed with boxes of stuff I have to go through. I think most of it is his, but I wanted to get any of my stuff out before sending it with him. My bedroom closet is also home to our holiday stuff...I want to declutter another area for them. By the end of March I want a closet!

I'm also going to set a number goal of 1000 items because I think that will keep me motivated. And, yes, I'm going to even count dollar store toys toward that goal

I have to go to bed tonight (darn!) but I can't wait until tomorrow!
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I just did some great cleaning, and in the process I broke our alarm clock! SO that's one more item gone. (we had another alarm clock in DH's closet so I figure I can count it since I don't have to replace it )
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I'm in too! Just lurking last month was so inspiring, I got rid of some furniture, books, about half of my wardrobe, and a bunch of household stuff. I didn't count it up, but I'd say it was at least 300 (?). Well, I'll count this month and set a similar goal.

0/300 so far (hey, the baby's been running a fever, so I'm a bit behind!)
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I'm here! I'm carrying over from February. I started last weekend. I think I'll probably be setting a new goal of 250 more items by the end of March. I've already nearly met my goal for March and we're only three days into it.
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I got 1 1/2 shelves cleared off in my garage pantry, and can add these to my count:

5 plastic bottles recycled that I had saved to refill but we never did
1 pkg markers that had seen better days.

so my new total is: 13/250

Looking at the shelves, there's plenty more to go through, but that was what I needed to put away today's groceries
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i still have all my boxes that i need to bring to goodwill. : its been like, a month. but the good thing is that, i continue to add to them!

my big projects i feel coming on are the closets and junk drawer.
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box of 8 items to an MDC mama
2 games to friend
HUGE bin to consignment shop -- at least 50 items of DD's spring clothes from the past 2 years!

So, 60 for today!!!
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yesterday i got all of ds's 0-6m clothes together to send to my sil. so i need to count them up.

ETA: Woohoo! I'm almost to my goal after that count!
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I do not have a number goal, but I want to go through and get rid of most of my toddler/pre-school items. The "baby" is 6 now, and has outgrown most of it It is very hard for me to part with the toys I chose so carefully. The crappy stuff was so much easier to get rid of Plus, both kids just had huge growth spurts so I have a bunch of clothes to get rid of.

I have a lot of friends and family with littler kids, so that makes it a bit easier to let go of things my kids really loved. I brought home a bunch of paper boxes from work, labeled each one with the kid/family for whom it is destined and have been filling each one as I go through stuff. The boxes make it so much easier to move the things (instead of bags) and to see what exactly is in each box. The smaller boxes have the bonus of being able to just wrap up and mail the few that need to go by post much easier.

This weekend I gave away the giant play kitchen & most of the items that go with it, the toy vacuum, the toddler table & chairs, a box of clothes & shoes, some wooden puzzles and a box of board books. Most of this stuff was passed down to us, so I feel sort of like I am feeding it back into the hand me down cycle. It felt so good to have all that stuff gone! I have reclaimed my sunporch and it is sooooo nice, I can actually sit in there and have a cup of tea now! I am looking forward to working on the rest of the stuff, as odd as that sounds. I give up on yard sales, so donation is my answer for decluttering.
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I am going through each room. My main declutter challenges for this month:

1.To get rid of clothes that I don't wear and ones that I really should not wear (stains, holes). Then donate/consign good ones. Also declutter/organize dh and ds clothes. I will probably have no clothes left after that

2.Kitchen stuff. Our kitchen is much smaller than the last so I really need to get rid of any appliance, dishes, ect that we do not use and then organize it very well. I got rid of our drinking glasses and we just use mason jars because they double as drinking, storage, and fermenting containers.
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
Cleaned off dh's dresser and sold some clothing. 37 items.

Cleaned up a little in my bedroom. another 33 items gone.

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I'm going to join in here. I need to start small. I decluttered a lot while I was pregnant but it seems all that hard work was for nothing. Between new baby gifts and Christmas we're swimming in junk again. I have a goal of 200 items. I got rid of a bag of bedding that we no longer use since we upgraded to a king sized bed. That was 6 items. I also got rid of duplicate bakeware, another 8 items. Unfortunately, the stuff is still sitting in the trunk of my car because I haven't had a chance to stop at the goodwill drop off.

TOTAL: 14/200
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