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Added another 50 items today. that makes me 100/300 for the month.
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I'm joining again this month. My goal is 450. So far:
Clothing: 45

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Doing really well!

We decluttered books today, which usually has been hard since books are something we love! Went from not being able to fit them all on the shelves to a little over 2 empty shelves! Two boxes ready to go from that. We didn't even fight either, DH got rid of stuff willingly I got rid of btn 5 and 10 sweatshirts and about 15 shirts that were hung up. I definitely need to go through my hung up clothes more, but trying things on with my arm in a cast is difficult, so it will wait.

I worked on the basement yesterday yesterday morning and then we worked together on the basement for an hour or so last night and made a LOT of progress! Our exgirlfriend came and picked up the last of her stuff and we took a van-load of stuff including two coolers we can always borrow if we need over to my parent's house that they can put to use. Threw out a baby swing that didn't work well and a rug that the cat peed on. I put away my craft supply overflow from upstairs (adult stuff I don't want the kids getting into). It isn't organized, but that's ok with me at this point. In that area, the things being in drawers is enough for me.

The storeroom is almost cleaned up. I need to go through board games and puzzles, convince myself to donate my old dresses from high school dances, and put away or toss the rest of the things in my 'gifts' box that got wet when there was a leak. Our keeper boxes need reanalyzed again to see if we still want ot keep those things, but they are contained in tubs so that can wait until the rest of the basement is clean. I'd also like to get our almost finished bottles of alcohol taken care of- a lot with like one shot left in them from hosting parties.

Sorry so long, this really helps to organize my thoughts and motivate me though!
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I MUST do this this month. I'm feeling a reall juggernaut in my Compact pledge and I'll bet I get inspired by ditching more crap!!
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Well, I was doing well - got a total of 301/750 things out the door. Yay for me! Then dh comes home from work, and great-grandpa gave him a bag of stuff for the kids. Great. 3 more matchbox cars, 2 foam airplanes, a coloring book and a yo-yo added to the kid clutter. Thanks GGpa! Also went to the SPCA perpetual yardsale and picked up a silk scarf for dd, 2 metal pots (for the sandbox - I'm tired of plastic buckets that disintegrate in the sunlight) and a cute dress for dd (she's outgrown all of hers) all for $2. At least it is all really useful stuff. (boy, hows that for justification )

Back to the decluttering!!! The spare room is almost ready for mom (eek - 3 more days to get it ready). Our master bedroom has hardly been touched. But our yard is a little neater.

mom to dd (5 1/2), ds (2 1/2) and #3 due in June
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I didn't set a goal, how about 500? this is my first time really getting things out of the house. HOWEVER, today I got all baged up 207 pieces of clothing for donation and its all in the car ready to be dropped off.

So 207/500!
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I got the stomache flu this weekend, and only got through one bag. But... one bag is better than nothing! So...1/10.
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I've half-way cleaned out my dds' closet and already surpassed my goal just with their clothes.So I raised my goal a wee bit!
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I got rid of 10+ pieces of junk mail and catalogs that had collected again on my desk, and 1 bottle of baby lotion that made the baby get a rash. I thought I might use it for me or pass it along eventually, but dh made the executive decision to chunk it after me telling him "Oh no! That gives him a rash!" after he innocently put it on Connor. So I am at 24/250...slow but steady progress. If I can do just 10 items a day for the month, I will have my goal and then some!
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
Cleaned up a little in my bedroom. another 33 items gone.

20 barbies and accessories
5 misc toys to trash
15 hangers

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i got rid of over 30 things yesterday! must go update

to clear off the computer desk i took all the random pieces of paper w. names, numbers, emails on them and made a folder on the computer with them and recycled the paper. i feel so much better now that my desk is nice a clean!
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I totally flaked on February. But I got a good start this past weekend. Aiming for 1000 items this month to make up for February. I ended up bagging up 4 large garbage bags full of crap. I didn't count them, though (DH was helping me, he would have thought I had gone mad if he caught me counting our junk!) There were at least 50 items per bag, though....so I'm going with:

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Count me in!!!

In late February we donated TWENTY bags to the Lupus Foundation. TWENTY and it's just the beginning.

We're moving cross country in a few months and are taking this opportunity to totally streamline and take with us only:

The things we love.

The things we use.
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I forgot to count the items, but I donated a huge bag of kids clothes to the local family centre today (but i bagged them up last month so maybe it doesn't count). Glad they're out of the house! I also threw away two pairs of dh's underwear that were full of holes, and a box of broken glass from the past 6 or so months.
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Originally Posted by my2girlz View Post
20 barbies and accessories
5 misc toys to trash
15 hangers

Cleaned out the girls' dresser. 33 more gone.

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Finally got rid of three huge plastic bags that our new mattress came in.

So, up to 221/250.
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random papers on computer desk - 30
old clothes - 18
old towels we don't use - 9
bag - 1

total - 58 for yesterday/today

457 + 58 = 515

I made my goal!

Now I think I'll change it to 200 for March. YAY!
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I just took back one item to walmart and deposited/recycled over 80 bottles then the machine couldn't take any more so I still have a lot in my car! The bummer is that I can't find my slip worth $4+ for the bottles! It must have fallen out of my pocket. Well at least most of them are out of my basement!
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Joining for the first time. I'll do 500.
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Originally Posted by memiles View Post
Joining for the first time. I'll do 500.
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