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Where Can I Find Stainless Drinking Cups?

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Am I just Googling the wrong words or are these really that hard to find?!

I am ISO stainless steel tumblers/drinking glasses/cups...whatever you want to call them. I seem to break every glass drinking glass that I get my hands on, lol.

I don't want the plastic covered ones and I don't want the ones with handles and lids meant for coffee. I am just looking for a plain old drinking glass that is made of stainless steel.

I have one that I found at a thrift store that probably holds about 16 oz and it is wonderful. I would love to have a whole set of them but I cannot find them anywhere. I have searched on ebay and Google and usually just come up with hits for the coffee mugs.

Does anyone know where I can find what I am looking for?
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I don't know, but I'm subbing to this thread to find out. I spent quite a while searching for these online a few months ago, and came up empty-handed.

Some friends of ours have some that they brought back from India. I think they're big there. If you have some kind of Indian market in your area, you might be able to find them there.
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I use Kleen Kanteen. Amazon sells them, but you could also google and pull up other retailers.
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We use the Klean Kanteens for our water bottles when we are away from home but I want actual cups for home and for when we have guests. I wonder if ebay has a site in India? But then again, shipping would probably be outrageous.
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I know I've seen stainless steel cups online, I too want to say Indian or Morocan (sp?) take a look at this site

instead of googling "cups" try "tumbler"

try this too
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my husband bought ours in india. i'd check indian stores.
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When I google "tumbler" it pulls up the travel coffe mugs. That site has what I am looking for though! I wonder how I would order them. I don't see any pricing info.
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Here are some stainless "espresso mugs" from REI. I would try camping supply stores.
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stainless steel drinking cups sound so cool.

i found a gaint milkshake mixer on amazon.


oh, here's some actual cups.


they had some others too, but they were pretty $$. i just typed in stainless steel tumbler on amazon.com. i think a lot are for bathroom use? maybe look in a bed/bath type store??
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I found these, reasonable prices, but they are in England
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Maybe try some camping stores/sites? Usually campers don't like to just use water bottles, and glass is too complicated when camping.

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Try your local Indian store ... everything in stainless Steel!
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I am doing a spring de-cluttering, and have a set of four 16oz. Stainless Steel tumblers. Whoever wants them, PM me .

ETA, they look just like these http://www.presentsformen.co.uk/prod...l-Tumblers-w9/
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You have to search "Stainless Steel Malt Cup" - I think that's what you're talking about.

You can find these in lots on ebay. Here's a link that came up in google: http://food-equipment.com/stainless_steel_malt_cup.htm

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Do they not give your beverage a metallic taste?
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I've never noticed a metallic taste and I'm usually pretty sensitive to that kind of stuff.
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If your city/town has a Chinese community I would check the stores there. We've found great stainless steel glasses and bento boxes in Chinatown.
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Originally Posted by NoliMum View Post
Do they not give your beverage a metallic taste?
I use stainless steel water bottles like these (http://www.kleankanteen.com/2products/products.html) and I've never gotten a metallic taste. In fact, the nice thing about stainless steel is that it's supposed to be non-leaching.
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Keep any eye open at estate sales? I remember my grandmother's set, they were colored in jewel tones. Now I want some...
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