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Originally Posted by sewaneecook View Post
Anyone have solutions for biters? DS likes to chomp down on me while nursing. I smoosh him in to the breast to get him to release and immediately end the nursing session, but that hasn't seemed to help. He just had 2 teeth come through, so it's only going to hurt more as he gets more teeth.
I hear ya ... DD is sometimes "bitey", and youch, that can hurt. She doesn't bite when she is definitely hungry though, so if she has a goofy, mischievous look in her eye and bites me, I just figure it's not nursing time. I'm hoping she doesn't start biting when she is really hungry.

Sorry no advice really, just sympathy!
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Originally Posted by kimya View Post
That's cool!!! It's a weird town. When did you leave? It is SOOOOO developed. It kind of scares me. It reminds me of the town in Edward Scissorhands. I bet kids run into the wrong house all the time!
I lived there from let's see....4th grade...and my parents moved away two years ago, but I didn't live there for the last couple years....I OFFICIALLY didn't reside in the city as of December 99, but my parents stayed until what......2004 or 2005? So I was back on occasion. It is a weird little town. But, it's sorta homey too. Did your friends grow up there?
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Hi everybody; long time no "see." My family has been going through a rough five months but I'm ready to rejoin the July mamas!

So! 'Renzo is 8.5 months old. He weighs in at a whopping 19lbs and is about to start walking. He has four teeth and likes to use them while nursing. He's just the most delightful baby and though I'm now a single mama, I'm so happy to be a SAHM to Miss P & 'Renz. Check out my blog (see my siggy) for pictures!

Now, to catch up on this monster of a thread!
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It's so good to see you here, Celeste. I saw your pics and your kids are so cute!! And growing so fast.
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Celeste! We've missed you. Here's a for good measure.

Ethan is starting to crawl. : I'm not ready!
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Celeste, it's so good to see you over here! I've been thinking and praying about you and your family! I can't believe Renzo is almost walking! Seth is sitting very well and is content to stay put (not that I mind having a stationary babe!).
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hi celeste, we've missed ya!! ! cute kiddos!
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Celeste! Glad to have you back over here.

Juice, : is right. Dd started going from butt to belly today, and has been trying really hard on the crawling.
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My husband asked me for hamburger helper tonight. :Puke
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Hi Celeste!
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Originally Posted by sewaneecook View Post
As for solids, DS doesn't like them much. He'll be 9 months next week and he has had maybe 1/8 of a teaspoon of solids total. He usually spits them out or gags on them. His favorite is sucking on an apple. He likes the taste, but not the texture of solids. He gagged on sweet potato, he threw up avocado, and spits out any solid piece of apple he may get. I try something new every couple weeks or so, but no luck so far. Since he's somewhere around 28 lbs, I'm not worried about malnourishment!
Hmm, good to see R isn't the only one that gags. I don't remember this problem with DD1. Anyway we've had good luck with the mesh feeder. She did seem very interested in what we were eating but I kept holding off because of the vomiting. I think it's partly a texture thing and partly a control thing for her... she needs to be able to control what and how much goes in her mouth.

Celeste, so good to see you!!!! We missed you!

And Witt, welcome back!

Tanya, about that SA calculation. When I calculated how much I need I get over 18,000 mg of Vit C. Is that right? : (please stop doing the division in your heads! ) How do you even take that much? I have the tabs but they take a while to crunch up. For those of you who use powder, where do you get it? And does it make anyone else super gassy? Can that be considered bowel tolerance? I do have to be around other people after all

Panda thinks you stink... What a precious little face Kimya.
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Quag that doesn't sound right...could you drink 18 packets of emergen-c without hitting bowel tolerance?

I ordered my SA powder from http://store.allhealthtrends.com/pgi...ctspec?NB-0452
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Hey there ladies! My dh has been ragging on me about the time I spend with my computer open!!!!

Question: Do your babies ears smell? Mason's always stink after a bath, I know randomness...

I am glad the sleep is getting better for now Jami....we are doing better on the not waking screaming 45 min after going down, some nights there is no waking, and some it is two to three hours later, so that is progess. Normally whenever I reach out for help, things change up with little pressure from mama!

Two of my neighbors babies are getting tubes in their ears, they think my SA, vit c, garlic oil is all witch craft or something...I think it is the other way around.
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Hi, ladies. Just popping in. Do any of us live In Southern Cali?
Hi, Celeste. So glad to see you back. So sorry for all your troubles. Big hugs to you.
We are finally back at home. I have 2 days before I leave. My girls lives have been turned totally upside down and now we're going out of town. My house is trashed because we hadn't finished unpacking when we had to leave. I can't find anything. And I have less than 2 days to get all 2 of us ready to go. On the plus side, somebody in the NINO group around here is loaning me her ergo for the trip. I just wish I had the backpack that hooks on it. That would so save me. I'm foreseeing baby on my back in ergo and toddler on my front in mei tai. Where does my bag go? I'll try to post more before I go. I much to say but so little time. I don't think my sis has internet. I told her I couldn't come then, but she's insisting and since she already bought the tickets, ill have to survive somehow. now to get baby to sleep so dh and I can dtd.
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Hi, JJoy! Glad you got back home. Have a safe trip and a fun time with your sister!

Here's the video of the hysterical bouncing ball I mentioned earlier.
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t-too cute!
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packing up H's things. not sure how i'm going to manage. everyone who was supportive last year has better things to do this year...I still don't have my license...and no vehicle...

...I feel sick...
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Um, Celeste, WOW. Where the heck have I been.! Just spent a hairy half hour on your blog. While our situations differ I have a little single-mama high-five goin' out to ya. You inspire me.

Jjoy, hang in there...sending you good energy.
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Celeste Hi!!! welcome back, I saw you were having a rough time a while ago hugs mama
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Originally Posted by SabbathD View Post
My husband asked me for hamburger helper tonight. :Puke
I regularly make hamburger helper I don't like it as much as other stuff but it is cheap and quick
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