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Skin rashes after flu?

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Alayna had the stomach flu this past week- vomiting on Friday, fever for a few days (peaking at 103.9) and general malaise for a few days, diahrea and now she has a rash that started on her back and belly and has spread to her neack and now there are little bumps on her arms and a few spots on her forehead. It almost looks like ezcema- but she's never had it and it came on suddenly so I doubt its that. It's wierd. Does this sometimes just happen after the flu or could it be something else?

What do you all think?

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has she had any VAX's?
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I took ds to the dr for a similar situation a couple years ago. She said it;s normal after a virus to see this type of rash for a couple days - the bodies way of getting rid of the virus or something like that.
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My DD had a similar experience. The rash in her case was her body's way of getting rid of the toxins from the virus. According to her ped, this is common. DD's went away in no time. I suggest making sure your babe has plenty of fluids - breastmilk, water, chicken broth - whatever works for you guys to help her body flush everything out.

My DD wasn't bothered by the rash at all.

If you are very concerned of course, please see your doc.
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She had the first round of vax's when she was 1 month old and we have since chosen not to do anymore (at least for awhile) so I doubt that has anything to do with it but thank you. I appreciate that.

It doesn't bother her and it honestly doesn't bother me either but I was wondering if it SHOULD bother me. Sometimes I think I'm a little too lax about these things. I really don't think its anything, though. Someone said somehing about Roseola but it doesn't seem like a big deal anyway as long as she's nursing and drinking lots of fluids (which she is!). It' snice hearing your experiences with this to know I;m not alone!

Thanks everyone
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My sil’s dd had the flue and broke out in a rash after. When she took her to the Dr he said it was from the vax she got for chicken pox. It was brought on by stress and would go away on it’s own, it was not contagious. I want to say he said type A chicken pox, but can’t remember.

That’s why I asked. I hope your dd is better soon!
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This is viral eczema. I get it sometimes even when I get a cold or flu.

Nothing to worry about. Deal with the eczema as you would normally.
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Sounds like roseola to me. My dd had it after a few days of poops and real high fever. Then she got a rash on her back , tummy and face. I took her to the doctor and he said it was roseola that it was harmless. I used aveeno for a day and then it went away.
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