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Saw surgeon- another bf'ing update

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Just got back from the ENT surgeon a bit ago. He did see Levi's tongue tie and he felt that it should be clipped. Unfortunately because of the location he is unable to do it in the office. He wants to book an OR and do it under anesthesia. He is worried because it is very posterior and in a "very vascular" location so the risk of bleeding is very high and it may need some sutures.

I am SOOO torn about this. The idea of doing surgery just so my son MIGHT be able to nurse seems so extreme. But the fact of the matter is he will never nurse without it- that seems to be everyone's belief. And I truly can't keep going the way we are. He only gets on the breast about 10% of the times I try,a nd even then he is a very ineffcient nurser. I actually timed it out and I have spent 17 of the past 24 hours feeding this baby. I can't keep this up.....

So someone needs to just tell me what to do as I can't think clearly anymore.
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I can understand being terrified of GA but if it were my baby with this issue I would have it done. Maybe you could see a different Dr. and he would be able to do it without GA?? It would be worth a shot to get another oppinion since putting anyone under is a risk.

I hope that you can come to be at peace with what ever you decide to do.
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See if you can get a 2nd. But really if its your sanity and you know its going to need to be done ( BM or no BM ) then you might need to bit the bullet and do it : ....I know that sounds harsh but it might heal quick and be over with. could you talk to an/the anistsologist (sp?) and talk about alt. options for sedation?

ok just random thoughts ignore me if it seems offensive
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Just to clarify - a 2nd opinion is unfortunately not an option as this is the only surgeon within 100 miles of me that would even consider clipping a tongue tie- even an anterior one. So there is no one else to give a 2nd opinion.

He may or may not need to have it clipped later there is no way to tell now. The only reason to do it now would be so that he could possibly breastfeed, and there is no guarantee that he ever will even with the surgery, as unfortunately he still has the high palette and the weak suck....

Oh, and while this isn't related to the nursing issue- he is going to have to undergo highly invasive testing nest month as well to see if he has the same kidney abnormality as my daughter had (it is genetic so all siblings must be screened). That has already been scheduled for April 10, and the idea of having my newborn undergo medical procedures 2x in his first two months just seems so cruel.... And yes, I am already dreasing that testing because I know how absolutely horrible it is having gone through it 2x before.
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My gut, first thought is to get it done... I wish you could get a second opinion but it seems like from what everyone has told you, he is not going to be able to nurse at all without getting it done.

I am so very sorry things are going this way for you right now! It would be so hard to be facing this, we worry enough about our babies, especially when they are so little and new... and we're still trying to recover from birth ourselves. I'm thinking about you and I know you will make the right decision...
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Do they think it will affect his speech? What a hard decision to make! I wish I knew the right answer but I know you will make that decision in the end for your family. Good luck!
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What a tough decision to have to be making, I'm so sorry. The prospect of surgery is scary, but many of us would certainly think worth it in the interest of getting breastfeeding to work. You definately can't keep going the way things are, something has to improve. Maybe surgery will be the answer, but if the risks aren't worth it, many mamas are successful at expressing breastmilk for more than a year to offer their little ones the benefits of bm even when they're unable to nurse. Losing the nursing relationship is something to grieve, but it's not the end of the world either. There are so many other special things we share with our infants. It's a difficult loss though, so I hope you can find a way to make it work. Any chance they can move up the testing to have it coincide with the surgery?
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yonit, so much to go through!
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I'm so sorry you have such a hard decision in front of you Yonit. From the info you put forth, I think I personally would forego the clip for now: . I know the thought of not breastfeeding is devestating, but the trauma of surgery and the risk of GA....Especially since Levi needs another procedure performed this month, it seems like a lot to go through. You seem like such a loving, sensitive & committed mama, I can't imagine that you wont be able to have wonderful bonding via bottle. I wish you peace in whatever your decision....your sensitivity and love for your son will guarantee that you make the right choice, whatever that may be.
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Another Update

I spoke with my LC again and she also thought that doing it under GA seemed a bit harsh - an unfortunately they can't do the testing together because the testing needs to be done unsedated, and at a different hospital.

She suggested I call a surgeon on Long Island NY who specializes in this- her name is Elizabeth Coryllos and she is actually a plastic surgeon but also an ICBLC and has done a lot of work on tongue ties, including writing an article on their treatment for the AAP. (a google search brught up a bunch of hits on her) So, the LC called her and she said to send her a picture of it but that she has NEVER had to do one an a child this young with GA in the OR.

So we did, and she called me back last night and said if I bring him to her office on Monday she will do it.

So on Monday, I am making a 4 hour trip - each way - to have a 10 minute procedure done. But she seems very confident that she can fix the problem and he will nurse. So I need to give this a shot before I give up on nursing.

Prayers and good wishes would be appreciated!
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Lots and lots of prayers coming your way... I am so sorry it's such a long trip for you but I am hoping and praying it will help... so glad you found someone to help you... not many doctors who are IBCLC's but I'm happy you found her!

Please let us know later in the week how things are going... you're definitely a warrior mama!!
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prayers for you and levi on the way. i hope everything goes smoothly and levi is a champion nurser in no time!
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Thinking of you and your little one today hope all goes well and he nurses for you!
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I just saw this thread, I hope everything went well today!
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Hope everything went great today and this ends up being the nursing relief you need
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