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TWO Heartbeats!!

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I am still in a bit of shock - our u/s today at 6w2d showed not one but two little hearts beating solidly away. One was at 122 and one at 124, and they are both about the same size, so it looks like it will be two babies for us! Wow. A good wow but still... wow....

So, all you moms who have had twins in the past, I need all your good advice and tip so I can carry two healthy babies to term! TIA!!
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Congrats! I just read your news in another thread. How exciting!!
Of course, I'm going to recommend a CD from Hypnobabies for twin pregnancies.
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Highly recommend eating while you can. Plenty.

Get in touch with your local moms of multiples group and start going now! Whether you're going to a hospital for delivery or not, your local hospital should have their info.

Go to LLL meetings! Get the Mothering Multiples book.

REST! You'll need it.
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Congrats x 2!!
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Awesome, welcome to the mults club! (I have 4yo twin boys; sincerely hope I don't have another set in here.)

Come join us at the Parenting Mults forum, we have tons of info.

As for what to do now: EAT.PROTEIN.DRINK.WATER.REPEAT. That's all!
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Wow! Congrats!
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Wow -- CONGRATS, Dena! Were you one of the ones with a hunch that you might be having twins?? Did you have ANY idea?
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Hurrah for you and your two little bundles of joy!
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What a surprise! Congratulations. I can't offer any advice, Ive only had a single. That's really exciting though.
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wow congrats!!
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WOW! Congratulations! :
May as well get used to 3 jumpers now!
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That is awesome!!! I am so jealous!! I want twins! How wonderful!! I'd start researching nursing twins now. That's my only advice! Congratulations!!
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Thanks, everyone! I am still wearing the silly smile that got plastered on my face this morning when the nurse told us both hearts were beating!

YumaDoula, I am on the Brewer Diet, so I am definitely getting my share of protein - like 100 grams/day. I have been better today about the water. I will definitely waddle over to the parenting mults forum - thanks!

Knowerofnada, I did have a hunch I was carrying twins, mostly because my hcg levels were so high, and this is an IVF pregnancy, so there is of course a higher chance.

NatureMamaOR, I will be taking a trip to the book store this week - I will put Mothering Multiples on my list! Thanks!

Thanks again everyone!!
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How exciting! Congratulations!!
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Congratulations, that's fantastic news!
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Wow! Congratulations!!!!!!!!
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Wow! How exciting! Congrats!
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