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Dingos after the March Hare!

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Okay ladies, I'll start the new thread, runner extraordinaire that I am!

Welcome runners, woggers, joggers, walkers and waddlers! Forward motion is our goal here but everyone is welcome. The thread often gets more speed than we do but don't hesitate to jump in and grab some inspiration (or pass some around)!

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Thanks Plady! I like the title, I usually feel as : mad as a March Hare!
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Thanks Plady. I can't believe it's March already!
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Speaking of : I forgot to sub!
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as soon as youtube gets the video processed, there's a quick clip of erin snowshoeing in the blizzard on my blog. (and the cute leah film that's required to go along).
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How exciting - posting on page one of a new thread.

Doing some deep breathing here tonight. Right now we have a lovely combination of freezing rain and hail pelting our area with calls for snow and lots of wind for tomorrow. What do you want to bet that we get storm-stayed again? I am supposed to have a really important meeting tomorrow, but I am trying to prepare for it not happening right now. I just hope dh and ds will be able to get home from the outdoor ed centre safely. With any luck things will be fine - but when I was at the school for the assembly today I heard teachers talking about sending home extra homework tonight, just in case.

So long as I can get to the post office tomorrow so I can send out my last package to my SS - this has gone by way too fast!! I figure it takes a week for anything I send to arrive so tmorrow is my deadline.

No time to run today. I had to drive dh to a meeting (just one vehicle in this household) then to another town for a dental appointment, then pick up and drop off dh again, to school for an assembly where dd2 received a recognition award for displaying the virues of trustworthiness and caring, then dropped the van off for dh, made my way home, cleaned out the woodstove and got it going again, then the kids came home and we made supper, etc. Sorry for the boring recount of my day

Geo - how are things at this point?
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Subbin'... Love the title, Plady!

(singsongy voice) There's chai bread in the oven 'round here...!
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You guys are awesome. Thank you all for the support. Right now there's no change, and they're waiting for an MRI and a discussion with a doctor. For now, I'm staying home with the kids. My MIL isn't holding up that great. DH says that she's ok if well distracted, otherwise not. DH said "every" detail of dealing with life is simply being taken care of by church friends.

I got to a better place about the dept drama today. Some things are moderately better and there are now formal channels opened to deal with the rest. I was also thankful to have a reason to be late to my morning meeting and leave my afternoon meeting early.

No running since Sunday. I've eaten half a box of Thin Mints though...
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Oh. My. Guinea pig. I am SUCH A TARD.

I took a SS package to the Post Office yesterday (finally...) and I had it all wrapped and addressed by hand. Well, the line was taking forever so I went back to the lobby to use the APC machine. So easy! So quick! Zip, zap, package down the chute.

Well, just now as I was nursing Nevie, I realized I placed the big receipt sticker with the rate and zip codes on it completely over the addresses. Funny thing, but the APC machine doesn't just automatically sense what name and address you'd like that package to go to... so now I better get my buns to the post office tomorrow and see if they have it sitting there. It's not like they can send it back to me, because I covered up MY address, too. Curse the Mommy Brain! Nah -- just the Megan in a Hurry brain.

arrrrrrgh. I am so sorry, SS... I will make up for this!
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Thanks for the new thread. I can't believe we hit 66 pages in a month that only has 28 days!

Geo, glad to hear the update. So is there a chance he may pull through? Glad the department drama is easing up slightly.

I didn't run yesterday like I was supposed to, but I'm getting ready to go to choir practice and then the gym for 4 miles. I am fighting such a strong pull towards couch potato-dom. Don't know why.
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Subbing. Some balance restored here today, I called work and told my boss I knew there were some big threads dangling but that I needed the day off anyway. Terrific human being that he is, he said OK. DH and DD and I had a short snuggle together on the couch and then DD and I went to the zoo. DH got himself unstuck on his writing while we were gone. Still no running, but as DH turns this draft in tomorrow I think it will happen tomorrow by hook or by crook.
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hey guys!

I'm totally not caught up on the thread, but am finally back home. My dad had surgery today and the first report was that everything was okay and he would likely be going home tomorrow, but I spoke to my step-mom a little bit before we got home and she wanted to give me an update but not while i was driving. what does that mean? I'm totally getting anxiety rash wondering what is going on.

desperately trying to catch up with the hug-a-dub-dub orders that came while i was gone and realizing that I need to do a major supply reorder.

oh, and i don't think I posted yesterday - but snowboarding yesterday morning was AMAZING! Monica, Utah has beautiful snow and beautiful wide open bowls perfect for racing down at top speeds in 18" of fresh, untouched snow under bluebird skies. it was very special and a complete surprise as I was not expecting a second comp lift ticket.

Geo - hope everything gets a bit better.
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Wendy and Mandy, hang in there...

I gave in. Chai bread is in the oven...with cocoa powder and bittersweet choc chips added. And that is SO a cake.

You name it, we had it here today. Rain, snow, sleet...was that hail, too? There are layers of snow and ice and more snow, and I'm sure there will be more ice. This is supposed to go on through the night, and honestly I cannot imagine how schools could, in good conscience, send buses out to collect kids at 7AM tomorrow. Which means I don't get the review I'm supposed to have tomorrow, since I'll be home with the kids. I don't mind the idea of a snow day, esp on a Friday, but I need the work hours. We need the $$.

Felt good to hang in the barn today. And I did some shoveling again, so I don't feel too bad about not running. Yet. I'm bummed about not running, but I'm feeling very human today. :
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Dear SS,
The arrival of your package today was almost providential (again!). After a crazy day at work and almost crashing my bike trying to avoid a pedestrian who walked out into the road in front of me, I came home to find your package, with the thoughtful note, the Clif Bars, the post-run drink mix (cannot wait to try it, it is actually motivating me to go run), the very cool wrist band, and the bag of tea! I'm drinking a cup of the vanilla rooibus now and the worries of the day are almost forgotten

PS - Your handwriting looks really familiar - just kidding

Thank you so much!
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grnmtn - ah, utah. my favorite place to snowboard. i hope news from your stepmom is good

geo- i hope you hear some favorable news soon, too

re: chai bread
will it just not taste the same without the clove? i have all ingredients except for that...and i want to make it!
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hey, if you are going to bake Chai bread, you might as well do it right!

I need to catch up on some sewing tonight, so I need to make the painful break with MDC - I am so hooked.

I just listed another quilt on Etsy (one like Monakita's ) which feels good. I just have to keep at it - I get so easily distracted and discouraged.

Okay. Must tuck girls into bed and get sewing. And brace myself for road closures tomorrow, no matter how badly I need to get to this appointment.: I am not liking the sound of freezing rain falling on my house for the third straight hour. Not one bit.
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wendy and mandy, I hope you hear some good news soon.
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Originally Posted by Shantimama View Post
hey, if you are going to bake Chai bread, you might as well do it right!
good point! besides, it was a stupid question...of course it would not taste the same
i'll wait. patiently.
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