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Kerc - Cute snowshoer and what an amazingly cute round head on L! Adorable!!!

Poppy - Did I already mention that it was only yesterday when I first noticed th appeal of guinea pigs? I think it was the unattended homebirth thing that turned the tide in her favor. I hope you stay safe and sound tonight, that weather sounds fierce! I'm not sure the 1/4 tsp of clove will really make or break the cake, ahem bread, I'd just add more cardamom and cinnamon.

That goes for all of you mamas up the east coast and in blizzard-ville! Stay safe and warm!

So, I figured that my SS would get her goodies late but I am beginning to wonder, I haven't heard a peep about anything arriving. I hope she isn't beginning to feel unloved! Don't worry little SS! There are goodies on the way! I just hope they didn't "go missing" somewhere between here and there!

jooj - Hey, you need that Chai bread this weekend! Think of it as carbo-loading before your marathon shoveling event this weekend!

Mandy and Geo - I am sending out prayers for good outcomes to both of your families.
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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
I gave in. Chai bread is in the oven...with cocoa powder and bittersweet choc chips added. And that is SO a cake.
I caved, too. Its in the oven. Without the chocolate, though, and I'll skip the frosting.

Mandy - I hope your dad is okay!! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. Now you know why my husband will never leave Utah.

Geo - Thinking of you.

Poppy - Just pop on over to my house and I'll loan you the cloves. Then you can stay the night and knit with me, and go boarding tomorrow. Sound good?
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Poppy, I say go for it. It's only 1/8 tsp and I'm not that wild about cloves anyway. What I am wondering about is tea vs. water... does the tea make a huge difference? It is Chai bread after all. I think I might go mix some up... MIL is coming tomorrow night, she might like it.

Mandy I hope everything is OK with your dad. Please give us an update when you can.

I just got back from my run. I'm not sure when I'll get tomorrow's run in... it's a busy day, and also our 6th anniversary. We're going out to eat and then to the bowling alley! We haven't been bowling in forever. This anniversary means so much to me. I'm thankful we're celebrating it together... and you dingos are part of the reason we are. Thanks for listening.
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I skipped my run tonight because i'm still not feeling well. I've had a blinding, throbbing headache off and on, and nausea off and on as well. I probably could have done it tonight but didn't want to push it. I have to run long by myself this weekend....the plan says 16 miles, but I seriously doubt that I will do that by myself. As long as I run 12 or so I'll be fine with that.
The weather here is crazy! Too bad our daycare doesn't close when schools do
I called and left a voicemail for the HR lady this morning and then emailed the director (who I work with a lot and is the one who asked me to apply)...he replied and the HR lady called back. Both said that everything is looking good. They both said that everything has been "very positive" so far and that both the HR lady and the other woman who interviewed me were pleased. I should get a paper application to complete and return tomorrow, and should hear more next week. They said that they like to bring three candidates in for face to face interviews and I should know soon if I get one. I don't know if they'd fly me in (Charlotte, NC) or just do another phone interview. We'll see, but at least I'm still in the ballgame!
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I'm really dragging butt tonight. Had a nice first time mama client have a cesarean birth after a 36 hour attempted induction this am. 9 lbs 15 oz baby. Induction for postdates (42 + weeks) and just wasn't gonna happen. On the one hand, we did just about everything to make this not work we could - induction with an unfavorable cervix and a big baby, early epidural, lots of lying in bed, AROM and I feel badly that the result was predictable. On the other hand, this was not a mama that was going to try much to get her baby out. In all that time I couldn't once talk her into hands and knees, walking, getting in the tub, or holding off on pain meds at least until labor was established - it's hard not to feel that the outcome would have been the same no matter what, given her plans. Wish they'd given me a crystal ball with the diploma - then I'd know to not stay up 2 nights with someone and still end up in surgery with them! At any rate, the baby is gorgeous and will be well loved, and I console my tired self with the fact that even though I'm exhausted, I didn't just labor 36 hours and have major surgery!

No run now since Sunday. Will have to try to get back on track tomorrow.
Too tired to figure out any personals, except Geo: have been thinking about you guys all day. Hope dh is holding it together and can at least be a comfort to FIL and MIL. I have to tell you a goofy science fair/teacher story when I'm not so tired and you're not so stressed.
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i haven't been able to talk to my stepmomm, but have gotten some news. my dad is in the icu, he had heart failure after the surgery and is on a respirator and is completely knocked out. i'm wishing i hadn't been in such a hurry to drive back today, i should have stuck around. i just throught that this would be a normal thing and that we would be in the way.

i had a cup of caffeine tea on the drive home and so between that and the worry, i'm wide awake. watching the Winds of War mini-series on dvd (did anyone else have a major crush on Jan Michael Vincent with this came out in 1983?) and knitting socks. these seem like appropriate things to do while in the midst of a great worry. depending on how things go I may drive back down to PA tomorrow or saturday. i wish i had had the sense to stay there.
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Scribing. Not much to tell, just checkin in with you lovely ladies.

PS - Your handwriting looks really familiar - just kidding
Last year when we did SS, I actually had to think about writing a note and whether she would recognize my handwriting.
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Oh Mandy, I'm so sorry. Your Dad is in my prayers. Don't beat yourself up for not staying - you couldn't have known.
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Mandy, hang in there. Monikita is right, you had no way of knowing. Keeping your hands busy sounds like a good way to burn off a little worry. And I had a crush on Jan Michael Vincent when he had the TV show Airwolf. I'm scared to Google what he looks like now.

Chai bread is in the oven, and I'm sitting here finagling with my training schedule.
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Gnomalicioius... to the G, to the N, to the omalicious.... they're gnomalicious....

Caution, there are some gnaughty gnomes on that page
I used one of them on my new blog header He looks all tough and bad a$$ biker, but is supposed to be a gay gnome.
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subbing !!
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Originally Posted by eksmom View Post
And I had a crush on Jan Michael Vincent when he had the TV show Airhawk. I'm scared to Google what he looks like now.
i heard a rumor that he died, but according to wikipedia he's retired from acting after an accident left him with a raspy voice, and he's living in seclusion in Mississippi.

still no news. i'm going to try to sleep.
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Is anyone's Chai bread ready yet? How did it turn out?
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I can tell you the Chai bread batter was mighty good. 10 more mins. in the oven... then there's all that cooling time. We're skipping the icing here this time, but I will report back.
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If tomorrow is another snow day and I am stuck home I may make some of that bread. I am making a crockpot full of Garlic Soup overnight tonight. My favourite aunt arrives tomorrow (weather permitting) and I want to have it ready to heat up for lunch. And if I am not going to any meetings tomorrow, I have no problem eating a bowl of it for breakfastI love eating soup for breakfast
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The Race List

Oops, it might be a good idea for me to post this. Sorry I didn't get it on page 1.

If you have something to add, just let me know. PM-ing is probably the best way to assure that I see it, but posting is OK too. I suspect I may have missed a couple from the last thread... I will try to go back and look.

Janessa - Shamrock Shuffle 10K - March 17
Megs_BK - Rapid Rabbit Run (3 miles) - March 17
modmom and DH - Shamrock Shuffle 8K - March 25
kate~mom - Nat'l Assoc. of School Psychologists Annual Convention 5K - March 30
grnmtnmama, missbliss - Great Bay Half - April 1
Runningmommy - 500 Festival Training Series 15K - April 14
CherylAnn - Wenatchee Marathon - April 22
kate~mom - Lehigh Valley Half Marathon - April 29
HBM - 5K - April
mamabeth - half - April (?)
Runningmommy, doctorjen, Balancin1, eksmom - Indy Mini-Marathon (half) - May 5
CherylAnn and family - Pig Jig 5K - May 12
1jooj and cRebRun - Green Bay Marathon - May 20
Schatz - Mad City Half Marathon - May 27
HBM, mamabeth - Peachtree Road Race 10K - July 4 (registration ~ March 18 - fills up fast!)
JayGee - Chicagoland Danskin Women's Triathlon - July 8
Runningmommy, Balancin1 - Chicago Marathon - October 7

The Preggo Dingo List
sally_Z - June
Po6 - late July
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Oh, Mandy, I hope you have good news in the morning.

Geo, any new news?

eksmom, congratulations!!! 6 years down, 70 to go!

cReb, I was thinking about you on my run this morning and was going to ask if it might be appropriate to check in with them. I'm glad you did!!

Ran 4 miles this morning. I forgot my gloves and headband. Normally I'll get a horrible double earache from running in the cold, but the earbuds from my iPod kept the wind from whistling through them. My hands were so cold that I couldn't use them when I got back. I swear that freezing my hands made me slower. It took a couple minutes longer than usual and there was a freezing cold headwind. The rest of the day I have felt totally wiped out! Bizarre! I'm sure it was the freezing hands. I tried out the Sport Beans today and decided that they were awesome for shorter distances. Thank you SS for making this so easy to figure out! I'm going to get Sport Beans for the 4-6 mile runs and Shot Bloks for anything longer than an hour. I'm trying to think of my body as a furnace that needs to be kept fueled during the runs. Something to do with not depleting glycogen stores. Supposedly I might lose a few pounds if I do this.

But not if my mom keeps making yummy cookies!! (She lives with us...I think I've mentioned that a few hundred times.)

Megs, I was thinking about your post about body image and wondered, did you read my TMI post before I deleted it? It's like you read my mind. I really think that it's tougher with daughters, but maybe I'm fooling myself. I'm not at all worried that Oliver will end up with a bad body image and eating disorders, but I worry about my girls all the time.

Still trying to decide whether or not to make up Tuesday's run tomorrow. It'll be really hard to fit in, especially without my TM and the TM company won't respond to any of my emails. Don't buy fitness equipment from KeysFitness!!
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Originally Posted by Shantimama View Post
If tomorrow is another snow day and I am stuck home I may make some of that bread. I am making a crockpot full of Garlic Soup overnight tonight. My favourite aunt arrives tomorrow (weather permitting) and I want to have it ready to heat up for lunch. And if I am not going to any meetings tomorrow, I have no problem eating a bowl of it for breakfastI love eating soup for breakfast
Recipe please!! :
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I had a cool and hard speed work out yesterday. felt great. I am realizing that I need to be pushing myself more. I'm not going to watch my fav shows during speed work outs so I can really put my mind to it. My work out said to run for 3 minutes up 4% hills at vo2 max, which supposedly for me is something like 6:30. I dont' know if I could run that speed on a flat surface! so I just did it as fast as I could and made 7 miles fly by.

cheryl and eksmom~I'm skipping my run today, and keeping it a rest / x train day like pfitz says. I'm getting ready to do some yoga. I've missed it while my gma was here and really looking forward to it. THe last 2 days runs went well and I want to be able to do my LR and other run this weekend well rested.

balancin1~pics of your knitting?

mandy~sorry, I've had internet trouble and very limited time on the computer, don't know what's going on with your dad. I just read about him in the icu. praying for him and you.

plady~how are you doing?

geo~any news?

got to get a move on here, ladies!

One cute thing about ds1. He was really grumpy after school during homework time earlier in the week. It was a rough go. I was sitting beside him quietly knitting while he worked on homework, waiting for him to need something from me. He said something really softly, I almost couldnt' hear. I thought about what it was for a minute then asked him, "did you just say 'I love you' ?" he relpied, "yeah, I thought you were due." He doesn't talk about love lightly, he is a reserved little guy. he knew I needed that!!
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Ek, can you please add Jo and I for the Green Bay Marathon on May 20? thanks
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