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i had dh pick up cloves on his way home last night, but i was too wiped out last night to make it. i whipped up a batch of crockpot oatmeal with apples instead. how did everyone's 'bread' turn out?

plady - they really are cute creatures. those photos i took were awful, i need to post better ones. we're headed to the vet today to get them all properly identified then the little ones will head back to the store at some point.

monikita-oh, you have no idea how awesome that sounds! dh almost took a job in park city, but alas, we ended up here instead- bummer.

creb - i am glad you called the company - sounds like pretty good news to me

mandy - so sorry to hear that, don't beat yourself up over it. i hope you get more info and better news today

kerc - such cute videos - love the little snowshoer!

shanti - your weather sounds so harsh! are you stuck inside today? be safe if you venture out

our tornado watch did not turn into anything because, as you can see from the news, it all landed south of here. the damage to the school is so frightening
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RM-sweet story about ds How's the finger?

Mandy-Oh no! I hope you hear good news today. Your dad is in my prayers.


Cheryl-you are doing a GREAT job!

Eksmom- Happy Anniversary! You guys worked so hard this year. I hope you have a fantastic night out.

Doctorjen-get some rest

cReb-: Hoping for good job news.

I'm hoping to run this afternoon. We have to go pick up a couple of hundred boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Why, oh why did I give up chocolate for lent?

A bus carrying a baseball team rolled off of a bridge this morning here and so far 6 have died. The team is from Ohio. I can't imagine how the mamas up there feel right now, not knowing if their child is OK or not. I just can't get it out of my head.
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I should have learned from Shanti - never let your dh be in charge of checking school closings. my dh has the day off and headed up to the mountain because he said preschool was open. I went to drop off ds and what do you know -snow day. so now ds is at my office watching videos on my mac while I desperately try to catch up on work. dh's cell phone doesn't work on the mountain, so i had to relay a message to one of his friends who should see him up there.

no news yet. i might try calling my aunt and uncle soon to see if they know anything new.

HBM - that's very sad about the team!

eksmom - can you put me on the race list for some half-marathon in NH on the 1st of April?
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Originally Posted by cRebRun View Post
Gnomalicioius... to the G, to the N, to the omalicious.... they're gnomalicious....

Caution, there are some gnaughty gnomes on that page
I used one of them on my new blog header He looks all tough and bad a$$ biker, but is supposed to be a gay gnome.
Reb, you will appreciate this, my DH, the biology dork that he is, dressed up as the "G-nome" (genome) for halloween:
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That Chai bread sounds SO delicious. Where are all these wonderful recipes that you all keep making?

Mandy ~ I'm so sorry your Dad is in the ICU. Praying he has a good recovery from surgery. Are you running the 1/2 marathon somewhere on the Seacoast (Portsmouth area)? My sister is running one there that same weekend .

Happy Shoveling to all those who are snowed in this weekend.

Oh, and can you add me to the race list for the Chicagoland Danskin Women's Triathlon on July 8?

No run or anything for the last 2 days due to sick kids and the untimely arrival of my first PP AF . I wasn't expecting her for at least 3 more months, but this baby is just not the high-volume nurser my other two were. Today I'm taking a spin class and then running 3 miles with the tri club though.
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Thinking of you, Mandy.

No more news from DH, which likely means the detailed MRI got pushed to today, and there was nothing from the neurosurgen.

Originally Posted by HomeBirthMommy View Post
A bus carrying a baseball team rolled off of a bridge this morning here and so far 6 have died. The team is from Ohio.
7 fatalities.

It's a Mennonite school. I'm really hoping that no one in the wonderful community that's pulled together for DH's family is affected. It's a tiny church to deal with so much.

I've been thinking about so much in the last day and a half. Family and work stuff are so tied together right now, but I'd like to be able to express some of the details. {Sigh}
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I've made all the race list updates so far... (Mandy, Reb, Jo)

Reporting in on my Chai bread... Had it for breakfast this morning. I would have liked to have accompanied it with Chai tea instead of coffee but there wasn't time. I learned that if you toast/warm it, it starts to fall apart, so it may be best to eat it room temp. We had it without the icing. I am tempted to increase the spices a little bit and maybe try replacing some of the flour with WW flour. But I think the recipe is a keeper. DH loved it too! Thanks JenLove! I was saying to DH last night that it is so neat to have this group of women to share recipes with, and that we all seem to be pretty like minded in the types of cooking and baking we do. We have enjoyed every Dingo recipe we've tried, and by now that has been quite a few.

So here's the evening DH and I have planned... go to the gym (!), go to a local Italian restaurant for pizza (we are canceling our reservations for this fancy place we'd picked out), and then to the bowling alley if all is well at home. Yeehaw, it's a Southwestern VA date!!!

RM, I was looking at your blog last night and squirming in my seat at the pictures of DS1's finger. He is being so brave and so are you! Glad you are going to be able to get back to your yoga.

Mandy, any news on your dad?

HBM, that's awful about the baseball team. How old were the kids?

DrJen, hope you are catching up on sleep. Are you on the repeat week of training next week, or was it this week? I am still on week 5 but will be done with it by Monday and will start week 6 on Wed. Then I will actually be back on track so that I can start week 7 on Tues. as the schedule says.

Indy Mini Mamas, do you realize it's just 2 months away? We've been talking about this and planning for a long time now, but it's getting close!
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Originally Posted by eksmom View Post

HBM, that's awful about the baseball team. How old were the kids?
Early this morning they were reporting it was a youth team, but now we know it is a college team from Bluffton University. Here's a link.
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i finally have a little bit of news. my dad is still in the ICU but they took him off the ventilator. he's aware of what's going on and things are starting to look up. but i guess his blood pressure is still sky high and he had some pulmonary edema last night and basically they are unwilling to move him from the ICU yet. my stepmom was heading home to take a shower and get the mail and so forth. so he's not out of the woods yet, but it's not totally doom and gloom.
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Thanks for the update, Mandy... small sigh of relief here... hope things continue to improve. That's great that he's off the vent.
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Oh Mandy, I'm so glad to hear that. I hope he makes a fast recovery from here and is out of the ICU soon. to you, your dad and your step-mom.
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mandy - thinking of you and your family today.

Definitely staying home today. I got up at 5 this morning to pee and thought it was especially dark - turns out the power was out - just came back on a few minutes ago. All schools, daycares, etc are closed, ds' teacher is trying to figure out how to get all of the kids home safely from the outdoor ed centre with buses off the roads. They have power and lots of food so they will be okay if they have to stay for part of the weekend, but that is a long stretch for those kids and the teacher and parent volunteers to be away from home.

I need some food safety tips here to see if the garlic soup is salvageable. It was in the crockpot (Low) for about 4 hours. then the power went out and the soup got cold agin. It has a chicken broth base. Will it be safe if I put it on teh stovetop and give it a log ahrd boil? Then I would carry on and puree it like I was planning - but I don't want to risk making anybody sick. Thi sis my d=first time making it so I will taste it before sharing the recipe!

We made pancakes on the woodstove this morning for breakfast - it was fun but I am glad I have electricity again!

Tired and grumpy today. The wind was howling last night and it seriously sounded like people wer rollerskating on our roof with chunks of ice sliding off, branches from trees landing on it and tehn rolling off, listerning to the plow scrape slush and ice off the road.

Please remind me how much I love winter:
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Mandy, glad to hear that things are looking up a bit for your dad.


Overslept taking the kids to Music Together. : I think, after doing this class for countless semesters, we are all sort of over it.

Maybe most of you have younger kids and this won't necessarily apply, but do any of you use Laptop lunches for sending your kids' lunches to school? I am trying to find a better system. The teachers microwave their food at school, which I really hate (I try to avoid the microwave completely -- it only stores my rising bread here at home!), but we send their food in leftover plastic containers from stores, etc, and I really don't think that is good for microwaving. Laptop is still plastic, but maybe a better plastic to heat in?
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Originally Posted by eksmom View Post
Indy Mini Mamas, do you realize it's just 2 months away? We've been talking about this and planning for a long time now, but it's getting close!
Yes, and I haven't run since Sunday. It looks like today is out too. I need a pep talk, I've been seriously contemplating just giving up on doing it altogether.

Which seems so freakin' minor compared to what is going on with some of you... s
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i am seriously :Puke our throwing-up kitty seems to have worms. yucky yuck yuck. dh will have to take care of it today and get the de-worming medicine and feed it to the cat and everything. but :Puke thinking about all the wormy bits that might be around the house.

So, do you guys think I should drive back down to PA? I can't really afford it, we have only $40 in our checking until next week but I feel like I should be around for him and my stepmom. i can't go until tomorrow because of the storm and then we have a problem because i feel like i should leave ds here with his dad, but dh needs to go to the shop tomorrow and do some work so he can make some money. i'm just not sure what to do.
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Mandy - what do you want to do? I will say don't let money stop you, family is more important. Is there any way ds could come with and have family help out? and uck on the worms.
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Mandy - Can DH take DS to the shop with him like you take him to work with you? If you want to go be with your Dad, I think you should. Ugh on the wormy kitty. Double ugh.

I'm sick, sick, sick. My joints hurt. My muscles hurt. Even my skin hurts. And I'm feverish and have a sore, swollen throat. When I try to walk the shooting pains in my legs about drop me to the floor. I finally just started bawling. DD (also sick) gave me a couple of quick buck-up hugs, but I still had to bawl for a bit. I need DH to come home from work, but I'm afraid to ask. He was 2 hours late to work today because of traffic conditions due to fresh snow fall. But I need help. DD has already broken a glass jar of apple butter and almost pulled a neon light off of the wall (while trying to get out DH's skateboard, of all things). And I snapped at her. I'm a lousy mom. A sick, lousy mom.
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Monikita-you are not a sick lousy mom!! You are a sick mom-and its during those times where you tend to be shortest with the ones you most love Forgive yourself-your dd already did a second after it happened

grnmtnmama-I would also say do what is in your heart-although I do understand the difficulty in the logistics of it. I hope you get to see him if that is what you want to do! So glad to hear that he is off the vent.

geo-still more going your way. Glad that you are seeing a start of an upswing with the work stuff.
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Oh Monica! You're not a lousy mom! Being sick is what's lousy and having to take care of a sick child at the same time would try anyone's patience. I hope you do call dh home and get better fast!

Mandy - I agree that money should not dictate whether you stay or go. I hope your dh can find a way to do a little multi-tasking so you can go without worrying about ds. And bummer about the worms!

Shanti - I think that unless the chicken in the broth was somehow raw to begin with (and even if it was honestly) you will definitely not kill anyone by bringing it all to a boil for a bit.

Balancin - ¡Andele! : ¡Andele!: Get out there and move your butt! Go! GO! GO! You can do it girl, and you'll feel better when you do!
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monikita - your are a sick mom - not a lousy mom. I snap at my kids when I'm well : Do you have vit C in your house? If so, load up on it - say start with 2 grams every 2 hrs and if you don't reach bowel tolerance on that (ie., get the runs), take more. I would also ingest raw garlic if at all possible. You probably have no desire to ingest anything but this will help your body get rid of the virus faster. Hang in there! Call your dh as soon as you can.

grnmtnmama. and geo.

balancin - you can do it! so you didn't run much this week - you can pick back up again. Don't think of what you've not done but what you can do now.

shanti - I have no idea if your soup is still good. Garlic is naturally antibacterial but I don't know if that applies to soup. I'm feeling the same way about winter and our weather hasn't been anything like yours!

thinking of all of you eating what sounds like very yummy bread. I need to look at the cooking blog but I never remember when I have time. grrr.

I haven't run since last Fri morning but I came in to work early so I'm going to take off early and run at the comm ctr before I go home. Then I should be able to run Sat and Sun afternoons during the naps - that is my goal.

I do believe I managed to avoid the flu/cold/random virus that dh, dd, and ds had this week. I was feeling it come on about Wednesday but I started vit C and garlic and I'm feeling great today! Luckily, the family is on the mend too. Not as much coughing at night, no fevers last night for the first time since this started (dd and ds have run a fever every night for about 5 days - I kept reminding myself that their bodies were just working the virus out and not to panic - they had no fever during the day or a very slight one so I wasn't real worried).

eksmom - if you can remember, will you add CrazyLegs Class on April 28 for me (and keep the MadCity 1/2). This one is only 5 mi and one of my buddies is going to run it so I said I'd do it with her.
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