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Oh Selena, Deffinately get a sitter if you can and set a regular time to get away! I those are totally understandable feelings.

I know what you mean by them wanting to do things the hardest possible way.

It's such a frustrating phase right now, but once they get it into their little heads that they think they know best, theer's almost no talking them out of it. : : :

Keeping venting if you need to!
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*hug* Selena. Take a break - you deserve it. This is a tough age in a lot of ways.

We'll miss you Emmy. : Don't forget about Yahoo - keep in touch!!!

Been reading along and thinking of everyone but am too busy to write much - been sewing away and working in the yard, planning and preparing the garden, etc etc etc. So, hi everyone!
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thanks for the hugs. I got so wrapped up in my vent post that I forgot to post the exciting news from an otherwise dull and frustrating day... Istra went the whole day with only 2 wet diapers and the rest of the time she was in regular underwear and didn't wet them at all! She's been telling me that she needs to pee or poo or "peepoo" as she calls it with enough time to help her get to the potty. We even went out of the apartment (ok, just to the laundry room) with her wearing regular underwear and pants with no accidents.

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yay istra!!!

would ya'll be willing to help me out? i've got a project due for my psychology of women class and i was wondering if you would take a very short survey. if would want, pm me the response. i would really appreciate all your imput!
Please Answer with the letter (a, b, c, d.)

1. Did you have a:

a. home birth w/mw
b. home birth UC
c. birth center birth
d. hospital birth

2. Was/did your DP/DH

a. your “midwife”?
b. help with the birth plan, coach you thru labor, cut the cord, (basically was pretty involved in everything but catching the babe?)
c. hold your hand, offer some support, but pretty much stay out of the way?
d. Spent most of your labor in the lobby only to pop in when the babe was born/not there at all

3. Was your pregnancy planned?

a. Yes
b. No
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Go Istra! Peepoo is too cute

Anne (I am too lazy to pm, sorry ):

1. D (with a CNM)
2. B
3. B
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1. d
2. b
3. b

Here, Anne!
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a, b, a

Although, DH DID catch Joey, just with a little assistance from our mw.
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Good morning everyone! It's super sunny here...dh is at work til tomorrow so I'm trying to decide what I'll do today.
We just bought a zoo pass, and were there last week, but ds REALLY likes it there, so maybe we'll go back for a little while today.

I'm missing some of our old people! Like Nancy..and pepper...and Kathleen,,,I wonder what everyone is up to?

Ok, I need to get on with my day!
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It is super sunny here too... and warm... and I am feeling sooooo much better than yesterday. Istra and I went out in the morning and made a mother's day present for my mom at the bead store nearby (where they LOVE her and play with her while I pick out beads for a necklace... which is why I seem to make so many necklaces... ) The girls at the bead store also offered to babysit for me sometime and I'll probably take them up on it. I've hung around there enough to know that they'd treat Istra well.

I'm just going to get Istra down for her nap and then I think we're going out again to enjoy the sunshine. My hips are probably going to kill tomorrow, but I feel so overjoyed at the nice weather I don't care!

Have a wonderful sunny day everyone!
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hey, speaking of sunshine.......
oh florida....glorious flo-ri-daaa....
eisa is napping and i am just checking in real quick.
geez- i go away for a min. and scandles are busting loose. hope everything can be resolved.
emmy- i will really miss you.
what about yahoo? lets pop over and chat.

selena- sounds like you are feeling much better- that is good. i often think of how hard it would be to be preg. with eisa at this age (even though i really want it) You are doing a great job- it is just a hard job. really sucks with your professor. i sympathse with you there too. it is like they forget about how important other's work is.

grace- titus is huggggeee. he looks so grown up. and quite cute to boot. he really filled out all of that extra skin marvolously! lol! hope you have fun at the zoo.

ok, no more time, i've got go do nothing. haha!
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It's 65 degrees out here. Loving the sunshine.


That's for Claire, but was the same for Maddie and Ellysia too.
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37 weeks measuring 42 cm. No wonder why nothing fits.
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page 2? where the heck is everyone?
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Think I'm done with MDC, too. I have always hated these threads and trying to keep up with them. If anyone needs to reach my, myspace or our yahoo group. Later.
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Dont dismantle the DDC guys!! We've been together forever!!:

there's another board that a lot of folks are going to that dont allow discussion for circ for religious reasons, which MDC does, etc, so pm me if you'd like to know the web addy . that's where Emmy went.
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My stance on EMMY and TWOUGLYDUCKS, I'm sad your leaving and I appreciate your position. Whatever happened to freedom of speech anyway? Good lord!

Anne I am D,C,B(Alicia) and D,B,A(Nolan) I would like to think it was simply a sign he grew up!

Selena! OMgoodness! You know what we ALL feel like that some days. I think that its great that you said something. I know you feel bad just saying it but it just means you need a break. Istra could use one too! It would be great for her to get out without mom sometimes! When I had Nolan I would "trade" with another mom. I would take her daughter one day and she would take Alicia. We got out of the house and though it took a little effort to get her there (we only have the one vehicle) and though it was hard the day I had the extra kid it was SOOOOO worth it! I think we will continue when the weather is better! (of course we trade both kids now! So on your on day its a LOT of work!)

Well I have to go lay Noni down!
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I'll be so sad if everyone leaves!

Claire's latest is to see a flower, points at it, sniffs it, then says "A-CHOO!"
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: where is everyone?
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istra seems to be having a rough day today... only 1/2 hour nap and then woke up crying... tried so many things to get her to stop... even rescue remedy and teething tablets. after aan hour she went back to sleep, but only for 20 mins. so here i am now with a sleepy, pinchy toddler on my lap.

oh, and for some unknown reason, the cat pissed on my bed.
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