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OMG congrats mcs! Hope the nausea isn't keeping you from having too much fun!
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Congrats mcs! What wonderful news!
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Originally Posted by fuzzypeach View Post
I'm around there is this really horrid baking soda residue all over the floor now. We'll have to bust out some vinegar later I guess!
Now that's what I want to see! I have pictures in my head of horrible science fair projects spewing all over your kitchen floor!

mcs!!!!!! That is so exciting! We need a few more pg girls since Anne is done and I will be done soon too. When is your due date? Hope you are finding ways to feel better!
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MICHELLE!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(It was those panties I sent, wasn't it? : : : )

OMG I am sooooo excited for you! Hope you feel better soon, though, and that it's not morning sickness. blech.

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thanks everyone! it is hard to believe- i feel like i need a thousand people to recognise it so that i can too.
looks like i have really been sick b/c now e. is too. she was up all night vomiting. it was the saddest thing ever. thank goodness my friend has a washer and dryer. she is sleeping now and hasn't been sick since 8 this morning and had a dirty diaper too. i hope that means that the worst is over for her. i still don't feel so great, but definatly better than she does.
i wanted to say a few other things, but my brain is too dumb. maybe i will go take a nap with this chance.
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Originally Posted by mcs View Post
hey, i havn't been able to keep up, but i just wanted to stop in and say......

i'm pregnant!! hip horah! just 5 weeks.
and, either i am a little sick or morning sickness has set in already. still in florida. i'll try to check in later. behind on yahoo too.
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Originally Posted by SharonAnne View Post
MICHELLE!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(It was those panties I sent, wasn't it? : : : )

We all want to know: does S-A get some credit???!!!!

Claire hasn't vomited, but she is having a ton of poopy diapers. I think it is rotatvirus. She's had it since Sunday so hopefully we are half-way done. She some how leaked around her diaper and got it onto her sheet during nap. I put the stuff in the laundry, but I'm telling DH he needs to bend over the crib to put the clean one on. You can tell she isn't feeling the best.

My secretary had her baby on Sunday: Pyper. She's a doll. I think I need to have this baby soon. I keep thinking of things to put into my hospital bag. Nothing important, just adding to the weight. I found a nursing tank at Target today. Of course, no XL so I went big to 2XL. It should work while in the hospital.

I have to rant about ballet class yesterday. We got there and there weren't any chairs left. I look at all of these women and I assume all of them have been pg before (not all could have adopted). Not a single one offered me a seat. I'm bitter. So I sat on the floor for 45 minutes.

To end on a good note: Maddie and Ellysia had a blast holding the new baby last night. They did such a good job holding the baby. I must have praised E a bit too much because E asked me this afternoon: How do you hold a baby in a naughty way? The kid knows her opposites.
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I'm not gone!!!! I don't know why, but I stopped getting my usual email updates and I thought no one was posting any more :

And now you're pregnant, mcs?!? Yay! I totally know what you mean about needing other people to help make it seem real

I had a lovely three day weekend in a cute tourist town up North without dh or ds! It was a pretty casual women's retreat with the church we are going to and I went with some of my new Tacoma friends, one of my old North Bend friends, and two of my sisters. It was so crazy to not have a child to deal with and be able to stay up till the wee hours talking and carrying on complete conversations! They are a pretty laid back church, and they even put on a little happy hour on one of the nights with tasty appetizers and wine
I like this church

I got really teary and started missing ds towards the end though.

Ok, bye!
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i have to get the 2XL tanks for my boobs the actual body of the tank is huge though. they do shrink really well in the dryer though...just have your dh do the laundry:
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I'm here I'm here!


Nolan and Alicia both had fevers that were rather high. Nolan's spiked so I called the DR and he gave Nolan Augmentin (Without seeing him, It was a Friday night!) Then Alicia came down with a high fever and complaints of her throat hurting on Saturday night. She went to the ER's fast track and got Zithromax. Shes all better and they (without a culture) diagnosed her with strep. So it stands to reason that is why Nolan is not eating his throat hurts! It must not be his ears after all! However Nolan is STILL really really sick today and hes just crying and crying and crying and hes got the poops so bad that he has been changed about fifteen times today in an effort to keep his butt clean and dry! So I took him to the DR and he says bronchitis and that both ears are infected! He also suggests no more motrin as it can cause stomach bleeding if used for long periods. He suggests switching his antibiotic and pepto for the poops. Oh and lots of gatorade. What do you all think of that? My poor little man can't even sit down!

Oh Bama I really hope your family is feeling better! I am right out with mine!

Well I will try to catch up ladies I want to go check on Noni and make sure hes not uncomfortable!

OH yeah and NO AVALANCHE!!! The guy told me that if I want it back they would be happy to take the bulbs out and stop spending money on our truck!: I feel like boxing his ears! We bought it three weeks ago and now we are going on 15 days of not seeing our truck! We wanted to know what happens if they can't fix it and if they can if they will extend the warranty for us for the inconvience. OMG bad bad week!
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page3? where did we all go?
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Grrrrrr.... (that's my lion noise )
I'm on the prowl for a new midwife person

I've been so annoyed by the office I'm going to right now, what with there 1-2 hour waiting room waits, and mishandled appointment stuff. My average visit has been 3-4 hours every time : : : and time is money, man!

So, I decided to switch, but now I'm having a hard time finding a place that isn't all booked up with August due dates :

I posted over in the tribal areas, but it's kinda dead there. I'm really apprehensive of just looking in the phone book and picking any old yay-hoo...
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Grace: I won't complain about my appointments at all! They are at 1:10 and I'm usually home (or running errands) by 2. I would hate, hate, hate it if on my afternoon off I spent it entirely at my appointment.

Anne: I will take comfort in knowing I bought the right size! Apparently I have peeved DH about the laundry. It is usually his domain, but I only have so many underwear so I've been doing the laundry lately. Or at least I've been cycling clothes through the washer and dryer. Then I leave them in baskets for him to fold. He's grumpy because when i do that his t-shirts get wrinkled. So I apologize to all of you SAHM's that have to look at my DH and his wrinkled t-shirts.

No baby news here. The other night I couldn't sleep and was having lots of menstrual type cramps. The more they went on the more I was thinking an epidural isn't a half-bad idea. Am I wimpy or what????

It's bathtime.
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Boy its kind of slow here! LOL

Mclisa, When I had an epideral they did it wrong and air got into my spine. Yeah that was fun! I had a migraine for two weeks STRAIGHT!!! I will NEVER forget it! It was far worse than the labor and its ALL I remember! With Nolan it was quick and during labor I was begging for relief but I did it and I was so proud of myself! The recovery included NO migraines! Just a thought!

Grace, Good luck finding a midwife. Its a very important decision. I couldn't find one around this area. Its relatively uncommon to have a home birth or use a midwife so I gave up and went with our old OB. Your church sounds lovely!

Well I hope you all are doing great! Wow so there are a lot of new babies on the way and Anne's new little one!

Noni update, His little butt is so sore that he won't sit down still. However I keep changing him and I have stopped using the baby wipes in favor of Ali's old cloth wipes. The poor little guy! He seems to be better otherwise. I guess the switch to the other antibiotic was a good call. But he won't sit even to eat he stands! He layed down much of the day in a beanbag chair watching Thomas the train. He was not interested in our usual walk. Who can blame him with a chafed butt! I'm sure I will keep you posted!

the truck all I have to say is URGH!!!!:
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Augmentin is such a good antibiotic, but for so many it gives them diarrhea. Here's to air drying!
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Angel--I've got a friend who's little boy was on tons of antibiotx for a while.
She ended up giving him lots of probiotics silmultaneously and swears by them for keeping the squirts and gas away. They are really easy to find, I think, like at Fred Meyers or something. I know I've seen them around.

I know I like to take them if I'm taking antibiotx!
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And I don't think I heard the story on your truck. So, you bought it, but the owner hasn't given it to you yet?

I stayed up waaaay past my bedtime, till 1, watching a funny movie all by myself and now I'm so foggy!
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have all you myspacers joined the virtual nurse in?
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so i just came home from the dentist- it was terrible! this dr. was nice till he found out that i was prgenant- I was an hour late (i wrote down 1, they said 12) and the dr. was really nice about it and even made some jokes with me about fitting me into the schedule- so i sat down in the waiting room and the receptionist came out and said, after looking at the papers i filled out, "your preg? let me ask the dr. if we can see you without a note from your dr." He obviously told her "yes, but no x-rays" and so i went back to the cleaning chair. when he came in he said very curtly "well, because of this new information that you have given us, we can't give you a full visit......" and then went on to give me the most personoless, painful, and short cleaning ever. my teeth feel terrible. i really feel like he was angry at me for being pregnant and on medicaid and so gave me a bad cleaning. when she asked, i told the receptionist that i did not have a dr. as i had just found out that i was preg. and she said "congratulations!" , but he only refered to it as "the new information." Don't you think that is weird? i will have to go on a different type of medicaid now that i am pregnant, so i think i will just try for a different dentist b/c i have a cavity.
woa, that was long, sorry.

michelle- come on baby! what week are you now?

grace- that would drive me crazy too. did you talk to them about it? do you take titus with you to the appts.?

bonnie- poor boy! i wish i had some advice- the air seems the best to me too.

oh- a friend of ours had his (well his wife did) baby yesterday! i had just called their house and left a message saying "well, did i miss it when we were in florida?" and just a few seconds later he called from the hospital. her name is "nayo" which is a japanese name (her father is) and means "cheerful, spring, green things of spring" I think it is so beautiful- and she was even born on the first day of spring. he told me the baby was "too big" and so they had to have a c-cection. i didn't tell him the unliklyness of that sceniro. most important though is that she is healthy.
michelle- i think "pyper" is a great name too! know what it means or where it comes from?
long post....gives you all something to chew on for nap time...
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Well, Sounds like some mommas are back!

Anne I didn't upload the pic yet but I will.

Grace, OMGOSH!!! The truck has been broken for 16days now! Tomorrow will be 17 and we will be considering the lemon law aproach. I don't really know what to do. Mechanically speaking the truck works fine but the interior lights stay on all the time. In it self that is a safety issue. At this point they want to take the bulbs out and give us back the truck. I am paying 17,000 for the truck I want the lights to work! KWIM? So anyways I am pretty annoyed with that!

Noni's little butt is a little better today. He seems to feel better and doesn't cry as much when I change him. Hes stopped having the poops and he has two more days of antibiotics. I guess the zithromax helped him at any rate! Funny because the pharmacist was concerned that it would be strong for a little baby. I explained that he was having a hard time with the augmentin. Maybe those probiotics would have helped him! I will look into that!

Goodness my head hurts I am going to go lay down! Ali gets off the bus so soon! I better hurry if I want one moment of peace!
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