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My dds are taking advantage of me

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OKay, in the beginning of this pregnancy, I was nauseous. I didn't want to eat or hear about food. It didn't go away that much as it went on. And now that I am oh so close to having this baby, I am finally getting those you mention food and I WANT it, like right then. No we are not waiting, it needs to be right NOW!
Well, I think that my smart little girls have figured this out. They will mention things like pizza, McDonalds, which we had successfully stayed away from for a LONG time, ice cream, doughnuts, pie. And they will be all nonchalant about it. They will just be cooking in their kitchen and bring me these foods and then it is like. I want it now. I really really do. I have been able to substitute a few things, mostly because eating ice cream before lunch...though we have done it, don't tell my husband
Anyone elses kids realize that they can get things out of a pregnant mommy?
Sorry, had to start a fluff thread with all the seriousness of waters breaking, people calling and all the emotions of being so close to being due. Maybe one of you will laugh and have a brighter day
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Luckily my ds hasn't picked up on that one yet, I would be in soooo much trouble if he did
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What smart little girls!!!

For DS, it's television. He knows when I'm tired I'm more likely to let him watch yet another episode of "Blue's Clues." If anyone would have ever told me how much television I'd let my child watch, I would have been insulted! All I can say for now is, "Blue's Clues" makes him happy and I get to sit down for a half hour. So be it.
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Ds hasn't caught on to it but dh sure has! And he is totally working it. Now to go finish off that donut. : He was supposed to bring home bagels!
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Yep, whole wheat bagels too, right?
My dh has gotten it a little bit, but not as much as the girls. Too smart for their own good. They have also realized that they can get a movie. Mamma, you look tired, want to take a nap? We will watch a movie.... :
Kids are like kittens, when you have more than one, they may keep each other occupied but they will also come up with more things to get into
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LOL sounds like something similar here. Last week I HAD to have chocolate chip mint ice cream after a good 6 weeks of zero appetite. Took my boys to the store with me and the oldest one kept saying oh this sounds good could we get this?? Everything he asked for was 100% pure crap but I kept saying sure and he would load it in the basket. At the end he said I like shopping with you when you are pregnant and I couldn't stop laughing.
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smart little girls
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I'll never forget sitting at the DMV with my sister just after she had her 3rd baby. Her older two were sitting very quietly a little behind us, next to the diaper bag. After a few minutes she (rightly) became suspicious and decided to check out what they were doing. Turns out they were using the new baby's nose aspirator to suck the chocolate milk out of one of their bottle/cups and put it into the other one...back & forth, back & forth, with nary a drop spilled. I almost peed myself laughing, but she was..ahem...less than amused.

I tried to tell her that at least they played well together, and she hissed back, "no, they connive well together!"

My boys don't ask for McDonalds often... it's usually me offering it because there never seems to be anything in the house that I want to eat/cook. : Today they said "oh look, mommy -- we already got this toy!" How embarassing.
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Ahh, Carolynn, that is where you are going wrong. See, my girls have totally forgotten that McDs has toys. I get them the 10 piece chicken nuggets and eat half of their fries on the way home. They split the nuggets, get a small thing of fries and sharely rather nicely their drink. Every once in awhile I get "Did they forget out toys again?" "My goodness girls! They did!" And that way there is no evidence, none. You throw away the wrappers and as long as the girls don't tell daddy...all is good
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