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Tested this morning at 13 dpo, BFN. Boo hoo. Well, I knew that a scorpio baby was not a good match for me. It must have sensed it, too. Here's hoping for a Sag next month.
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11 DPO here....oh this is killing me!

I still can't decide when I want to test. I am so tempted to try tomorrow, but I'm afraid! HELP! LOL
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Aww, Michelle, it WILL end sometime

crb, here's to next month!

mom2olivia, I think we are in the same dpo, I'm 12 today. I am going to wait (well TRY to wait ) until Monday to test. But that is just me. a) I don't want to waste a test when af will tell me what's up and b) It would drive me nuts to get a neg and no af
So good luck on your decision. and I'll cross my fingers for both of us!
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Well I've got no will power and tested today...big surprise BFN : Oh will it ever happen? We did clomid+trigger+IUI last month....looks like we'll be doing it again this month. The clomid moved O up a few days, so now I have no clue when AF will show up.

Good luck to everyone!
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Kerri, you still have hope. Don't give up yet.

Firecat, you have more patience than I could ever dream of. Good luck on Monday.

Today is the day that AF should show, but no real sign of her (or anything else, for that matter) yet.

I just read that we do have one success story with Weasley'smum. Congrats on the BFP!! Send some dust our way!
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I'm getting closer to my test date - Monday!! I think I may cheat and test Sunday if no AF. But I'm *trying* to tell myself I'm probably not PG so I don't get too worried/excited/etc. But that 2WW syndrome is killing me too!!! I have NO symptoms of any kind - no PMS (never really do except a little sore boobness), no anything...

So, we'll see... how do we get through this 14 day period every month!!??

: :
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um well I'm 8dpo now and I had a temp jump this morning. Not sure if my chart if going triphasic or not. I've had tri charts before with a BFN so I don't put a whole lot of trust in them, but it's an interesting development and the timing is right.

I didn't temp yesterday because I woke up at 4 am was up for awhile and then went back to bed and didn't get up till 830.
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9 dpo here and had a big temp jump this morning... i'm causiously optimistic this month for some reason.. I may or may not test tomorrow..

lots of luck to all of you!!
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No AF yet, but haven't re-tested yet either. :
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11dpo, we having a test day this week?
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Well, AF showed up Saturday for me... oh well. Another month of trying!

Good luck to those still waiting!

Congrats to Weasly'smum!
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af showed up today...

I had some spotting Sat and Sun so i knew she was on her way but I didn't want to believe it until today. Oh well, better luck next time! We aren't going to be trying very hard this next cycle because dh doesn't want the kid to have a b-day close to x-mas. but I will still be trying () so most likely I will be back in a few weeks.
to everyone!
And I think I need to go buy a new thermometer!
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Aw, sorry y'all. Next cycle, next cycle.
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new here

Hi girls,
I'm Lynn, I'm currently in the 2+ww. I was due this past weekend, but still no AF. We just started trying again in February, we have a beautiful 20 month old little boy, Jack. My husband is in the Navy, and is leaving the country this week for about 2 months. Then he'll be back for a couple of weeks and leaves for 6 months. So our window of opportunity is slim. I'm a total wreck waiting for AF and hoping I could give DH an answer before he leaves since communication is really tough once he's gone. Boobs hurt, a little nausea, but many BFN's along the way. I'm not very patient! I'll keep waiting until there's an answer one way or the other, but this is torture.

I also did not have an early BFP on a blood test on CD 28 with Jack, so I'm hoping that maybe that's the way my hormones work and there's still a chance.

Hoping for us all.....

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I think I am in the TWW... FF and TCOYF disagree on when I O'd, so not sure how far into it I am! This is something like cycle #15ish for me... a bfp would be nice!!!

Good luck every one

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Hi everyone,

6DPO today.

Goodluck to everyone this cycle.

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Hi all it's been awhile since I've been on this board - I've finally gotten through 2 cycles since November. I had a LONG one starting end of December and I'm in another LONG one now. Hope to still be in the month of November if I can test positive in a few days !
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I'm out, I'm below coverline now.
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Well. I think I'm here again. Looks/feels to me liked I 0ed late yesterday. I'll wait til I get my coverline to actually commit to the hell of the 2ww, but I figure I may as well hang around here for some commiseration/support. Anyone from last cycle's 2ww here, too?
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I'm here again for at the very least the next 2 cycles, as I've been told to skip a cycle (of clomid, IUI) due to lingering cysts. UGH! Good luck to everyone else! I hope to see some BFPs to provide some rays of hope
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