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With my TWINS, I didn't get an u/s til 18w. I had no idea it was twins til then. :

Because of THAT THRILLING EXPERIENCE, I always ask for just a quick peek to make sure it's not twins again.

So I had a quick peek with dd at about 8w (and then didn't have another u/s til 20w for gender) just to see that she was one, and with this pregnancy, I'm doing the same thing, getting a quick u/s at 9w -- pretty sure it's just one but I was also fairly sure that my twins were just one too!
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I am so glad I found this thread. I've never posted before so I hope its ok that I just vent here and flat out ask for feedback. This may be a long post.
I just really need to write about this somewhere.

Dh and I got pg from IUI (we had male factor infertility). I was inseminated on 2/3. 2 weeks later, I had a BFP on a home pregnancy test. Then went for my first u/s at 6w1d last Thursday.

The RE could not find a sac. My b/w showed my betas rising as they should, the numbers were good and high, "perfect" as doctor said for 6w...except we had no sac. He believed it was an ectopic. We went in again on Friday for a 2nd u/s and more b/w: same thing. High, "perfect" betas, no sac.

We went in again on Saturday (yesterday) for our last u/s just to "confirm" that there was "nothing there" and then have the methotrexate to abort my supposed ectopic....and....suddenly there's a very tiny sac. I had b/w and once again, the betas had risen to a "wonderful" number. So...no treatment for ectopic obviously.

But the sac was not measuring 6w. The RE did not mention what it WAS measuring. I know I should have asked but dh and I were too shocked to do much more than nod. You can understand what an emotional ride we are on here. We went from "not viable, must terminte" to "maybe but we don't really know what's going on" in one day. Nothing was said about a yolk sac or hb or fetal pole either.

According to the RE, I could have implanted or fertilized late. But how likely is that since we know EXACTLY the date I was inseminated? If I implanted/fertilized late, of course the sac would be "small" cause it wouldn't be 6 weeks.

RE also said the fetus could have some genetic or chromosomal abnormality and I would miscarry on my own or have to come in for a D & C.

So, I'm told: just wait. Every day is going to feel like torture. Every twinge/cramp will make me wonder "is this normal 1st trimester cramping or am I about to miscarry?" I keep thinking: what if the sac/fetus keeps growing but there is something terribly wrong with it and I DON'T miscarry? What then? When will I know if it's viable?

The RE wants us back in on Monday (tomorrow) for another u/s and b/w. Here's the problem: I'm a non-tenured teacher in my tenure year (last year before granting tenure) which is the most important for not being absent. I missed 3 days last week due to bronchitis (could me being sick and not eating or drinking a lot have to do with a small sac?). In addition I came in late quite a few days already because of earlier b/w. My RE's office ONLY does b/w and u/s in the mornings.

I feel like I can't go in late tomorrow for this u/s because it's the weekend and I can't contact anyone to cover my first period class. And I was out sick last Wed-Fri. I'm thinking, is a day going to make much of a difference? If I go in tomorrow and risk my job/health insurance and there IS something wrong, they are not going to do anything about it that day anyway, they will say, "wait and see if you miscarry." If there is nothing wrong, then one day won't make a difference.

I'd like to just go to work tomorrow, talk to my principal, explain the situation and go for the u/s Tuesday.

Then I get racked with guilt and worry. Do I risk my baby or my job? What if going in on Tuesday rather than Monday causes me to lose this baby? What if going in on Monday rather than Tuesday causes me to lose my job and health insurance?

I'm so stressed all I want to do is curl up and sleep.

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Annie, what a difficult situation. I'm so sorry you have to go through this.

My gut feeling is to wait - wait and see what happens, and do another u/s at some point to see any changes. If your levels are rising so beautifully, just how likely is it that you'll be miscarrying anytime soon? Hopefully never at all, but it certainly doesn't sound imminent, you know?

I'm no expert on infertility or RE type stuff, or even super-early pregnancy u/s stuff. I'm sure someone else will have more useful information. BUT, I would personally wait and talk to your boss and let them know what's going on and wait a little while. Hopefully in another week or two you'll see all of those wonderful little parts you'd expect to see!
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Annie. What a tough spot to be in. I agree with HeatherB -- getting the u/s sooner won't help if something goes wrong, and you don't need stress about your job right now.

I won't be getting an u/s. I've never had a transvag and I hope I never do I had an u/s at maybe 18 weeks with my first and second kids -- actually, I had 2 u/s with my first, because I wasn't as far along as they thought, and they wanted to get another look at the kidneys, IIRC. No u/s with #3.
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Annie, has anyone ever suggested a tilted uterus to you? It is incredibly common and can cause some difficulty in finding and measuring very early pregnancy.

Many to you. Please remember you are not risking your baby by going to work. Sadly, at this point if a miscarriage is going to happen we cannot stop it. Can you ask your doc to write a medical excuse note for work, for mornings/ days missed? That way it could be on file if need be and you don't have to go into things w/ your employer.

Please keep us posted , Many many . I am hoping the best for you.
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I had my first ultrasound done at 6weeks 4 days also... and we heard a heartbeat... It wasn't as fast as I thought it should be but they say it's super early so no worries...
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Well I called today to change my appt to next Monday when I would be 7w exactly and my dr will be gone lecturing all week! And the other two dr's won't have anything until a week from Thursday!

The nurse really encouraged me that we should be able to see the h/b on Friday and even if we don't it's okay. She said they're looking more for placement and a sac at that point. So I'm leaving the appt for Friday. I know if for some reason we can't see the h/b on Friday then I can probably get in with my regular OB next week. I just need to see this RE on Friday then they'll release me to my OB.

I'll just be praying a lot that we can see the h/b on Friday or at least the sac and fetal pole!!

Thanks for the responses!! I feel like a crazy person!!!
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You are NOT crazy!

I'm sure I'm definitely in the minority here, but I've already had two u/s. One at 6w4d to check for heartbeat (with the RE) and another at 8wks to check for dates and again for the heartbeat (with the OB). And I'll be getting another at 10wks because I am so desperately afraid of m/c. It's a totally unnecessary "mental health" ultrasound, but the midwife who works with the OB and did my u/s and I discussed it and we're both comfortable doing that.

Good luck to you! I hope you definitely see something on Friday.
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Stacey. You're not crazy. You just desperately want this Baby, I understand completely.
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Originally Posted by swimswamswum View Post
Is it normal to get them so early? I have only had one doctor's visit and that was to confirm my pregnancy. The birth center said that I don't even need to come in for an appointment until the 10th or 12th week. Are those of you getting ultrasounds early high risk? Why are you doing it now?
I'm not high risk at all but I just got my first u/s at 7 1/2 weeks. I was able to hear and see the heartbeat too. He did a transvaginal doppler u/s. It is to my understanding that roughly 8 weeks is the first u/s and my obgyn is having me in every 4 weeks to monitor anatomy until 36 weeks when we'll go once a week. So far my pg is progressing quite nicely and without cause for concern. Maybe your insurance won't pay for this many visits? You might want to ask.
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Inspired, why are you planning monthly ultrasounds? that seems odd for a non-high-risk pregnancy.

Annie, of course it's too late to chime in, but if I were you I'd totally wait for Tuesday. It doesn't matter when in this trimester the ultrasound is -- they'll never see anything they can do anything about to save the pregnancy. It's only hard on you mentally, but so is missing class again.
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First u/s was 8 wk with ds and 7 week with this one, I spotted early with both and they wanted to make sure everything was ok.
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I may have one around 20 w -- although I may not have one at all unless there is some kind of issue. At this point I'm still searching for a midwife.
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Originally Posted by jessitron View Post
Inspired, why are you planning monthly ultrasounds? that seems odd for a non-high-risk pregnancy.
I'm seeing more and more OB's do a short u/s at every visit. My doc said that lets her check the cervix and fluid levels. Once my baby got big enough that they could use the abdomonial tranducer, I kept my pants on until I had my baby . My ob said she likes it as she feels it keeps people out of the fetal photos places.... They bill insurance for 2.
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We are also waiting until the "big" ultrasound at 20 weeks. We did last time as well. I'll hope to hear a heartbeat with the doppler at my first midwife appointment at 10 weeks (if not, I have to wait almost two weeks until we get home from Maui).
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I had early ultrasounds with my prior pregnancies for a variety of reasons. This time, I am going to wait and ask for one around 8 weeks. I had a m/c before, so I'm a little nervous until I see a heartbeat. After that, I'll probably have several more. I have a shorter cervix than normal, and they have to watch it closely when I am pregnant.
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Originally Posted by jessitron View Post
Inspired, why are you planning monthly ultrasounds? that seems odd for a non-high-risk pregnancy.
You know what? I didn't even question it. This is my first and I had no idea what to expect. I'm not mad about it though, I am more than happy to see my baby once a month! It's not until you asked that I even considered the possibility that it's too much. Oh well, my insurance has great coverage so what the heck? He says he's checking anatomy on all those u/s.
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For my first pregnancy (low-risk) I had probably 4 or 5 ultrasounds. I didnt think anything of them but this time I think I will probably only have a twenty week u/s. I have read about the possible risks associated with them and am just a bit weary of any use of medical technology.
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Wow, there are a lot of ultrasounds going on.

I'm seeing more and more OB's do a short u/s at every visit. My doc said that lets her check the cervix and fluid levels.
Technology for everything. I'm of the "too much information is my enemy" mindset on this. If there's nothing we can do about the results, I'll decline the test. I can understand why people would like it, though, and it probably isn't any harder on the baby than the doppler.

And this time I do plan to have an early ultrasound, but that's because I have no clue when the due date is right now.

I'm going to delay the 20-week ultrasound to more like 32 weeks. I read that they do 'em at 20 weeks just so you still have time to abort if there's an abnormality. Otherwise, it pays to wait, because it's easier to see the organ development etc later.
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I loved it last pregnancy when my midwife literally palpated for fluid levels! I couldn't believe she could feel it just with her hands, but she could! But it takes a lot of practice and skill, so I can see why most OBs don't do it.

There are definitely times when I would have loved to have seen my baby every month, but then I really feel like it's probably overkill. I won't do things like 3d/4d US, either, though, just because I don't completely trust the technology nor understand exactly what it will do to the baby. I'm not paranoid - just cautious.

I'm so eager for the mid-pregnancy US, though! I love getting a video and pics of the babe, and my boys have loved watching their own US videos.
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