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Post partum pains...

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Sorry for the TMI...

Hey ladies...I had a tear and one hemi when pushing Sophia out. I'm using seaweed compresses for the tear which had no stitches. I'm a little worried about this tear healing properly and wonder if there isn't something else I can do to help the healing process. And don't really know the best way to treat a hemmoroid. I've only had them after labor b/c I guess I push so hard. I'm using tucks pads, but sometimes if just seems it's never gonna go away. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and congrats on all the new babies
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Have you tried frozed witch hzel pads? Take a bottle of witch hazel and put like maybe 10 drops of lavender in and then wet the seaweed and put it where the tear is. They will melt and get everything wet so put a towel under you.
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I have some pads that I froze but have been unable to use them cuz they froze my bu** off! Will the seaweed act as more of a barrier against the cold. I don't want frostbite down there

BTW, do you know what the seaweed is actually supposed to be doing?

Thanks very much for replying
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Taking a comfrey bath will feel so good! Brew it like tea and soak in it or use it in your peri bottle. It feels great!
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Ok, now I'm worried. i felt chilled tonight so i got up to go to the bathroom, and i took my temp. it's 100 exactly...should i be concerned? I'm gonna call the midwife in the morning....What is going on with me?
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First....are you resting a lot and drinking tons of water? After a bad bout while pregnant, I prescribed 2 days of rest for myself....worked wonders...movies and bed! Also, I took a shower after going to the bathroom every time and used *very* mild soap. You can also try to gently push it back in.
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Originally Posted by lanielayne View Post
Taking a comfrey bath will feel so good! Brew it like tea and soak in it or use it in your peri bottle. It feels great!
Where do you get comfrey? Our HFS isn't open til Monday. Can I get it at a drug store or grocery story?

Ok, I called my midwife at 2 am b/c I just couldn't sleep worrying about my temperature. She believes I have mastitis. So, she's gonna get me on something for that today. I don't know what yet.
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I have gotten mine online but we have a few herbal stores around here that have it. I am not sure about your HFS. Some have herbs and some don't. PM me your addy and I will send you some.
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