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I just can't stop crying

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I am 16 days past due. I am soooo huge. My feet are swollen. My kids are crazy. This baby is never going to come out! All I can do tonight is cry!!!:

Thanks for letting me vent.
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I'm only 2 days past due (had all my others before their edd) and I already feel the same way!! It's frustrating bc at this point all you can think about is the baby and labor! Any twinge I feel I wonder if it's time. : I just wanted to send you some love!
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Go mama! You are doing a great job letting baby come when baby and your body are ready! You can do it!
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I went ten days past, and I know it's hard, when everything hurts and you're tired and you just want to see that precious babe. You're doing good, and your baby will be here soon. They can't stay in there forever, even if it feels that way sometimes!
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You will get through this~!!! Any chance you may be off on your original due date??? I am glad that you are trusting your body & allowing the baby to birth when it is ready...you should be really proud of yourself!!
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I am so sorry!!! It is really hard to be "overdue", I was with both kids although not as far over as you are! All babies do come out... I was totally convinced they didn't but both of mine did... hang in there mama!
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s Mama! I went 11 days over, so I know what you mean, but babe will come. And when you're on the other side it will be all worth it! s Try to do something for yourself today. Can you get someone to watch the other kiddos?
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It will be here soon; hang in there. I'm a few days past due and I've already got people saying something is wrong. blah blah blah Everyone at DH's work keeps asking him what is wrong with me and the baby; that is just making him more tense. I hate due dates!!! At least we are all close. Please Full Moon...bring on our labor:
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I was feeling this same way two days ago. That was 10 days overdue, today is twelve. I focused my energy into using home remedies to start labor and a frantic, slightly crazy intentions session during which I wrote a page worth of intentions and pleas to the universe to send my labor on the computer in teeny font. This effort worked to get me some bloody show, a deely dropped baby, and some strong and slightly painful contractions, that have been going on, on and off, since then. Unfortunately, I still have no baby and things have just gotten harder. Its making me remember the saying "Be careful what you wish for." I know how eager you must be to get this pregnancy over with, but the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, so just try to enjoy the perks of the situation you have, rather than focusing on the drawbacks, and think of how much you'll wish you were pregnant still when that first sleepless night of colic comes around. I'm sure this is little consolation, but little is better than nothing, eh?
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Thank you all for your replies!!!

My water broke 1hour and 15minutes after I posted. I had Zoe at 8:00 this morning in our living room! She did not want to come out because the cord was wrapped around her neck 5 times. It was a great birth!

Thanks again!
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Well there's a happy ending to a thread! Congratulations baby Zoe!
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Congratulations! Welcome baby Zoe!
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Zoe!! congratulations
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