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anyone have any experience? i'm liking pockets so far and am wondering if anyone has any opinions on this particular pocket diap ...

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I bought one off ebay, and I love it! It is similiar to a FB. The fleece is so so so so soft! It comes with a trifold hemp insert which I haven't used yet. I just use Thirsties contour hemp for everything. The best part is the price compared to FB!!!!
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Its also similar to a Pocket Change, except for the PC has elastic in the front too. The huggabuns has elastic at the legs and back and the front is flat with 2 rows of snaps.

The fleece on the huggabuns is so thick and soft!!! Its great. I found them on ebay, but they also have their own website.
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have one & love it - great fit!
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Excellent diaper!

I have a few of these, and they are becoming our favorite. The fleece is super soft, and the fit is great. I love the tri-fold hemp soaker - it holds a ton. Plus, Danielle ships amazingly fast and is wonderful to work with.
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