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I AM DONE!!!! Overdue...When to start "helping" things along? Still OVERDUE.... - Page 2

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This is my third pregnancy, and according to my conservative calculations I am now 10 days overdue. As far as prior history, I did go 16 days over with my first, and 21 days over with my second. However, I am not at all comfortable going that far overdue again (21 days)...he did not appear post-term at birth, but was born blue and left me a little shell-shocked.
Mama, it sounds like your body knows how long it needs to grow your babies. For you, you're not "overdue". You're right on target! If I was you I wouldn't worry a bit. Remember, 40 weeks is just an average - it doesn't really say anything about YOUR body & baby.

I would do nothing. Intervening in birth (without an instinct that it's very needed) can produce an undesirable result.
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: Ok, I hit the 42 week mark and still no baby...lots and lots of contractions that last all day and then stop at night. Did anyone else go in for NST or a check-up when you hit this point? I did go 16 days late with my first and 21 days late with #2...however, I am NOT comfortable with 43 weeks again.
Tried accupressure and that has not worked...walking just gives me a back ache...oh, and this baby is still pretty high...

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I was just thinking about you today... wondering about an update and all. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you! But I just don't know. It sounds like you're already trying everything. Maybe you'd get a few ideas if you posted in the birth proffesionals forum. I've asked a few questions in there and they always give me the answers I'm looking for.

Sending you some good ol birthing vibes....
Good luck!
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I've heard that....ahem....swallowing has a far better effect than plain ol' monkey dancin'. :
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I went 42 wks w/ds. Baby comes when baby's ready I guess. Frustrating, but worth the wait. I hope to go 41-42 wks this time! It'll work better w/what's going on in our lives. BUt again, baby will come when baby is ready!
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Trust your instincts mama. It sounds like your body is doing the work it needs to do. Is babe still moving and feeling good? What do your instincts tell you?
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i know you said you've tried acupressure, but is there any way you could go in for acupuncture?

other than that, i agree to listen to your instincts.
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How are you feeling?

I took homeopathic Caulophyllum 200c every half hour to two hours to move things along,(as I recall I only needed one dose) it gives the body a gentle nudge when everything feels ready but perhaps energetically stalled.

Here's some info from a homeopath I consulted with: http://www.mirandacastro.com/article...aulophylum.php

From my experience, homopathic remedies will only work with the body, not push it into to anything that it's not ready for.
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The baby is still moving although definetly less often and in more spurts..gets really jumpy and then nothing for a few hours. I do have a lot of swelling in my feet/ankles, but I am up and around a lot during the day so it can be expected. However, it is the swelling in my hands that is getting tough. I have developed carpal tunnel in both wrists, so I have lost feeling in all my fingertips. I went to my chiro today and there was nothing much he could do for it other than traction...just need to deliver so the swelling can go down.

Instincts are not telling me there is an emergency yet, but I just am feeling less confident. My 43 week DS was born blue...no idea why he was completely limp and blue... but I think I do still have some "trauma" from that. Everything turned out fine, but it just causes me a bit of concern. My DH checked me, and this baby is still way up...hard for him to even reach the head. My others did not engage until I was in labor, and I wonder if that is why it takes me so long to "get going". Anyone heard of this? I just feel my babies dont lock in and activate things!

Just wish there was a sure fire way without the use of drugs! I think the prodromal labor is starting to get to me...getting emotional and feeling like I am running out of endurance. Tired of putting on the happy face
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Sounds like you are not feeling too good about the "not knowing" how baby is doing? There are no rules saying that if you plan a UC you cant take advantage of modern medicine if you feel the need/wish for it. If having a U/S to check on baby's health would make you feel more comfortable then go ahead and do it.

I dont know how the system works in the US but is there anywhere that you could go and have a U/S to check if baby is doing ok inthere - without the risk that someone starts pushing for you to induce or what do I know?
Here you can go to private clinics for scans and they have no connection to hospitals whatsoever, so that would be a safe place to have things checked out.

However I do agree with the others - sounds like your body is just pregnant for around 42-43 weeks and considering the amount of contractions you are having I dont think you will last much longer. But if you feel something is not right then by all means go have it checked out for your own peace of mind.
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Relaxing helped bring my baby along. I would try to do that as much as you can. If I was still worried I would talk to a midwife to see if she could come over and listen to my baby and reassure me that everything was healthy and good.
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Hang in there Mama!

My 9 pound babe was grey/blue to, I'm pretty sure from a few moments of cord constriction. It usually doesn't take much to get that oxygen flowing again (particularly if you let the cord stop pulsating before cutting).

Also, submerging in the water can relax everything and take lots of pressure off. Do you have access to a tub?
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Is there any way you can get some rest?
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Oh mama, all my love!

I know the feeling I went 15 days and I think I would have gone longer if the mw had not pressured me to intervene. I think I would really work on letting go of the blue baby fear. Every birth is so different and your fear could well be slowing it down. Try to think of ANYTHING that makes you feel good!

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Originally Posted by Sijae View Post
Unless there was something in the picture causing me to think my baby was in danger, I would never move things along. I think babies are born when they are ready and it's bad news to try to get things going regardless of how natural the method is. It's bad news physcially and it puts you in a bad emotional place.

my .02,
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Originally Posted by 3under3 View Post
My others did not engage until I was in labor, and I wonder if that is why it takes me so long to "get going". Anyone heard of this? (
VERY normal, especially after first child. Hope you get relief soon
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I am getting sharper pains in my cervix, but other than that nothing has changed. Tomorrow makes 16 days...hopefully that will be the day! Thanks for all the encouragement...

I do feel fine to go through this weekend and then re-evaluate come Monday. Just so dont want to start the whole thing with getting an OB envolved. I have a bit of "white coat syndrome" so my blood pressure will most certainly be elevated if I have to go in. That along with my swelling will probably send them all into a panic!

Come on baby...mommy is patient, but starting to get mighty uncomfy!
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Yeah Mama! Hang in there and chill out. Try to really enjoy yourself this weekend. Eat something spectacular do something fun!
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IMHO you've only just now hit your personal 40 weeks and you should not be thinking about eviction.
DS#2 was 3 weeks over, probably with help from grief. I had difficulty letting him go because my first son had died less than a year before. Emotions play a huge part in this, too.
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