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Originally Posted by SunCB View Post
You will have to tell me how the stroller goes. I have been considering taking my wee one out with me in the morning since it is warming up a bit again. One old guy at the gym keeps telling me how I need to run some outside since I am training for the ATM. I would rather do it all inside where if something were to happen to me there are people around and I do not have to carry the water bottle.

Great job on your run. I start Wk8 tomorrow.
I run/walk with my dd in the jogger 90% of the time. I did day 2 of week 1 today....I feel like I could do 2 sets of the 8 reps...maybe I will try that next time? Maybe I will add a 4th day to my program too...that's a great idea too....hmmm....I just don't like not being challenged.
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Well Wk 8 did not start out with a bang. I ended up walking most of it. Found out after a few mins there was an incline and that is why it was so hard. I just walked most bc my sides were HURTING. Maybe I will give it a try on the wked w/DS2 in the jogger.
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I did not have too much success running outside in Florida.
It is really sad to me- how can I make the transition?? I really want to be an outdoor runner.
Also, since being home 1 week, I have only made it to my workout 2x. That is nooottt so gooooood for me I fear I will be lagging so far behind where i was with almost 2 weeks off.
Maybe with AF visiting this week things just seem out of hand. I cannot wait for Dh to get home so I can have a 'normal' routine again

whaaa whaaa whaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Talk soon-
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I did it!

Week 5, run 3. 20 minutes of straight running.
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Originally Posted by SunCB View Post
You will have to tell me how the stroller goes.
It went pretty well, but if I get any slower, I'm going to be walking! I figure I will work on speed when I'm done with the program. Maybe for the next month, until I start doing the OHR.

Originally Posted by pinksprklybarefoot View Post
Still watching all of you guys make progress (and am green with envy ). I think next week I can give the running thing a whirl again! For now I am just walking (with a baby on my chest). I feel like an old lady
I think that's sweet. Nothing like having a baby attached to you while you are walking to make you feel special. :

Originally Posted by love2all View Post
how can I make the transition??
Maybe with AF visiting this week things just seem out of hand.
First off, I always have a hard time with the running during AF. I am just chalking it up to the truism that "some runs are hard." It's just the way it is.

I just recently (in the last couple of weeks) started running outside. I was all treadmill as the last of winter played itself out. What is helping me is to just accept that I'm going to have to go slower. Once I slowed down, things got better. I am able to keep my breath and keep going. I love being able to actually travel and cover actual distance. I was getting a little irritated, though, about not being able to figure my distance accurately, though (not buying a GPS right now :LOL ). That is, until I went to http://www.mapmyrun.com. It uses Google Maps and you can map your run exactly. I even use the satelite view and make sure I map it on the sidewalk that I'm running on (so it is super accurate). It can also figure out my pace, the calories I've burned, etc. Great site!

Originally Posted by OhMel View Post
I did it!

Week 5, run 3. 20 minutes of straight running.
WOOHOO!!!! Way to go!!!!
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Hey Couch to 5k Mamas! Love this thread!

I started the program yesterday. Used the podcast. LOVED IT. I am so glad someone mentioned it (whoever you are, thank you!). I'd had the web page for the couch to 5k program saved in my favorites for awhile but had been putting off starting because I was TOTALLY not into the whole timing myself thing. The podcast takes away that problem & gives me fast music to run to. Perfect. No excuses! I slept like a log last night after doing day 1 wk 1 yesterday.

I run outside. For those that use the podcast...does he always say when you are at the half-way point? I noticed on this week he does & I love it because I turned around and continued the workout going home. Perfect! But does he mention the half-way point every week or am I going to have to actually pay attention & figure it out myself?

I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to working out tomorrow!!! I'm hoping I'll be able to keep this enthusiasm up!
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Hey, way to go!! Congrats on getting that first run done! I haven't actually used the podcasts, so can't answer your question, but, I have heard they are great.

Week 9, Day 1 for me, ladies! My last week on the program (but I've become addicted to this thread, so will chear everyone else on!). I ran 2.5 miles and 30 minutes today. That means my pace has increased from last week. I'm thrilled, I feel good, and feel like there is no turning back!

I can't believe I have come this far. I still feel like a poser calling myself a runner, but I have really come a long way in the last 2 months. I feel so accomplished and proud of myself. I feel strong and powerful, like I can do anything. Believe me, ladies, if I can do this, anyone can!
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HappyNewMama, Welcome to the program! I love love love the podcasts and like you had been thinking about doing the program but didn't actually get moving until I found the podcasts. No, he does not always tell you when you're half way done. However I don't think it will be too much of a problem to figure out a half way point on your own.

Bec, week 9! You must be so proud of yourself. Will you be graduating to the running thread? I'll be looking forward to seeing you there in a few weeks.
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I've been posting on the Dingos thread for some time. I'm starting to not feel like a poser, even!
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I finished my first week today! I used the podcast tues, thurs and today (sunday) and did my own thing on Fri and Sat (alternating running and walking at my own pace). I am going to take tomorrow off and start week 2 on Tues!
To the lady with the question about the podcast, I have no idea because I have only listened to week 1, but after my run on Tues when I use the week 2 podcast I will let you know
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Hi all...

bec, sounds like you have made so much progress! Doesn't it feel great?!?

I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got out on my first run today. I got the shoes in the mail Friday, dug the spandex out of the closet yesterday... I felt so good. First run in more than 3 years! I decided that since I am in some kind of shape from working out in the pool and doing yoga that I'd just run-walk my own routine, stopping whenever I felt like I needed to, and see where I fell on the program and start there. Anyway, I ran at about week 4, and ran ~5min, walked ~2 and did that 6 times... the last run was 3 min (total run time 28 min!). So I kept going longer than week 4, but the pattern was similar. I don't have a watch, but was checking my phone, so times were approximate. No boob issues, no butt jiggle (okay, the people behind me might beg to differ, but it wasn't bothering me). A little foot drag toward the end, but I REALLY felt great. And I'm not sore tonight. Having some insomniac issues, but that's another story.

So I'm going to do the same routine on Tuesday with my usual water workout tomorrow.

Has anyone else accelerated their program? I certainly won't be able to run the whole 10k I'm signed up for on the 6th, but maybe I will be able to run half of it just like it is an extended workout day. That would make me happy! Anyway, after the 10k I'll go back to wherever I was on the program before it and keep working my way up until I can run a 10k all the way through in mid-summer. That's the goal... I also have a dream of a 1/2 marathon in September (Boulder Backroads), but it may stay a dream. Boy, I get one run in and I'm already dreaming of the stars.
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Welcome HNM!

Way to go bec!

I decided to change things up a little since DS1 wanted to go with me this morning. So instead of trying to start Wk8 I ran to the hospital (gym is at) which is 9 blocks away did some abs and back work then ran home. I think it took about 10 mins to get home so guess I only did 20 mins running today.

It is definitely different running outside. DS2 fussing...
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I'm a wimp, and didn't want to risk getting caught in the rain: , so I ran on the treadmill today! I was SO BORED! After spending most of the program on the treadmill, I have done the last few weeks outside, and I'm totally sold on running outside! Even on the boring suburban streets in my neighborhood is more diverting than the treadmill. Anyway, because it was inside, I tried to push the pace a bit, and was able to average 5.2 miles/hour and ran 2.6 miles in 30 minutes! I didn't run with any incline, though (I don't think I could have taken that on top of the boredom.:

One more run to the program, and I'll be doing that tomorrow! I am going to continue for a while, though at 30 minutes. I'll work on pace and hills, etc. Just get some more miles under my belt before I start the OHR!
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I did my first run of week 2 today...feels great!
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!!!

Today I did my 2nd run of wk 1. I had to take extra time off due to traveling & scheduling issues (this was the busiest week I've had in a long time), but I was able to get back out there today & it went great! The workout felt a LOT easier this time than it did last time. I think I'll run again tomorrow--I don't want to take another day off since I already had a too-long break.

It's so inspiring to hear what everyone is doing!
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My first day back was scary- I could barely go 5 minutes without stopping OMG. But since that truely terrible day, I have gotten slowly back into running. I did a mile non-stop and then managed to walk/sprint another mile or so. I was up to jogging 20 minutes nonstop and would like to get back to that so I can push for the 3rd mile to come- 5k still seems so far away BUT compareed to the inability to go for 5 minutes straight just a few months ago I guess anything is possible@!!!!!!
bec- advice please on taking it outside- I want to run on trails but like I said- I died when I tried that week in Florida and am back on my treadmill with all things paced out for me!!!! TIA
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I just started the program on Monday, and tomorrow I'll be doing day 3 of week 1. I actually feel... ok!

I'm so glad I found you ladies!
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Maria - My biggest advice is to slow down your pace. The times that I have had a hard time running outside, it's been because I was pushing my pace way too much. It takes a little bit to adjust to how fast you are going, because you have no sense of movement on the treadmill. Also, check out MapMyRun.com to figure out how far you have run, as well as your pace, calories burned, etc. It really let's me have the numbers I get from the treadmill, while letting me be outside, too.

Well, ladies! I have done it! I finished my last run of the program. I ran 35 minutes, and 3.1 miles!!! I'm so excited. I really did it. To those at the beginning, stick with it! It really works, and you can do it!
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Originally Posted by HappyNewMama View Post
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