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I did this last year when my youngest DD was almost one. Then we joined the Y and I quit running in exchange for spin, body sculpting classes and the EFX. We quit the Y because my DD2 was getting sick every time we were in their nursery.

So, I'm back running again. Going by the C25K plan I'd be on week 6 or workout #2. But, I'm not wanting to push it much past that.

DD2 is still nursing. I can't lose weight regardless of what I do. I've seen my FP and after she moved a new FP who both told me some women just can't lose weight while nursing no matter what. I concerned that I'm raising the bar as to what I'll need to do to lose weight after DD2 weans. Right now I'm maintaining my weight with what I'm doing and I'm content with that. After DD2 weans, which will hopefully be within the next month or two, I'll kick it up and push myself harder.
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That's awesome!!! I have a nursling still, too. Although, that seems to help me lose the weight. Good for you for not obsessing about it. And good for you for simply focusing on the exercise! It will come off if it is meant to, when it is meant to!

I just finished Week 5, Day 1.

I was a little worried because last week was kind of tough. I was debating moving on, or repeating week 4. I think my problems (I wasn't able to finish the 2nd 5 minute run on Day 2 last week) was due to AF about to come, new shoes, and just being tired. Today was great and invigorating! I'm glad I decided to try to push on. Oh, and I lost 3 pounds last week!!!! Looks like the plateau I was on for the past couple of months is done!

How is everyone else doing? Where are you? What week are you on?
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Wow Bec, you'll be doing a two mile run this week! I can't wait to get that far. I'm on week 2, run 2. I go in the evenings after dinner (when dh can watch the munchkins) so it's not the best time (tired and full from dinner) but I keep on pushing through and really enjoy getting out and moving.

Thank you all for your shoe advice. I think I'll go a few more weeks and then get some new ones.
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Yeah, evenings are really hard. I try to get all my running in before dinner, if possible. I don't know if that will work tomorrow. My normal baby sitter is on a trip this week, so, I might have to wait until later. Unless I can convince DH to let me run in the morning. Keeping my fingers crossed for that!
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So excited to find this thread! I used to run pretty regularly before I got prego, but haven't done a thing since (babe is almost 4 wks old). I tried running today and it was PAINFUL. I did a lot of walking. I feel like I am starting over at zero, after running off and on for 7 years! This program looks like exactly what I need. I can't wait to give it a whirl tomorrow.
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Goodluck psb -- I bet this will work wonderfully well for you. 4 weeks old is not very old at all. Are you sure you're up for running that soon? If so, you're one tough mama!

I finished up my week 2 today -- it has definitely gotten easier. I can't wait for Wednesday and week 3. I just this.
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Welcome, PSB! Make sure you listen to your body. You are still recovering from childbirth, so make sure you take it easy! Walking is a great way to start. Just drink lots of water and stop when your body tells you to!

Ohmel, don't remind me of the 20 minute run (I'm not quite on pace for 2 miles, but I'm close)! I'm a little freaked about it. I just finished D2 of Week5 and it was a push, but I'm glad I did it!

DH is calling for me to take the babe! Gotta run!
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Bec that's awesome that you're almost doing two miles.

I ordered a pair of shoes off of Zappos last night -- a pair of Brooks. Hopefully they will work better than my old Nikes. That site is bad bad news though -- I almost ordered these too. Luckily they are way too expensive for me so I wasn't horribly tempted.

Also, after reading Bec's post about orthothics I emailed one of my college roommates who now works for an orthothics company. I was just asking for advice but now I'm going to be getting custom orthothics for much less than normal. I am ecstatic!
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I am on wk 4 I think. Program is at the gym. Tomorrow is my last day before wk 5. Would be a wk further but I went out of state and stopped the program while visiting family and friends. I am preparing for the Army 10-Miler Oct 7th.
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Welcome, LM!!!

OhMel, what kind of orthodics are they? I have Foot Levelers and just love them. They were pricey, though. I think I paid $285 for them, but they are so worth it. I think I have made my money back in what I have saved in chiropracter bills, though, so it evens out in my mind.

I got a 2 mile walk in today, so I'm feeling excited. A little nervous about Thursday's upcoming 20 minute run, but excited, nonetheless.
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Bec -- that's awesome to hear that you love Foot Levelers as that's what I'm getting!
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That's awesome. They are fabulous. You are really lucky to get such a break on the price. But, they are well worth full price!
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Completed Wk 4 and Friday start Wk 5. I really pushed myself today. Usually I never go above 5.0 miles per hr since I am not a runner and get pretty winded it seems. Today I did the 1st 3 mins jog at 5.5 then 1 st 5 mins at 5.2 then 2nd 3 mins at 6.0 then 2nd 5 mins started at 5.2 and kept increasing and the last min I was at 7.0. Though, I think that was my limit just about as I needed WATER as I thought I might pass out. I looked ahead at Wk 5 and I am sort of afraid so we shall see.
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I restarted the program, so I am on week 2 now. My ds will be home next week so I think I will have to work around dh's schedule to go out with children. I am really loving the program.
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Love, love, love the podcasts! It is really nice to have a program like this because it keeps me from trying to do too much, too soon and getting frustrated. As dorky as it sounds, it is kind of nice to have a complete stranger motivating me via podcast :
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LM, I hear you on being afraid! I have kept a pretty constant speed (5.6), but am willing to decrease it tomorrow if necessary to run the whole 20 mintues, but hope not to have to.
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just wanted to say GO MAMA'S you can do it!!! I did C25K last August and it has been a life changing thing. I just ran my first 10K this month
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Okay, this is for those who have done the program before who are returning to it. Oct. 7th is the Army 10-Miler which I am preparing for and tomorrow I only start Wk 5. I know that I will be gone a few wks to visiting family during the summer so I will not be working out then. This program only goes to 5K and there is certainly not time to do the entire 10K and 1/2 Marathon programs from what I can tell.

Any advice? A former military guy at my gym said if I could do 7 that I certainly can do 10.

Lisa Marie
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I did it! I did it! I UA violation DID IT!!!

I ran 20 minutes straight! It was just shy of 2 miles, but I feel great!! I can't believe how easy it was! I'm a freaking runner!!! To all of you coming up on Week 5, don't fret and have faith! It isn't as hard as you think it is! They have prepped you well!

Lisa Marie - They have a 1 hour runner training program that you might like, that might better prepare you for the 10k (assuming your pace is about there). I'll see if I can find the link. Here it is: http://www.coolrunning.com/major/97/...it0214.htm#run
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Way to GO!!! Just did Wk5D1 today so next Wed I will be running the 20 mins.

Thanks for the link. I missed that one. Maybe I will have to look into that next after I complete the C25K. It is 10 miles I have to run/walk just as long as I stay above the 4.0 hr speed or I will be picked up by the bus. 5.0 mph is tough on me even for 5 mins at a time right now. 4.7/4.8 is better for me. If that program is only 10 wks then I should be able to complete it during the summer and still have time to get myself going longer still. Thanks again.

Lisa Marie
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