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it's a girl!

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Maeve Kelton was born on 2/24 at 8 PM, by c/s. 8 lbs 10 oz and 21 inches.

Hard to believe she's a week old already! Long story short, I went into labor at 2 AM with cxns every 10 min or so. My water broke around 4 and soon after the cxns were every 5 minutes. My husband was on overnight call at his hospital so I called and fortunately he was able to get coverage for the rest of his shift. We left for the hospital around 6 to find I was 4 cm. 8 hours later, I had only progressed to 5 cm despite strong and frequent cxns. I'd walked around, sat on the birth ball, and did everything I could but I was exhausted - so I asked for an epi despite not wanting to use drugs. But at that point, I knew it was the right decision for me and I was fine with it. I got some rest and progressed a little more rapidly, but by 7 PM was only at 8 cm and had been for a couple hours. So, that combined with my and the baby's size led us to the c/s. We were disappointed but at that point I was so ready to meet the baby that we made the decision to go ahead, and at 8 PM, Maeve was born!

Even though it the birth didn't go as "planned" we had a great experience in the hospital - incredible and supportive nurses and staff. Maeve is doing great and feeding like a champ! I'm still moving slowly but doing much better every day. I'll post a photo if I can figure out how - she has so much dark hair with crazy blonde highlights.
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Congradulatons!!! Welcome to the world baby Maeve!

Take is easy and try not to overdo it too much, and most of all enjoy yor babymoon!
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congratulations on your little girl! had we had a girl, she would have been maeve -- so great name choice!
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You had a somewhat similar birth story as me!

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Maeve Kelton Congratulations
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Congrats! I love her name!
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and congratulations!
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