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*Weekly thread Mar 5-11*

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I'm measuring big too. I had an ultrasound on Friday because there was some concern about possible twins or extra fluid and my midwife doesn't homebirth twins... Turns out there is only one (sex is still a mystery) and it's BIG. Big like, closing in on 2.5 lbs big (my due date is accurate). I started week 27 on Friday . My MIL took pictures of how big I am so all the family could marvel--I'll post them in the bump section soon.

No more news from me! I've been laying low the past few weeks. Spring is starting to sprung and I'm reserving my energy for our vegetable garden .
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Gardens! Who brought them up a little while ago?

I wasn't planning much for this year, but then the Burpee catalog came, and, well, I know I'm not the only one who is a sucker for those gorgeous pictures when it is cold outside. I *tried* to restrain myself.

DS is super excited to help plant peas and carrots and tomatoes, though, so it'll be good for us. If the weeding suffers come late June/July, well, we'll just see what we get.

I have an appt with the midwives today. Let's see if I'm still gaining 2 pounds a week like last month.

Had yet another productive weekend around the house. Big Brothers/Big Sisters is picking up donations today, and I got 6 or 7 good sized boxes of stuff packed up for them. I feel lighter and less cluttered already.

I find myself itching to re-organize the ATTIC, but that is a huge job, and, what I'd like to use (plastic storage drawers to replace mismatched cardboard boxes) would be awfully expensive to implement. Plus, it is "out of sight", it just won't get "out of mind"! Oh yes, I am nesting.

I was kind of (and inexplicably) depressed Friday, but it has passed. I'm hoping it was just some little hormone cloud. So far, today, I feel GREAT.

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Another slightly large baby here - only by a couple of days, but still. And I know my date to the moment, 'cause I was charting and using OPKs to make sure everything was back on track after the miscarriage.

My hand is healing up - at least I'm pretty sure it is, because the break only aches at night, and it's feeling itchy inside, which has to mean cell regeneration. I had a scare with what I thought might have been a fluid leak this weekend, but litmus paper to the rescue - definitely not amnio. I'm so bad for things like that; I get stressed out about one thing (my hand, in this case) and start projecting that stress onto everything else until I find some potential disaster to fixate on. And a combo of braxton hicks and some extra discharge was enough to send me slightly over the edge. Luckily, DH is really good about helping me not freak out over stupid things.

Happy Purim to any Jewish mamas on the thread, and you know what that means: time to start preparing for Pesach! We're flying to visit my mom this year for the whole week, so we don't even have to bring our dishes up from storage.
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Originally Posted by Corri View Post
Happy Purim to any Jewish mamas on the thread, and you know what that means: time to start preparing for Pesach! We're flying to visit my mom this year for the whole week, so we don't even have to bring our dishes up from storage.
Oh, why do you have to bring it up? I do *NOT* feel up to reaching the crumbs in the corners of my kitchen! I am *NOT* going to host a seder this year, though we usually host one for friends on the second night. I don't even want the hour's drive to the first night seder we always attend that's just south of Boston. I AM NOT READY!!!

I'm also not sure I'll survive a week of no chametz this year. All my pregnancy cravings this time around are for BREADS. I could feel my heart literally sink when I saw our grocery store setting up the Passover aisle last week.

Oh sigh.


I'm getting myself together.

Can I come to your mom's house with you, Corri?!?

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Can I come to your mom's house with you, Corri?!?
We're already cooking a seder for 14, what's a few more?

And I know exactly how you feel - I've been a pasta-monster the entire. time. so far. I'm not going to make it through eight days of potatoes! Luckily Manischevitz makes an awesome kasher l'pesach apple cake mix, and they actually make kl'p STUFFING MIX! It's made from farfel, I think, but it's actually pretty good! I was so happy when I discovered it last year.
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Hey All,

I can't even think about gardening yet--I still have a foot of snow in my front yard. Tennessee sounds like it's beautiful this time of year!

Nothing really new to report--just had a bout of nausea Sat & Sun morning. Aren't we supposed to be done with this? No idea what caused it, but just took it easy both days. Feel great this morning...we'll see. Maybe just a little bug. I used to have an iron stomach before I got pregnant!

Middle of my 26th week. Counting the days until Week 28 when the baby will be in the "safe zone."
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Vanessa, Can you have novocaine during pregnancy? For some reason I thought I was supposed to avoid dental work while preg? Maybe I was just hoping that was the case because I hate dental work! I hope your tooth is better and you don't need any more work done on it.

Corri, I'm glad your hand is starting to heal. I hope it is back to normal soon.

I'm doing really well. No more pre-term labor since I passed that kidney stone yesterday. I'm so happy that we've found an answer as to what was causing the PTL. I just started my 27th week and got a little anxious when I realized that I will be considered "full term" in 10 weeks Wow.
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willLevin- I've had days where I'm depressed for no good reason, too. I think it's because of the weather. Thankfully, daylight savings is starting soon (next weekend, right? They are doing it early this year!) and I'm ready for more sunlight. And hopefully the weather will start warming up. I detest winter and every single December-March I always wonder why I don't move somewhere that has nicer winters.

I'm feeling confident about the birth the past couple of weeks. I've had a lot of positive energy around me, two of my friends had really great births and I'm vibing off of that. I listened to one of the stories yesterday and got goosebumps. She's used the same midwife as I am.

I have a midwife appt tomorrow but I also have a meeting and I can't go that long without eating something substantial. I was hoping to call her and reschedule for a different time. I haven't had a visit with her in about 6 weeks now, so I'm ready and have lots of things to talk about.
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Hi all... I am 23wks 3days, due June 22... I am pretty new on here, but have really been enjoying the posts. I am feeling pretty good these day with the exception of an already ouchie bum...
This is our first baby so we are feeling a little scared, SUPER happy after 2 MC last year... I am constantly feeling like I will NEVER be ready or have everything I need for this little guy...lol

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woohoo! Third trimester is here - time for dancing vegetables!

I think it started last week but different books say different things so I'm celebrating now... other early Juners must be with me too, no?

I had a growth spurt too over the last few weeks. Trying to avoid the scale.

Made plans to go visit my mom at 30 weeks during our spring break (2 hour flight to so-cal). Hopefully I won't have second thoughts... On one hand I really need SUN and a break from the work routine around here. On the other hand I have this incredibly strong homing instinct right now.

Jillian - phew! glad things are better.
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Holy crap, rock, you scared me until I saw your due date! : I'm not ready for third tri yet; I'm just getting used to the idea that we just crossed the first viability threshold. On that note, though, what is the cutoff for third tri? It's 2nd = 13 weeks, 3rd = 26 weeks, "due" = 39 weeks? Something like that?
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Originally Posted by Corri View Post
On that note, though, what is the cutoff for third tri? It's 2nd = 13 weeks, 3rd = 26 weeks, "due" = 39 weeks? Something like that?
I like the 42 week model that breaks the trimesters into 14 week trimesters. 14 weeks = second trimester
28 weeks = third trimester
42 weeks = due

That way you're not so dissapointed if your due date comes and goes. But if you go early (37+ weeks) then it is an added bonus. So according to this I enter the third trimester next week.

Wow, we're all moving into the third trimester I still remember when we were the newest DDC on the list reporting our BFPs.
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I like to count 3rd trimester from 26 weeks, but that's just because it makes my enormous size and cumbersomeness seem "justified". I still understand that any time from 37-42 weeks is a likely due date.

Does anyone know how likely a predictor one's first pg length is for the second? DS was just a few days early. Then again, I *KNEW* he wanted to be early all along, and I feel like we "convinced" him to stay in until the correct week, at least. Crazy Mommy ESP vibes? No inkling what this one wants as of now.

Had my MW appt. Gained about 5 pounds this month, so up 16 pounds total at 24 weeks. Better than last month's 7#. VERY happy to learn I can do the "controlled breakfast" version of the glucose test instead of the nasty beverage. I guess they want you to bring the controlled breakfast portions with you to the lab and eat it in front of them, but that's okay--it's a piece of bread, 1/2 banana, x oz of juice and y oz of milk. Pretty portable.

Had our monthly (post-prenatal visit) trip for fast food today. I just am not enjoying lots of kinds of foods--even tasty kinds! I'm hungry all the time, but never SATISFIED by what I eat. Feh.

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Oh my gods and little green apples! The third trimester startsa s early as 26 weeks? Ack ack ack!

Though that would explain why all my energy got up and left last week.

Let's see...Ro-ro the belly bean is getting bigger and DH has finally been kciked in the head by his little one. With Laia he could feel her moving really early on, but the whole anterior placenta thing this time round has had him moping about not feeling the baby. So he's happy again! And it's nice to feel Ro-ro a bit more myself. She's still not as active as her older sister was (or at least, I can't feel it) but that's okay.

Hmmm...one thing I've noticed is that when Laia falls asleep on my lap after nursing Ro-ro tends to start bouncing and kicking. Probably just that Laia is putting pressur on the uterus and is making everything nice and warm, but yesterday the babe almost work Laia from her nap she was kicking so hard! My standard response to people being loud is "wake the baby and I'll throw you out the window"...but that makes me wonder...can't really send a fetus to her room or ask her to stop kicking her sleeping sister in the side, now can I?

It was so wamr the other day...in the id-40s and we had all the windows open. Today it is snowing again and the windchill is -21. Grrrrr. I want spring!
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willo, my first baby was 2 1/2 weeks late (for real)- christmas came and went, new year's came and went...so i joke and tell him he was born a year late! my daughter was a full week early. then my son was 4 days late. so at least for me, there are no patterns to be seen!

yeah, i'll consider myself in the third trimester just because of how i am feeling- like there is this heavy thing trying to fall out of my body and my bones and ligaments are so tired of trying to hold it all up!! i read that 2 1/2 pounds was average for this month. but i swear it feels like 20 pounds of PRESSURE down there! i don't care to check my cervix (it's mush, i know it- the whole firm cervix thing goes out the window after the 2nd for me), but as i was feeling so much pressure i squatted the other day and reached a finger in to see if i could feel the baby's head- there is was, about 3 inches up there is all. little bugger, so low! the head felt huge! i tried to push up on it but it wasn't budging. i remember feeling this way with my last pregnancy, like it felt like birth was much closer than three months away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but then he stayed in and was late, so ??? it is just so sudden that it feels like this, and that my body is just a wreck- sacrum, pelvis, back, pubic bone...!

so i'm attempting to start taking it easy, whatever that means! i'm not the resting pregnant type- just keep going as always, only stopping to sit at the computer for a half hour or something. but the constant housewifing, and having 7 three year olds in my home three mornings for preschool, is too much at this point! so i'm trying really hard to not sweep this morning since i don't really have to, but it's killing me! i hate dirt!

other than all that and being kinda cranky because of it, all is well. i got my birth supplies, my diapers, my moby wrap, and a carseat all last week! (gotta use that tax return before my checking account just devours it!) so that was fun. i got the haute pocket diapers from montana diaper co because i loved my old wonderoos so much, and they are the same but softer. i can't stand those microfiber inserts, though- you know, the ones that catch your rough fingertips- yuck! so i'll just be using prefolds in them. i tried the moby out with my daughter's doll, and though it's a ridiculous amount of fabric when you first see it, it was quite easy to get on and seems like it'll be very comfy with a newborn!

well, that's enough writing for now, eh?
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I'm measuring big too-2 weeks ahead the entire time. But I'm pretty sure my date is accurate. I wasn't charting, but I was on the lookout for signs of ovulation and made sure to take advantage of DH when I was sure that ovulation was impending. My mw isn't too concerned.

The weather turned again here-we got lots of snow and ice on Thursday so it was quite treacherous-I didn't want to leave the house for fear of falling it was so bad! But DH was a darling and shoveled the sidewalk and driveway so I could feel better about going out. It's supposed to be in the mid 40s today, so I'm hoping at least some of the snow will go away (and stay away until at least December!!)

We spent part of the weekend getting the baby's stuff organized-I could organize and reorganize the baby's things all day! DH thinks I'm crazy! We found a great sale and DH picked out a shirt for the baby-green with monkeys-he will buy anything for the baby as long as it has a monkey on it! He's so proud of himself.

Our puppy dog is doing a little better, but her pain meds have her feeling good enough that she doesn't understand why she shouldn't be jumping or running up and down the stairs. Silly girl!
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Originally Posted by Corri View Post
...On that note, though, what is the cutoff for third tri? It's 2nd = 13 weeks, 3rd = 26 weeks, "due" = 39 weeks? Something like that?

For me:

2nd trimester started when I quit barfing all over the place (14 weeks)
3rd trimester started when all in one week I got my first leg cramp, first serious ligament stretching (think owie bellybutton), and grew so much and so fast that my midwife requested I have an ultrasound to rule out twins. That was last Thursday, the begining of week 27
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Guys... i CAN'T DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I spent my first night alone in over 4 years... like really REALLY alone... on a 40 year old twin trundle bed with DD in her tiny bed on the floor...

cried myself to sleep... can't eat... feel like i'm going to puke... DD is napping and I can't sleep so I'm sitting here crying...

this just isn't right... Oh guys... I can't do this...

when DexP left us yesterday, dd looked at him and said "Daddy, your crying?" he said ya that he was just a little sad and a few minutes later she looked at me and said "ha... mommy, your crying just like daddy"

I'm trying not to let my mom know just how much this is all hurting me because I dont want her to hate him (dp) and I'm out of people to cry too and shoulder to cry on...

I need some tissues but I dont have any... only toilet paper... ::sigh::

how am I going to get through this???????????????
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I'm sorry, I know this is so hard right now and is overwhelming for you. You ARE getting through it.
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