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I know exactly how you feel, willo! I was reading those stats off a webpage to DH a few days ago, when I hit 24 weeks (40% survival rate, but of survivors, 40% chance of moderate to severe delays). It's about finding a measure of control in an uncontrollable situation, I think.

Hope you're feeling better today, WW.
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Willo, I think the same way, and I did before the PTL scare too. I find myself always looking forward to the next "safety point". My next goal is 30 weeks. I'm always reading those weekly "how my baby is growing" updates online and trying to find out how big he is and how developed he is. I had a m/c before this pregnancy so that may be part of the reason why. I'm also a planner, I like to know all of my options at all times. It makes me feel more prepared to deal with things that may come up unexpectedly.
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Hey, yesterday was a rough day for me but I'm plugging along.
I started Pre-natal Yoga last night and I must say I didn't LOVE it like I did last time... but maybe it was just because it was the first time around... and i have a TEENY TINY splinter of glass in my toe that is working it's way out so I can't put pressure on it... made a bunch of poses difficult! lol

Vannessa I am totally with you on the Hip pain!!!! it's such a drag!

Gypsy I am with you on being sooooo tired too!!!! We are due the same day and I feel like I am at the point now where I have to get up, use the bathroom, have some cereal and then I'm ready for a nap!

Also, I wanted to mention to you not to be sacred of natural birth!!! Yeah it hurts, and you'll probably wonder why people do it more than once but just remember that for years and years and years this is how ALL women did it!!!! That really helped me in labor, I just kept thinking "If they did it then, I can do it now!"

Sally June 23rd?!??!?!? Oh my gosh, I thought you were moving before the baby came for some reason! Oh my, that seems even tougher now with a little newborn!!! I wish you lots and lots and lots of good luck! For some reason I thought you would be to England in time for your little man to be born.

WilloI think about that too...not to the point where I've looked up stats but it always crosses my mind! And when I just read the survival rate for 28 weeks it was a major relief too!

Corri How's the thumb feeling?

JillianOne more thing about those darn stones!!!! I was in the hospital in Dec with supposed non-stone kidneyt problems that felt like i was in LABOR!!!! it was AWEFUL and they kept going back and forth that it was a stone, then they said infection, then stone again but they weren't sure!!! Sometimes I really cant stand Docs!!!!

OH... on Monday my mom is taking the day off from wrok for her birthdya and taking DD and I to MA to some place called "Magic Wings"... I guess it's this big green house that is full of butterflys! and if you sit really still, the butterflys will land on you and what not. It sounds like alot of fun... she also said we sould stop at the Carter outlet store and check out the sales for the baby!!! HOOOORAY FOR SOMETHING (short term) TO LOOK FORWARD TOO!!!
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Hi everyone!:

Just dropping in to say "hi". This beautiful spring weather we're having has gotten me stir-crazy to do stuff so I haven't spent much time here on Motherhood. That, and I caught a nasty cold that DH babied me through and now I feel better--still snotty, sweaty, and stuffy in the head, but I'm no longer hallucinating!

Newsflash: DH just called and is on his way home from work. It seems he's caught the bug too . Looks like my turn to play nurse.

I hope ya'll are hanging in there~

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WW: it is 23 March, we are moving before baby in exactly 2 weeks actually, sorry the pregnant brain is just not working. I thought even though it will be tough to move now it is better than with a newborn
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thats ok Sally... glad to hear it's sooner rather than later! Still stressful but better now than with a screaming infant! Hope everything goes smoothly and your setteled for his arrival!
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Originally Posted by WhiteWax View Post
thats ok Sally... glad to hear it's sooner rather than later! Still stressful but better now than with a screaming infant! Hope everything goes smoothly and your setteled for his arrival!
thank you, i also thought before was better than after
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WW: thanks for asking! My thumb hasn't been bugging me much, but I tried to do too much work today, and now it's really sore. Typing with one hand SUCKS - I'm trying to think of it as prep for MDC while nursing/holding sleeping baby, but it's still making me grumpy.
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Heyla all! Need to catch up...I missed what, four days? Ack!

We just got back from Boston...veeeeeeeeeeeery long couple of days. Laia caught a cold and was sick the whole drive down (so 7hrs of sick toddler who refused to nap because grandparents kept waking her up, followed by a few days of sick babe in a hotel room, followed by another sleepless drive home...compounded by dd's refusal to poop the entire time we were away so she was constipated to boot!). My parents had very unrealistic expectations of what was possible during such a short visit to the psych hospital and as a result my mom wound up depressed and my dad was so heavily medicated he was almost comatose due to some extreme panic attacks. Not fun.

We didn't even have a chance to see our friends and pick up our cosleeper since the one chunk of time we had set aside turned into a massive snafu. DH took the rental car for a "five minute" trip to a nearby store to pick up some cold medicine...since it was a short trip we didn't unpack first. He wound up unable to find a street back to the hotel since the road he was on was one way (and it was late, and dark, and the area was under construction and he missed the ONE turn to get back easily. Anyway, Laia and I spent two hours at the hotel with no diapers, jammies, food, medicine, toys, books, etc. DD nursed and snuffled and cried and eventually fell asleep, but it did mean we didn't get out to see anyone.


We did stop at IKEA on the way home though and pick up a few things...including (of all things) a toddler bed. We have no use for a toddler bed since we cosleep, but...Laia was soooooo focused on this one bed "my size! Laia bed!". And it wasn't very much money (well, around 50 dollars, but my parents chipped in) so we got it. It's in our living room right now (DD is sitting on it) and she had a blast helping DH put it together.

Though I have to say...it was fun to wander through the infant portion of the IKEA and look at all the cute baby stuff. Not that we'd use a crib, or need any more mobiles, but it was fun to look! I wish they'd open an IKEA closer to us, Laia had so much fun playing with all the exhibits/toys/colorful stuff and considering how cheap the food is in the dining area it's a really nice "day out" sort of place.

Anyway...the weekend is over, the daylight has shifted, and despite having had the past 4 days "off" I need a vacation!
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Wombat, sounds rough!! Hope you can get some R&R soon! We bought a toddler bed off of craigs list that was originally from IKEA, and we love it!! Except it is a bit bigger than a normal tod. bed so the mattress from ds crib is too small, I cannot for the life of me find a mattress that will fit this bed, I think I have to contact IKEA directly, except they charge more to ship an item than it actually costs!! We need one around this area too!!
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