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Just voted. 61 for the NO
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65% NOOOO!!!
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Still 65% no.
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Follow-up article on Msnbc:

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One of the great pro intact comments is from a woman who lives near me. I wonder if she is on this site.
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It always pisses me off when people use old men as an excuse. Let them decide to have it done in their later years, then!
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Yeah. 200 babies die every year so elderly men may be even less likely to have an incredibly rare problem???
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We were lagging for a while there, but now NOOOOO is up to 67%
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i just voted! we are wining!

Do you think newborn boys should be circumcised? * 30615 responses
Yes 33%

No 67% If yes, why?
* 10492 responses
Religious beliefs.3.7%
Conformity. You don't want a boy to look different from his father or the other kids in the locker room.5.4%
Health reasons. It prevents diseases and it's cleaner.46%
All of the above.40%
Other. 4.6%

If no, why?
* 20806 responses

The medical reasons aren't compelling. And even if they were, doctors don't normally cut off human tissue from infants to prevent potential health issues years later.6.1%
It's unethical. Circumcision is a medical procedure performed on a non-consenting human. Boys should be able to decide for themselves when they grow up.9.6%
It's cruel. Why are we putting babies through this?4.3%
All of the above.78%
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I just voted I'll post a link to my friends!
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68% No!!!!!
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Originally Posted by memz View Post
Just wondering...Quebec is a province of canada ...i think?

I thought that post sounded a bit funny as well ~ the op must have just mis-typed.
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could someone please tell me what to look for to pick out a 'fetish' when reading circumcision sites such as these?

Would really love to know as I've been reading the discussion on the Msnbc board and some of the statments made are ... baffling ... truely, and I would love to know a few key things to look for to know that this person is probably a circumfetish.

Any help??

ETA -- this discussion board is at 46 pages :
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Nauseating quote from that follow-up article:

As an expectant mother of my first son, my husband and I never considered not circumcising our son. It was not a health issue that prompted our decision; it was the issue of imagining our son in the locker room in high school and being the only boy with an “odd-looking” penis. High school is tough enough without the added pressure of having an abnormality on your genitals. Circumcision has been going on for years and all men live through it. To us, there is no decision to be made.
HELLO! An "abnormality on your genitals"???!!! Honey, that's not an abnormality. That's the shape of a boy's body when nobody has taken a knife to it.
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It's amazing to see such informed and UNinformed comments posted right next to each other in the follow-up article! The religious one was not even accurate.
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Buahahaha 71% no!
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Holding strong at 71%
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It is also important to note that there are different means by which (to) circumcise. My obstetrician did not cut my son at all. Instead, she used a plastic cap, which ended up falling off the same day that his umbilical cord did. All we had to do was clean his penis with a cotton ball soaked in water when we changed him.
Brennan, Raleigh, N.C.

: Sometimes a person's blatant ignorance or stupidity (take your pick) is just too much for me to comprehend.
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