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Live stitches "sewn" to existing.....

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I can't find this anywhere online, b/c I'm sure I'm not googling with the right words. I need to sew LIVE stitches to the cast on edge of my knitting, which will then seam and finish the piece. If I google "grafting", I get Kirtchner stitch. Help????
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I suspect the term you're looking for might be "applied"- as in "applied i-cord." Other than that, I have absolutely no idea.
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NObody knows what I'm talking about? I know this is the way the panta was supposed to be bound off, and some of you ladies knew how to do it!!! Don't make me call my LYS - I'll sound like an idiot!!!
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Did you use a provincial cast-on? And you are finishing the piece in some sort of tube? Pull off the scrap yarn from cast-on, put the stitches on a needle. Then using the yarn tail from your active stitches, kitchener it together. That will seam and finish it for you.
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Try this site, look under the different seaming sections.
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Are You trying to start new knitting off the side of something you've bound off? I don't know what it's called, or even if anyone other than me does this (I'm a make it up as I go person not a pattern follower.)

I use a crochet hook to pull loops through the stitches and catch them and then just start knitting off of those loops. I hope that makes sense, and was what you were looking for.
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I have cast off and sewn together whenever I ahve run across that (like on the ever-popular Panta). Otherwise, you could take out your other cast-on and kitchener???
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you basically do the kitchener on the live side, and on the non-live side, you'll go under both legs of the stitch. ugh, I know that probably makes no sense, LOL! I'll try to find pictures - bbl

eta: if you can get your hands on vogue knitting (the big book) i'm pretty sure it's in there.
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Ugh. Ok, thanks. That all makes sense.

I'm just making these silly little frilly coasters, so the seaming is just to keep it all flat and pretty. It WILL work fine without it, I just thought I could learn something new and fun. I don't really feel like learning something new and fun on just 8 stitches though.
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Lucy Neatby once showed us in a class how to graft together two cast off seams and then undo the cast off. It's basically the same as grafting two live edges together, and I think it was just like Knittin' in the Shade described. Wish I could find the notes from that workshop. Try this http://www.tradewindknits.com/tbsoctoe.html from Lucy's site. Not exactly what you're looking for, but might give you some ideas! It's called "Sock Toe Chimneys", but trust me, scroll down at look at the pics, it's kinda what you're talking about, I think.
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You want to join live stitches to a cast-on edge. This video shows you how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XS188cghQ6E

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