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need advise fast - medela nipples

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I bought a 4 pack of medela bottles and they came with the orthodontic (sp?)nipples. My baby won't suck on an artificial nipple, but we tried these today and daycare said they were great because the flow was faster and Kayla could get the milk out by playing with the nipple (she won't suck). I assumed that they would be good for a breastfed baby, but I am concerned that if the flow is too fast, she will get frustrated breastfeeding if MY flow is slower. What do you all think? Have you used these nipple? She took 4 oz today (dripping in her mouth)...the most so far!
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DH had baby while I was at work, and we searched until we found a nipple that DS would take. We were more concerned with him taking the bottle at all versus nipple confusion.

As for the speed, are you very slow to let down? Maybe you could try relaxation and massage before a feeding to speed things up. My kids had more of an issue with me trying to drown them. I'm a cow. I admit it. When I let down it's like a flood gate opened, poor baby.

Just my humble opinion, but I think nipple confusion is unique to each baby. The best you can do is make sure that they don't get a bottle or pacifier if you are around and you nurse very frequently when you are with baby. That way they learn to take the bottle but retain their preference for mom. KWIM?

Hope this helps!
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Sweet pea doesn't take a paci - never really has. She see it as a chew toy

My concern isn't over nipple confusion as much as if I choose a nipple that flows too fast, she may prefer that over me. I have a pretty good letdown, but I still want her to work for the hind milk.
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AHHH! I see! I *think* as long as you've established a good nursing relationship that nothing will compare to the real thing. How old is she? I think she'll always prefer you as long as she's past the confusion age. Your warm, snuggly and smell like Mom.
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I went back to work (such as it was) when DS3 was 4 months old. He hadn't had a bottle since he was 1 month old (had to 'cause big sis had to go to the emergency room). He refused a bottle (he's a smart fella), so we had to have DH bring him up to me and let me feed him in the middle of my shift. I realize not all mamas are as lucky as I was, but, it's an idea. We did do all right with...darn it, I forgot the bottle...shoot. It was a british made one, tho...Avent does really well, as well...
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