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people have plans?

ok kidding. no plans here, right now dd is chatting on ventrilo with a friend, wasn't expecting her to be up so early
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people have plans?
ok kidding.
hey no kidding! i can't always tell you what we'll do tomorrow but i can tell you what we've done. but let's see.... tomorrow ... we should visit the bookstore & post office at some point and also declutter at least one more shelf in our never ending series.

ah now i feel good. i have set some goals!

stuff like practicing writing, reading books aloud, playing rhyming-word game, or adding / subtracting just happen randomly throughout the day. these things i never plan. today dd also learned what allergies were since we are getting ready to visit her cousin who has a bunch. so she learned something about digestion, etc (a topic she loves discussing anyway when playing doctor with her dolls )
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We are going to a park day!

My dd and I will spend the day (or at least until sunset) in the great outdoors. We will talk with friends. We will probably play a game of tag. She will probably climb rocks and play near the water's edge. I will sit and knit. She may even give a belated Valentines card to the boy (a lovely boy, a sweet wonderful boy) she has a crush on. I might seek advice from friends about troubling situation(s) in my life, and offer my experiences to others if they ask for help. I may get to hold a baby! We might get hold of a dog wondering around and call the owner's number on his tag, and then get thanked when the desperate owner comes to retrieve the dog. We will eat a picnic lunch outdoors. We will celebrate our triumphs and share our sorrows. She will play elaborate games of make-believe. She will examine bugs and plants and fish and rocks and...and maybe even bring home some examples to research later. She will come home with a few more freckles across her nose and cheeks, talkative on the way home, and then happily exhausted once we arrive home.

In other words, a whole day of the kind of supportive, nurturing socialization and exploration that I think childhood (and adulthood!) SHOULD be, but rarely is.
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It's already 85 out, I'm still in my pajamas, and DD is very busy building with her blocks with her baby doll sitting nearby watching. And I got a skirt I'd torn re-hemmed (it'll be shorter now so maybe I'll stop tripping on/tearing it!)

So I think the errand on campus is going to be delayed. I should call WF if I want the pork fat to still be there tomorrow...
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Not much here for today. Dd and I made vegan pancakes but added too much baking soda! Ooops. Poor Dd saved something she was writing on line by highlighting, right clicking and choosing save. She forgot that if she highlighted something else it would undo that first save. She lost her story! It wasn't too long but she was frustrated. She is giggling about it now, but I do feel for her. Now she is reading in her bedroom, Ds is in his bed but awake. Dh is watching the history channel or something. I just started the dishwasher and now I am sitting on my backside right here.

I will eventually go vacuum upstairs and take a shower. Oh and I need to put some seed out for the birds. Or maybe Ds will do it. Maybe we'll take a walk later. I'm also trying to decide what to make for dinner.
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Originally Posted by Ravin View Post
It's already 85 out, I'm still in my pajamas
he he he I'm wondering why I'm not taking more advantage of the temps before summer hits but I've just been in total hang out at home mode lately.
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I exist in home hang out mode about 78% of the time.

I can sense a slow but real shift in the weather in the last week or so. The earth is waking up! I am excited about spring (one of two of my fave seasons) and oh so very nervous about summer temps. I need to start some sort of compost container out there.
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Dd saved something she was writing on line by highlighting, right clicking and choosing save. She forgot that if she highlighted something else it would undo that first save.
ahh... one of life's hard lessons ... dd went through this yesterday with "paint program" as she wanted to save two paintings under the same title. sadly i explained that it was not possible....
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Our plan was:

the dd's go with the babysitter on some adventure or other, I stay home and work.

The reality:
7yo dd wakes up sick, as do I. 2.5 yo dd goes with babysitter to local kid's science museum. Dd1 and I stay home and watch a documentary on Alexander the Great, play Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic on my laptop, read Calvin and Hobbes, sleep, contemplate working and fall all to pieces. I did have to take dd2 to her gym class, but I was feeling better by then. Dd1 was not, she is worse off than I am. After gym all three of us watched The Cat Returns and drank ginger ale, then off to bed for dd1. Dd2 wouldn't go to bed (she never does until daddy plays a game with her, so if he goes out to play music she tries to stay up and wait for him) so I put on a Cirque Du Soleil DVD I'd brought home for dd1, and now she's snoring on my lap.

I expect more of the same tomorrow, except no classes. Hopefully dd2 stays healthy. Maybe I can get her to take a nap, and get my little bit of work done.
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We generally don't keep homeschool plans. I did mark on my calendar that the library has some sort of kids' program going on today so we might check that out. Yesterday, we went to the zoo in the late afternoon. We had a great time. While in the orangutan house, ds1 and I talked about what primates are. Earlier in the day, he drew a lot. He copied some dinosaur pictures from an Aliki book and then he labeled the bones with invented spelling: skull, jobone, ribs, luegbon, taulbon.
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I generally just write down what we did that day on my "lesson plan." I do try to do some reading aloud and discussion each day and I pick out books from the library beforehand. My son works on handwriting a little 4-5 times a week, often on his own, sometimes with Handwriting Without Tears. We do some math reading and work a few problems with manipulatives a couple times a week. We sometimes play math games or card games for math. I'm going to start doing Story of the World for history at his request soon. We take lots of nature walks and go on lots of field trips. We also watch TV and videos and have playdates with friends.

Today he watched Cyber Chase and drew a big galaxy on some foamboard to use as a background for his Star Wars adventures. We'll be going to Lego club (with our homeschool group) soon. I'd like to get in some handwriting practice before we go. Tonight he's going to a Cub Scout patch trading event with my mom. I'll try to squeeze some of our current chapter book in if we have time, or I'll get a Hank the Cowdog audio book from the library and he'll listen to that in the car.

I'm definitely more relaxed than when we started homeschooling last summer! Sometimes I worry about becoming TOO relaxed... :
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Today we are up (at 10 am! LOL) to get ready to see a movie early this afternoon. Dh and Ds are going to see "300" (look it's creative and historical ) and Dd and I are going to see "Wild Hogs". Should be fun.

Right now the kids are doing showers. Well Dd is waiting for the shower I should say, and I am drinking a morning smoothie.
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I don't know when this thread started, but here was our Friday. We had no actual plans but this is what ended up happening.

My SO decided to stay home from work today to hang with us, so I let him have the chance to sleep in and I got up with the kids around 7:30.

Kids played around while I drank a few cups of coffee and then made breakfast.
I had just received some Scholastic books so we played the Canadian money bingo game that was in it (fun, actually!) and then we read Sir Cumference and the First Round Table.
Twice actually, since Maia and I snuggled up to read it and then when we were almost done, Forest showed up and asked if we could start over. So we did.

We let the kids play Lego Star Wars on the Gamecube while we went upstairs for a bit. IYKWIM.

Lunch happened. Then Marc took Maia grocery shopping alone and I hung with Forest.
As they got back, it was time to head to swimming lessons (homeschool group ones) and I stayed home to put away the groceries, and Marc took the kids to the pool.
I layed down for a minute and woke up as they were walking through the door, 2 hours later!!

Now, here we are an hour later and I've made the kids dinner and we're just relaxing before I run a bath to wash out the chlorine.

Nice relaxing day.
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