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Our baby girl is here!

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Some background...On Thursday of last week I was 6 cm dilated already.

Saturday around 10:30/11pm I was having regular contractions and decided it was almost time to go to the hospital (after lots of 'bloody show' and lots of aches and pains all day). My mom got to the house and Joe and I left. We got there a little after 12 am. My doc unfortunately wasn't on call but the doc I ended up with was GREAT! When we got there I was 9 cm and she could feel baby girl's head right there. They got the room all set up and they were asking me all the standard questions and stuff whi;e I had contractions every like 1-2 minutes. During a very strong contraction my water broke and after that I was in a lot of pain and ready to push. After only a few pushes Keera Rose was born at 1:06 am on March 4, 2007!! She weighed 8lbs 12.6oz and was 20 3/4 in long. She came out so fast her little chubby face got some bruising but not too bad. We came home this afternoon. The new big sisters and brother are just loving her to pieces. Other than my backache and the cramps, I'm feeling pretty good! She's very healthy and just sleeping alot right now. Nursing is going pretty well...she's not super interested in it today but the lactation consultant said it was ok and maybe she was just having a bad day and needed more rest, lol. Here's a few pics for you to enjoy...








Send me some good nursing vibes please!!!
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That is one beauty of a baby!!! Congratulations!
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She is adorable, love those cheeks. Congrats mama, enjoy your baby moon!!
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Precious! Congrats!! :
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She is so cute. Congratulations!!!
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hooray! sounds like a wondeful birth- keera
nursing vibes being sent!
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keera!! what a beautiful girl & lots of hair enjoy your babymoon!
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Nursing vibes coming your way! Congrats! What a beautiful name for beautiful girl!
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Thanks so much everyone! Nursing is soo much better!!! She seems to be having a growth spurt (nursing almost every hour) and my milk is already coming in so she is a happy camper right now! She has her first doctor's appt this evening. Anyway, thanks again. I hope everyone is enjoying their babymoon as much as me!! I'm so in love! : And for those still waiting...hang in there &
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