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Yikes! My just (well just about) 11 mo old dd has had a sudden change of mood this week! Cranky...cranky! There are several things at play I think...

1. In-laws are visiting
2. I think she may be teething. Still no teeth but there are now "bumps" I think they are on their way.
3. She JUST started crawling last week and now is probably realizing there is a "whole new world" out there and I have to restrict her activities sometimes.

Also, I have had troubles taking her out with me lately too. She gets frustrated and screams when I don't give her what she wants (things she sees in the store) and of course she doesn't want the toys I bring for her.

I know this is probably good, for it means that she is growing. Did anyone else experience mood changes around this age? She used to be so easy going and easy to please.