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Groups & Gatherings: INDIANA

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Post info here about your group or gathering (playdate, mama-meetings, coffe-claches, knitting circles....whatever) anywhere in Indiana.

Please put the name of the town/city & whether you're posting a group or a gathering in the subject heading.

(It would be great if someone from Ohio & Michigan would each start similar threads...)

Moderator(s): can you sticky this thread for easy access? Thanks!
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Attachment Parents of Indianapolis

IndyAP is a local coalition promoting and providing support for attachment parenting practices that develop and enhance a nurturing, responsive relationship between parent and child.

We are an inclusive, unique and diverse group of devoted parents who identify with the attachment parenting philosophy. We support each other in our parenting successes and struggles as we lovingly guide our children towards a secure and successful independence. Each member’s unique background and perspectives bring together a remarkably valuable resource of experience and knowledge that we all benefit from greatly.

For more information: PM me.
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Eastside IndyAP Meeting - playdate & mama-gathering
First Friday of every month, 10:30am-? (usually at least 1ish)
Irvington Presbyterian Church at 55 Johnson Ave.
2nd floor preschool room
Loads of toys & activities for children
all ages welcome

For more information: PM me
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I know that this is an old post, but do groups like this still exist here in Indy? :
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Not an old post...I just started this thread this morning

....and we're still alive & well
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Homebirth Support Group of Central Indiana
A gathering of experienced homebirthing families, families hoping for homebirth, and others interested in homebirth.
6:00-8:00 p.m.
Second Mondays (first meeting coming on March 12)
College Avenue Branch Library
4180 N. College Avenue

Mary, this thread was a great idea.
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La Leche League, various locations around in Indy and Surrounding Area.
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C.H.O.I.C.E.S. Natural Birth & Parenting Network

Located in NW Indiana near Crown Point/Merrillville/Valparaiso. Free monthly community meetings with preplanned topics with various speakers. 1st Wed. of each month at 7:00 PM.

Our purpose is to promote healthy pregnancies, better birth experiences, breastfeeding & informed and attachment parenting.

We average 28 attending per month, a great place to learn about and meet midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, etc.......

We also have a yahoo group. Visit our website for more information about us!

For the entire state of Indiana, if you would like to list on our 'State Wide Directory' page, it's FREE!
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Holistic moms network, South Bend chapter.

Monthly meetings at Harmony market in South Bend
weekly hikes, playgroups, "field trips"


(i noticed on the website that a Goshen chapter and Bloomington chapter are in the works....)
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There's gotta be more out there....
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West Indy/Hendricks County LLL

Meets the first Friday of every month at Clarian West in Avon.
Meeting starts at 10:00 am in the Garden Classroom (basement).

Pregnant women, mamas, babies, and children of all ages welcome!
My homeschooled children always come.
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NW Indiana/Porter County: group

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
La Leche League, various locations around in Indy and Surrounding Area.
The Porter County (NW Indiana) LLL group is a great group of mamas. They have a regular series meeting (2nd Wednesdays), an evening meeting (3rd Thursdays), and a toddler meeting (4th Wednesdays).
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Moderator: Can you sticky this thread please?
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Wonderful Women Circle in Broadripple

We are in the develpoing stages of creating a "sacred circle" of women that meets one night a month to share and build community.
you can either PM me OR look at our yahoo group;


When Wonderful Women Get Together, Wondeful Things Happen!

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NW Indiana moms group

I've run a yahoo group for NW Indiana moms for a year and a half now. Mom's Night Outs, playdates, parkdates, etc. Moms of all types and belief systems, so not necessarily AP though there are some very AP moms on the group. Mostly Lake and Porter Counties, though there are some over the border into IL and down south in Newton and Jasper as well. We'd be glad to have you!

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Wonderful Women Circle in Broadripple

For all sorts of reasons women's circles are sprouting up everywhere!

We aim to provide a haven where essential female values can be discussed, an opportunity to "mesh" positive women and plant the seeds of growth in the spirit of a community of inspiring women, while celebrating the rich diverisity of our lives.

Women longing for a powerful and supportive community in which to thrive can find and share wisdom here. a place to gather with the purpose of embracing shared and unique womanly traits such as Marriage, Child Birth, Mothering, sickness, celebrations and common issues of the day.

We will host a safe place for women of consious thinking to meet in a monthly circle in order to build bonds, develope a sense of community, benifit from eachothers strenghs, draw from one anothers expeiriences and MOST important provide a support network for lifes journey as women!

A Yahoo Group serves as our forum for announcements, up coming circle meetings, ideas to be exchanged and as a means of connecting with other members.

Please either PM me or check out http://groups.yahoo.com/group/brwwcircle/
to request to join.


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