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Holistic Moms Group

No Forrest Park because of RAIN!!! Check info below for new meeting place!

What: Holistic Moms Playgroup
When: Thursday April 26th @ 10:00am
Where: Play*A*Lot @ Pinheads in Fishers (they charge $4.50 per child)
Why: Because we need some like-minded moms to band together on the northside. We are also in the process of starting an official Holistic Moms Network Chapter for North Indy. We will be having the open house in no more than two months. AP moms, holistic moms, cloth diaper junkies etc are welcome! (actually everyone is welcome even if you are just curious and wanna learn more!)

We are a new group and are just getting to know one another so please come, we are all really excited to hang with moms that think along the same lines!

We also post our playgroups on indymoms.com
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Cloth Diapering Workshop

Barefoot Herbs + Barefoot Kids is having a workshop focused on the usage of herbs and children on Wednesday, May 23rd from 6:00-8:00. Justin Peterson, Bloomington Herbalist, will be presenting and answering questions. The workshop is only $5, and will include handouts & notes. Lap babies are welcome, but we are asking for you to find childcare for your babies & toddlers on the move - because of limited space and breakable items. Come and learn about safe and natural remedies for your little one.

Please call and sign up if you plan to attend - 812-339-5090.
Barefoot Herbs + Barefoot Kids
521 W. Kirkwood Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47404
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cloth diapering workshop...really!

Sorry about the title saying Cloth Diapering Workshop in my last post! We will be having a cloth diapering workshop, as well.

Barefoot Herbs + Barefoot Kids is having a cloth diapering workshop on Saturday, June 2nd from 4:00-6:00. Julie Finn, expierenced cloth diapering mama, will be presenting and answering questions. The workshop will focus on the different kinds of cloth diapers & the benefits to you, your baby & the planet. Once again, lap babies are welcome, but we are asking for you to find childcare for your babies & toddlers on the move - because of limited space and breakable items. This will be a great class for families new to cloth diapers, or new families expecting their first child. Cost for this workshop, is yet to be determined, but will not be over $10. I will repost, when I know more.

Please call and sign up if you plan to attend - 812-339-5090.
Barefoot Herbs + Barefoot Kids
521 W. Kirkwood Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47404
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Just confirmed that our Cloth Diapering Workshop will be $5.00.
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May Holistic Moms Playgroup

What: Holistic Moms Playgroup

When: Thursday, May 10th @ 10:00am

Where: Forrest Park, Noblesville (if weather is poor we will meet at Play*A*Lot in Pinheads, Fishers $4.50-child)

Why: Meet up with fun, like-minded moms and their children for a fun day at the park (hopefully the weather stays nice). Please bring a picnic lunch. Everyone is welcome.
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Homebirth Support Group: Meet a Midwife Day!

Today is meet-a-midwife day at the Homebirth Support Group. Come rub shoulders with local midwives in an informal setting, and see what makes them tick.

Place: College Library, Indianapolis 6:00 p.m.
(42nd and College)
Kids welcome!
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BFing groups in Jasper and Washington

Jasper - LLL of Dubois and Surrounding Counties
Meets the 1st Tuesday of every month in Ireland, IN
Feel free to PM me for more information
I'm not a leader just a regular attender.

Washington - Mom to Mom Support group of Daviess Community Hospital
Meets the 3rd Monday of every month
Led by the hospital's lactation educator
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Kids Day America in Carmel

Kids Day America
Saturday May 19th @ 11am - 2pm
Carmel Public Library

The newly forming chapter of the Holistic Moms Network for North Indy will be there with information and a sign up sheet. For more info about other activities click these links National Kids Day Info or Carmel Library Info

Hope to meet you!
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Herbal Remedies for Children Workshop

Herbal Remedies for Children Workshop

Tomorrow!!! Wednesday, May 23rd from 6:00-8:00 at Barefoot Herbs +
Barefoot Kids. Only *$5.00!!
Local Bloomington Herbalist, Justin Peterson, will be presenting, answering your questions, & providing handouts. This will be an extremely informative workshop for parents. Space is limited, so please call or email to sign up.

The workshop will be covering:
-Which herbs are safe
-Natural & safe remedies for common childhood ailments
-Determining dosage
-Administration techniques
-Types of preparations: teas, candies, syrup, herbal pops, powders
-Materia medica & handouts

Barefoot Herbs + Barefoot Kids
521 W. Kirkwood Ave
Bloomington, IN 47404
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Baby Wearing Workshop in Bloomington

Baby-Wearing Workshop at Barefoot Herbs + Barefoot Kids

Presented by Julie Finn

Saturday, July 28, 2007

4:00-6:30, which includes a break & light snacks

Only $5.00 per adult

Workshop will Cover:

*Baby-wearing Benefits
*Keeping Yourself and Baby Safe and Comfortable
*Proper Positioning to Promote Baby's Healthy Respiration and Bone/Joint Development
*Demo and Hands-on Supervised Practicum with a Variety of Baby Carriers (including Pouches, Ring Slings, Wraps, Soft Carriers, and Hip Carriers)

This is a great workshops for both parents to come to together,
because sometimes each parent will prefer a different carrier.

Lap babies are welcome, but we are asking for you to find childcare for your babies & toddlers on the move - because of limited space and breakable items. Thanks!

**Special Sales and Promotions for Workshop Attendees**

Barefoot Herbs + Barefoot Kids
521 W. Kirkwood Ave., Suite 1
Bloomington, IN 47404
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Holistic Moms Network, North Indy Chapter!

A new chapter of the Holistic Moms Network is forming in North Indy. The Holistic Moms Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting moms with an interest in natural health and mindful parenting. Our chapter will hold monthly meetings on a variety of topics including "The Healthy Lunchbox", "Cloth Diapers", "Vaccinations: Making Educated Choices", and many more in coming months. In addition, we will be forming playgroups, fieldtrips, charity fundraisers and have a lending library available to members. The local chapter welcomes moms (dads, grandparents etc.) from Indianapolis, Geist, Fishers, Noblesville, Carmel and surrounding areas to join us for an Open House to be held on Tuesday, July 10th, 2007 at the Delaware Township Building at 9090 E. 131st Street, Fishers from 6:45 - 8:30 p.m.

email us at hmnnorthindy@yahoo.com to be included in the information loop and check us out on the web....

Peggy O'Mara is speaking at the Holistic Moms Network Conference (NJ) in October!
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CHOICES of La Porte County

CHOICES of La Porte County meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the public library. We are watching the video "Born in the USA" (and discussing afterward) next month (July 10th) from 6 to 7:30. The room is big and carperted and clean so feel free to bring kiddos, even crawlers, especially babies!

The video explores maternity care in the US and shows the heathcare practices and births from three of our most common modes: in hospital with an OB, at a birthcenter with an CNM, and a homebirth with a midwife.
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This Monday is
Choices in Natural Childbirth Day

A unique opportunity to see three Indianapolis-area childbirth educators speak about different approaches to preparing for natural childbirth

Special Guests:
  1. Hypnobabies instructor Terry Blankenship
  2. Bradley instructor Valerie Reed
  3. Natalia, an independent CBE

This Monday, July 9 6:00-8:00
College Avenue Branch Library (42nd and College)

This event is sponsored by the Homebirth Support Group, but please come if you're interested in natural childbirth in any setting!

Check out our Yahoo and meetup sites.
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Indy area homebirth group this Monday Aug. 13


The Homebirth Group of Central Indiana is meeting this Monday, Aug. 13

Topic: Why Homebirth? And getting your mom on board with your homebirth.

See thread.
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Homebirth Group of Central Indiana
Monday, September 10 6-7:30
College Avenue Branch Library (42nd and college)

TOPIC: Pro-Homebirth Activism in Central Indiana
What you can do to promote homebirth in Indiana

Speaker: Lynda Barton Kirsch, C.N.M.
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Indy Homebirth Group October meeting

Indy Homebirth Support Group October meeting
Topic: Settling in after birth:
• Getting breastfeeding off to a good start
• Planning your baby moon
• Recovering physically and family planning
• Practice babywearing (please bring your favorite baby carrier to demonstrate why you love it)
• Share your favorite parenting books

Please invite anyone who would be interested, even if they're not planning a homebirth.

DATE: Wednesday, October 3 6:00-7:30
PLACE: Nora Library On 86th Street near Nora Target

See our own thread.

or our website: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group...hsupportgroup/
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Screening of the Business of Being Born Oct. 6 7:00 Indy

X posted see main thread.

The Business of Being Born, Oct 6, 7 pm
Directed By: Abby Epstein
Interests: Social Issues, Politics, Documentary, Women, New York, *NYcomp*, Actors Behind the Camera, Female Directors

Program Notes
In this candid and eye-opening documentary, director Epstein and producer Ricki Lake explore and question the way American women have babies. Shocking facts (to men and women alike) regarding the historical and current practices of the child birthing industry interweave with stories of couples who decide to give birth on their own terms.
Click on this link and then click on excerpts to see parts of the movie.

A message from Jennifer Williams:

We are being allowed to show The Business of Being Born in a special pre-screening event. It will be shown after the Legislative Workshop, Oct 6, at 7 pm, at the University of Indianapolis, $5 per person, children free, with proceeds to go to the Indiana Midwifery Taskforce.

Abby Epstein corresponded with me during my prosecution and her pregnancy. We were hoping to be a part of this film, but she went into labor early, around the time they were planning to come to Indiana. Abby was a wonderfully supportive, and it was amazing to correspond with her and talk to her on the phone, and to be involved, if only vicariously, in their production.
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I need support in Michigan City, Indiana

Help if you can please; I am the single mother of a biracial child in Michigan City, Indiana. My child has been diagnosed with ADHD and sensorial integration issues. Although I am a graduate student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, we are poor, and unable to access internet frequently or afford certain resources. however, if I am properly linked and get the job I am crossing my fingers for (find out later this week), we can possibly afford a special school or otherwise. My child is in the worst school in the district, and I am told this is the worst district. We definitely don't belong here. Anyway, please help if you have any ideas for sensorial integration or ADHD homeschool groups or otherwise. I can receive a voicemail but am afraid to place the number on here. Is anyone on here right now with ideas?
thank you:
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