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Lafayette CHOICES Birth & Parenting Network

Monthly meetings in Lafayette Indiana.

CHOICES of Lafayette made the nightly news!!

Subject: Parenting group offers natural options


Their site, http://www.lafayettebirthchoices.com
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muncie/richmond area moms?

Hi, just wondering if anyone on this list is in the Muncie to Richmond area? We live in between, in Farmland. Looking for a toddler playgroup, or AP minded mommy gatherings. I did not notice any posts for events in the area but maybe I missed something. Thanks.
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Hoosier Homeschool Network, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hoosie...guid=293921169

Hoosier Homeschool Network (HHN) is a homeschool support group open to homeschoolers in the Indiana counties of Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, Lawrence, Jackson, Jennings, Orange, Scott, and Washington.

We are not affiliated with any political, religious, or philosophical organization and welcome families from all faiths and all educational methods. We desire to be a group that brings homeschooling families of different backgrounds, beliefs, and areas together where they can interact with other homeschooling families.

Members of HHN have the opportunity to participate in field trips, learning days, book clubs for students, parent’s meetings, park days, holiday parties and much, much more.
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Green Baby Expo: Indiana!

C.H.O.I.C.E.S. Natural Birth & Informed Parenting Network announces the first annual natural baby fair on Saturday, June 27 at the Universalist Unitarian Church, 333 Meridian Street, West Lafayette. Visit from noon to five for more than 20 informational and retail booths, demonstrations, guest speakers, products, and videos about health and family topics. Refreshments and raffle drawings are available. Event is free and open to the public; families and children are always welcome.
For more information, see www.lafayettebirthchoices.com
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Health Awareness Seminar

Come and learn about some holistic solutions now being offered through Lee's Pharmacy in Martinsville, IN. This Health Awareness Seminar is hosted by Lee's Pharmacy and presented by Irene Greiner, Certified Wellness Coach and Michele Fleming, Registered Dietitian.

Here's the 411:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 @ 6:30 PM

Lee's Pharmacy
1299 E Morgan St
Martinsville, IN 46151-1748
(765) 342-1801

Cost: FREE
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CHOICES Monthly Meeting

C.H.O.I.C.E.S. group for informed parenting and natural childbirth meets monthly at the West Lafayette Public Library. This month, we're discussing gender roles in children. Learn about how we create and reinforce gender-specific behaviors in our children, as well as how to promote more holistic experiences for our children of both sexes.

Monday, September 14
5:30 PM
West Lafayette Public Library
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SE Indiana AP group

I have just started a yahoo group for AP-minded folks in SE Indiana, including Dearborn, Ripley, Franklin, Jefferson & Switzerland counties. This is a very rural area & hard to find other MDC kind of mamas. I hope to get a few members at which time we'll start meeting monthly or bi-weekly. Here is the Y! group addy:

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Looking for a playgroup in Clark County, Southern Indiana

Hey all!

I've been going across the river to meet up with other natural mamas, but I'd like to stay more local, the drive over always seems to conflict with DS's sleeping. We're near Sellersburg/New Albany. I have a couple of mamas who are interested, but I'd like to expand the group a bit. I know there's got to be other mamas like me out there!!!
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SW Indiana/Evansville TriState AP/Babywearing Group

Babywearing support group for southwest Indiana! We're holding our first meeting & playdate (bring your little ones!) at a park in Evasnville on June 5, 2010! If you're in the area and have worn your little one in the past, are babywearing now, or are interested in learning about it, join us!

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Sad to see this unstickied. There's such great info in this thread to help mamas not start from scratch all the time.

Ah, well, maybe we can just keep bumping it up to the first page.
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