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Thanks for all your replies! I will have alot to choose from. My son and I really love music esp. the fast catchy kind. Thanks again to you all!
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If he likes fast and catchy I'll bet he'd like "Kids' Dance Party", too! Hokey Pokey, Macarena, Boot Scoot Boogy, YMCA, Electric Slide, Achey Breaky Heart, and so on. My new baby likes this album, too! Along the same lines, they like the soundtrack from "The Big Chill"
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Sofiamomma~did you get that one from Amazon.com?
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i like those lullaby cds too, like the celtic one, and the brazilian one (so far that's what we have.) i want more! i have a lot of good kids' cds actually, but since max came have been guilty of not changing the car cd holder line-up... easier to leave it on npr and the local college jazz station than cut into precious 'net time, sigh- bad mama! well, we're driving to florida soon, and boy, am i putting some new ones in there- can't count on radio when you're traveling! suse
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Kids' Dance Party? My mom got that one for dd1 a few years back. I'm pretty sure she ordered it from Columbia House, but I'll ask her and get back to you. I think Amazon.com has everything anyway, don't they?! Oh, I also want to mention we are just nuts about a tape called "Animal Alphabet Songs" by David Polansky. The songs vary in style, are very catchy, and fun to sing along to. They also teach a little something about the animals. I can listen to it over and over and over. . .
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suseyblue, if you like the lullabies, check out the African Lullaby (thats how its spelled)....so beautful and relaxing......great singing...... THe best one Ive found along with the Celtic.....
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We like the Baby Genius Musictime set

The Baby Genius Musictime set is a 3 cd set that we got for less then $15. It is great. I can't tell you if our darling little girl (3 1/2 weeks) likes it, but she sure doesn't hate it and I love it. I have been playing it for her since about a month before she was born.

Also, I love the Kenny Loggins Return to Pooh Corner album. It is excellent. Just wish I could find mine.... I guess I will have to buy another.
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It was BMG. Maybe I could copy it for you? Is that legal?
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thanks rainmama, that was next on my list (i tried to look for some songs from it on kazaa- bad mama! slap)

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My kids love enya

Ok we all love enya! Even DH!
I listened to it durning Joshuas birth and he seems to like it. I put it in everytime he gets fussy. I spent 2 weeks coping everything I could off Kazzaa. I had no idea she had so much materal! I have 5 CD's full and not a single repeat song. My 5 year old loves the "humming song"
She says "put in that lady music"!
I love it. My 2 year old loves Garcia/Grisman Not for kids only
We listen to a bunch of music but Enya mostly!
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My ds LOVES the WEE SING Baby Songs. He likes hearing young people sing versus adults. This CD was a life saver when he would get fussy in the car. Within seconds that this CD would start he would stop crying and just listen. He still loves it now, months later. It has a permanent place in my cd changer!
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Bumping to save from pruning.
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I am bumping this again and printing! Always looking for good tunes...
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No baby yet, due in October. But, I teach young children and have a lot of childrens music. Here are some of the most popular.
Sweet Honey in the Rock `I got shoes`African inspired music for children
Classical Kids Presents `Daydreams and Lullabies` quiet time music
Reggae for Kids, tradional childrens music performed by Jamaican artists
Greg and Steve `We all live together` Four volumes of Basic skills, Rhythem & Movement, sing a long, call and respsonse, creative play and resting
Wee Sing
Happy singing everybody
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We listen to The Bigtops all the time. Okay not just because it's good, but because it's my husbands CD. He has a kids original music group called The Bigtops and it is great music!!!! Check it out on our website, www.thebigtops.com , you can listen to alot of the CD for free. There's also pictures of me and my hubby on 'the about us' section. I'm Betty Ballerina and he is Barnaby Big Top.

If we are not listening to ourselves then we like Reggae for Kids, Laurie Berkner and any Zydeco music!

I happen to see Laurie Berkner perform and she puts on a great show. My 4 yo dd liked it way better than The Wiggles show!
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