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Thanks again everyone! This is all so encouraging to hear...

Had another appt today and everything still looks great!!! *cook babies cook*
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No problems here either! I went to 40 weeks and 3 days and the boys were 7lb 15oz and 8lb 2oz and born at home in less than 1.5 hrs start to finish. My bp started getting a little higher at the end, but nothing too bad and I was ridiculously swollen and could only wear slippers I had them in september though so I had to go through the whole super hot summer prego and it was no fun! Hang in there and try not to worry
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36 weeks on the dot, no PIH or any other problems. My previous PG had been 35 weeks and so I was told I was at higher risk for preterm delivery. Never came to pass.
You are doing great--every reason to expect you will continue to do so!!
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OMG, I LOVE this thread! It makes me feel sooo much calmer about things.

I'm 20 weeks, and while I've mostly dealt with my PTL fears, they still exist. And fears about all of the other things that can go wrong creep into my head (pre-eclampsia is the main one, right now).

Fears aside, I feel great. The babies are active and flip-flopping all over the place. I'm going to start in on the fetal positioning exercises with greater intent in the coming weeks, so as to encourage them to be in the best positions possible when they decide to appear (which will be between weeks 37-39, at least! This is what I keep telling them!)

Thank you, ladies!
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I delivered my girls at 38w3d after a beautiful, bump free pregnancy. I LOVED carrying two babies!! However, I was induced. I really do like my OB but he thought that if I made it to 38w that we should think induction. I agreed...now I would not have (hindsight is SOOOOO 20/20!). My induction date was set for 38w5d but when I went in for my last appointment 2 days prior to my induction date, my bp was super duper high. I had no other symptoms of PIH but my OB wanted me to be induced that day. I have since learned that high bp in a multiple pregnancy is common and not to be worried about if the high bp is controlled and comes with no other nasty stuff. My induction did go well (luckily!) and I vaginally delivered two healthy baby girls weighing in at 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 7 lbs. 1 oz. who bf'd until 3y4m!

You can do it!!
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What a great thread! I'm loving hearing all these positive stories!
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I had a totally uneventful pregnancy with my twins, gave birth to them at 38 weeks +3 days at home.
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Thanks everyone for such great stories.

We're at 27 weeks. Our babes have been moving around too much to be easily designated as being in any one position at the ultrasounds. When the tech tried nudging our daughter to move into a more easily measured position our little girl kicked her so hard the tech dropped the u/s handset! Everyday I encourage them to stay in there yet and to move head down before it gets too cramped. We're hoping to go to term and have a natural, vaginal birth.

We'd do it at home, but FL law won't permit it for twins so we're still mourning the loss of the homebirth we'd planned. We are feeling lucky, however, to have found an OB who will support natural, vaginal birth. All the others here say twins=c-section or that we could 'try' a vaginal birth, but would have to deliver in lithotomy position in the operating room--sounds like a section waiting to happen.

Sarabrynn82--good luck!!
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These are great stories ladies!
Its so hard to balance the fear of PTL and the desire to believe I can carry them to term! (I'm 22ish weeks with twins now).
I want to believe I can make it to at least 37 weeks but then I think, I don't want to pretend that coming early isn't possible!

I'm trying to eat eat eat and rest when I feel I need it.

Anyway, love the positive stories. They are great for me!
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A friend of mine went full term with her twin boys - yep, 40 weeks. She was not induced and delivered both naturally. James was 9 lbs 22in & John was 6lbs 15oz 20in. Good luck mama!
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i carried my twins to 40 weeks! the only problems i had were small contrx at about 22 weeks due to dehydration and a uti. my dh always went aronund saying 'well, they are due oct 22, but you know, twins always come early!'. i kept my mouth shut, but even i didn't think i would keep em in that long! the day before i had them i was digging up raspberry bushes and planting bulbs and walking the dog around the neighborhood. sigh, i miss those days.

oh, and a woman in my LLL group carried her twins 41+weeks. so no, twins don't have to come early. or with complications.

relax and enjoy your pg. it really is a wonderful time.
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38 weekers here, no PIH or signs of preterm labor, scheduled c-section due to advanced maternal age & breech of baby A. I followed the Dr. Luke high protein diet from early on so I think that helped.
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We delivered two boys at 38 weeks, both 6 pounds, healthy, and they came home from the hospital with us. My first monkey was delivered naturally, the second little one arrived via C-sect (breech).

I think the key was a steady intake of calories - don't stop feeding those babies even when there's not that much room for food!
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Just an encouragement if you haven't been following a high protein diet so far. I didn't know we were having twins until I was 28 weeks along. I didn't know that I needed to be pumping tons of extra protein until then. After that, I guzzled water and devoured protein. So if you haven't so far, it's not too late to start. I was able to keep them in 10.5 more weeks, even while moving cross country and staying active all summer.
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So fun to hear all of these great stories! And yes, I've been consuming as much protein as I can tolerate and drinking glass after glass of water.

Week by week I get more confident that I won't meet these babes until May!
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Originally Posted by sarabrynn82 View Post
Week by week I get more confident that I won't meet these babes until May!
May.... May.... May....

That's become my mantra as well.
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You can do it! I carried my babies to 40 weeks 1 day and they were born at home in the water. I had no pregnancy complications or health problems, other than pubic symphisis separation and that was more painful that giving birth! : But no high blood pressure or extreme swelling or anything.
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Just ignore everything you hear. People kept telling me that twins come early and they always small...Well I was able to hold off till 38wks and my twins were big and healthy. I had a csection because Twin A was breech with her feet dangling on my cervix and the doc was afraid if I went into labor that Twin A would be in danger....When i had my csec I wasnt even dialated or effaced...so who knows how much longer i would have gone. My girls weighed 6lbs 12oz and 6lbs 3oz
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This is a wonderful thread! Thank you all for shareing your stories! I'm expecting DiMO identicals in July and so far so good. My Perinatologist doesn't think i'll go early which is good, so assuming they stay twin to twin transfusion free we should be good.
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I just remembered that I posted this thread ages ago and wanted to come back to say that soon I should be adding my own birth story to it!!!

I'm at 38 weeks and 5 days now and last week we started to see a rise in bp, but definitely not at PIH levels. Each baby is probably at least 8.5 lbs and I'm secretly hoping one or both of them hit 9 lbs before they're born... I want all the bragging rights I can get from this pregnancy! "Twins never go to term"... "Twins are always smaller than singletons"... Yeah, right!!!

Thanks for the encouraging stories way back when... they definitely helped get me through that 28-36 week stretch, and now even beyond! Can't wait to come back with my very own birth story whenever these babes decide that they're ready to meet the world.
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