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passover meal planning :)

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let's dish!

we do lots of yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese and jelly on matzah etc for lunches (ie just put out a dairy spread)

breakfast we always make matzah meal pancakes two mornings, matzah brei three mornings, and then catch as catch can a few mornings

dinner for me is easy - just a meat and a veggie

the kids - not so much... they are sooo picky.
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I made a whole file on my computer with different options of what I can make. Part of my recipes are in my pesach section so that complicates things a bit.
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We're doing first days at my parents so I have some input this year (well, MIL asks me , and she definitely takes my ideas into consideration). I want there to be more green vegetables. I like the Sabra salads, tuna and egg and temptee cream cheese and jam and matza pizza just like anyone else, but I find that for those of us who eat gebrocts that we overlook the fresh veggies.

So, my plan is to somehow incorporate as much fresh vegetables as possible and get some good recipes for dressings.

Balsamic vinegar and honey will be a must for this year.
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this year I have started using a lot of canned tomato products in my cooking - diced, crushed, sauce, and paste. do I *need* to buy those kosher l'pesach? or is that just silly? I mean it's *just* tomatoes....
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You can call the major kashrus organizations as they will tell you what you do and don't need to have a symbol on. Because of the canning or processing of the tomatoes, you very well might need. It's worth asking!
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whoops that sould be in the other thread
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can I vent? I was told that my DM will be using boxed chicken soup this year in order to save time. She was going to buy other prepared foods but they were too expensive when she went to order. So DD found some boxes of Tabachnik chicken soup on sale. What about good old homemade? And, she's kashering by the Friday morning before pesach. Isn't this enough time to cook? And, they're not even having Fri night dinner at home, so theoretically she could cook on Friday all day.
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Very interesting, does anyone know of a web site that gives details on products to use during Passover? Does it have to be K for Passover?

Are you all making a meal planner?

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I always make several BIG pans of matzoh apple kugel (soooo good) and we eat it for breakfast, lunch, snacks, with dinner, etc. throughout the week. I never tire of it. Yum yum.

As an aside, I'm having a colonoscopy during Passover, and my first thought was, "Well, that's one less day I have to worry about what I'll be eating." Yeah me for finding the bright side
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I love Pesach.

DH and I went all out for it. I have four sets of dishes, and cleaning for Pesach is a joy! I used to make Passover Puffs and put in steamed veggies, chicken salad, tuna salad or custard during Passover. So much fun. My favorite was carrot tsimmes. So healthy and so good.

My favorite Cookbook for Passover is by Rodale Press, Jane Kinderlehrer's Cookiing Kosher Naturally; the forward is written by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, who uses his space in the book to take Rabbis to task for allowing infant formula to be allowed kashrut, but that is another forum and another thread.

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anyone else out there? I havent cooked at all since we'll be away, but I'm looking forward to all the Pesach foods and having seders with my family.

Wishing everyone a Zissen (sweet) Pesach. May we all experience the feeling of going from slavery to freedom, and may all people in the world today be freed from bondage.
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what's everyone doing for dinner tonight? I'm at a loss and I don't want to go out because my youngest has a cold
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We are eating up all of the bread and burning the rest, as we always do.
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can't have bread - my kitchen's already turned over so I could cook all day today. we'd go out but Jacob's still sleeping. I'm trying to call my husband to get him to leave work early if at all possible.

Ben had 3 slices of bologna (a feast for him LOL) and Max had eggs and applesauce.

I might just have a salad
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I love matzah meal pancakes! I hate that they take me forever to make. otherwise...tomorrow is hard because you can't have bread or matzah. If my daughter asks for crackers (she does often) I'll probably give HER matzah. But otherwise we'll probably have yogurt and bananas and applesauce. Then we'll be away for yuntiv. When we get back, we have some options that we bought (like frozen blintzes, passover pasta, etc). I always dread having nothing to eat but it usually turns out just fine!
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