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How much vitamin C can I give my 9 month old?

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Dd is almost 9 months old and she has had serious bronchitis twice already. SHe is fully breastfed and since about 2 months is eating some banana, apple, brown rice and avocado (it since yesterday peas, yeah!). She is non-vaxed and in daycare. I have been giving her some vitamin C that our chiropractor gave her but that contains only 25 mg per dose. I read a lot of info varying from 50 mg a day to 1,000 mg per day. I obviously want to do this right, please let me have your suggestions. I am taking Vitamin C myself so that might give her some more through bm.

Also, since she's been sick twice now, I am worrying about iron.
I have not fed her iron fortified rice cereal, are there any other ways for me to keep her iron up?

Sorry for all the questions, thanks for your help!

Christa and Kirsten 09/11/02
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I was just questioning safe Vitamin C dose for a friend's dd who has a bladder infection at two & 1/2. I'm sorry that I can't answer your question. However, I had some other thoughts when reading your post. According to "The Well Baby Book" bronchitis tends to reoccur in some children more than others and when this is so, it is important to jump right on a cold, whereas usually one would let a cold run its course...I would consider homeopathics...for serious situations you would need to see a homeopathic doctor. I have had good info & results with Dana Ullman's "Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants.
It seems that she would be getting the daily amount of vitamin C thru your bm. I would think that it is, in general, all the exposure to viruses and possible bacterias present in day care environment. I would suggest taking echinacea yourself which would pass thru your bm to prevent infections. Although, if you are familiar with echinacea, it is important to take it for a period of time then sustain and then again.
I wouldn't have thought iron unless she seems lethargic or pale (symptoms of anemia).
On the bright side, she is definitely building her immunity! On the other hand, I know how scary it is when she is sick. My dd had bronchitis that resulted in a bacterial infection at 14 months. I hope this info is helpful....
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I just read some great info about vitamin C. It doesn't have a toxicity level, so you can give an abundance without worrying. However, if you increase the dose substantially at one time, it can cause diarrhea, therefore losing the Vitamin C. So gradual increase is recommended. One mother gives her kids 250-500 mg per day and then when they get sick with viral or bacterial infection, she really ups the dosage with no resulting diarrhea. The book was saying that Vitamin C is an incredible antibiotic and the reason more physicians don't recommend it is because, 1) Its not taught in med school and 2) the pharmaceutical companys would be all over them....when my dd starts pre-school, I am definitely going to do Vitamin C! Hope all is well with you and dd!
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