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Ovarian cyst (while breastfeeding)

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I was recently diagnosed with a 2 cm wide complex septated cyst on my ovary. I am breastfeeding my 2 yr old and have had my cycle back for about 6 months with really long, irregular cycles.

First of all I'm wondering if the cyst could be related to breastfeeding, and second, and more importantly I'm wondering what natural supplements are helpful. Most of what I see online regards surgery, and my Dr suggest the Pill, which is not an option for me right now.

Anyone else have experience with this?
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I can only make a suggestion for the long, irregular cycles.

You might try using natural chemical free pads from the hfs or GladRags and see whether it makes a difference.

It made a tremendous difference for me and both my adult dds.

Of course I don't know what you are using presently.
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I've had ovarian cysts ( the last was 12/22/06) as well as long and irregular cycles while breastfeeding. I also had them before I ever got pg and in between kids as well. For me, cysts and breastfeeding do not seem related.

Most cysts resolve on their own. My doc's never really considered them a big problem unless they are painful (mine were) or they grow, twist or rupture (no fun and believe me, you KNOW if that is happening). I've ended up in the ER more than once for pain relief. I've also had surgery twice. Most of my cysts were painful and inconveinent. : I used rest, heating pads, castor oil packs, baths, Ibu or vicodin. They either rupture or resolve. They can show on a U/S on Monday and show nothing on your u/S on Friday. They are tricky that way.

The pill was/is not an option for me - makes me crazy! I did see a acupuncturist and found relief with their help. I do seem to have them far less often as I get older (I'm almost 32). Many naturopaths also specialize in women's health - I'm considering going to one if I get another cyst within six months of my last one.

Good luck to you
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Ovarian cysts can be helped with castor oil packs. See Susan Weed's book or do a google, but basically you soak a flannel with castor oil, put plastic over it, then a hot water bottle. Twice a day, I think.
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