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I'm glad I already joined this March DDC thread considering they are closing the Feb. DDC this Saturday March 17. When I read that I started crying cause it makes me feel like I should already have my baby.
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I've had Pitocin with no pain meds!! I was in active labor, but stalled at 6 cm for several hours, so it wasn't pitocin to induce, but for progress. I was supposed to report for induction that morning, but went into labor on my own (after every "natural" induction method I could find to avoid the drugs) at midnight the night before. In retrospect, I know I didn't "need" the pit, but I was delivering w/ a CNM at the hospital, and I'm sure she felt pressure to get me progressing before the OBs came in to start pushing a c-section. I went into labor at midnight, started getting pitocin aroun 12:30-1 the next day, delivered DD at 7 pm.

If you are facing induction, I would make the following requests:
1) will they try cervadil before pitocin? I don't know all about cervadil, but my CNMs would do 2 applications of cervadil before resorting to pitocin. Cervadil ripens the cervix, whereas pitocin stimulates contractions. I felt more comfortable with the cervadil b/c then I felt like the contractions would be more natural. my CNM's office would do one app. of cervadil, give it 12 hours to work, then another for 12 hours, then if labor wasn't underway would turn to pitocin. It seemed more gentle an option.

2) negotiate the dosage. I talked to my CNM - what do you want to see? what frequency and duration of contractions? how will you monitor that? when you see that pattern, we will STOP CRANKING UP the pitocin (they generally crank it up every 30-60 minutes unendingly). I was straight up with her that I was only willing to consent to the minimal effective dosage, not the standard business as usual. In restrospect, I wish I had demanded that the pitocin be shut off when I was fully dilated and ready to push. I just didn't think about it (and wonder if my 3rd degree tear was related to the meds). But they will leave it on forever - I had to demand that they turn it off when she was born and remove the IV, otherwise they leave it on to contract your uterus and for fluids, even after you deliver the placenta.

3) ask for portable monitors - my hosp had telemetry monitors that were strapped on, but wireless. so even though I had to be monitored while on the pitocin, I could move around, sit on the birth ball, go to the bathroom etc. I think even if your hosp doesn't have portable monitors, you can ask the nurses to help you get to a birthball, chair, etc. near the bed. And if they don't have portable monitors, I'd feel free to disconnect them when you want or need to. Nobody's actually watching them most of the time anyway - they just look at the strip when they come it. I personally think if they want to monitor you they can park their butts in the room and monitor you. Plus, Ctx monitors are notorious for missing tons of ctx, and every time the baby moves the heartrate monitor doesn't work...

4) Tell your MW that you want to avoid an epi or other pain meds and ask for support and cooperation. Ask that they NEVER be offered, and develop a "safety" word with your partner. Ask in advance for positive attitudes and encouragement. Try different positions and relaxation techniques. PRACTICE them before you get induced so they will be familiar.

5) It's mostly mental - you have to really psych yourself up. The contractions are unatural and excessive. but you can handle it. You can handle anything if you believe that you can.

Personally, I would not agree to an induction without demonstrated medical need. Meaning, significantly low fluid, concerning heartrate, or fetal distress. I feel like for me, my body was stalling b/c it needed a break - I'd been up for 24 hours and been in labor for 7-8 when the dilation stopped. I wonder if I had had a nap, rested a bit between ctx, then been able to labor w/o deadlines and pressures how it would have went. I was fine for labor to last over 24 hours, so I wasn't antsy. The lesson I learned is that when you are in a hosp., even with a CNM, you are subject to the timelines, pressures and policies of that hosp. But I also found out how strong I am and what I can handle. I felt like a superhero when it was all said and done!
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PS - Today was my ideal birthdate for this baby. SO since it didn't come, the pressure is off. now the baby can come whenever (although I'd like to avoid a st. pats b-day since we aren't irish and that would be forever linked). Now I'm almost looking forward to going to 42 weeks just to further disprove the myth of the 40 week gestation (in my case at least)!
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I'm almost looking forward to going to 42 weeks just to further disprove the myth of the 40 week gestation (in my case at least!)
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YoBecca -- thank you so much for the info on pitocin and a hospital birth -- I am hoping I don't need it... I am 12 days past due now and the birth center allows me to go to 14 until I become a hospital birth.

Reducereuserecycle -- I feel for you. I just want to say that it is refreshing to know that you are trusting your baby and your body completely.

It's so hard to wait -- not because I am tired of being pregnant, but rather that I don't want anything to happen to my baby. He's healthy and moving around right now, but who knows what will happen if I keep waiting. Please reassure me mamas. This doesn't seem normal since my first was only 6 days past due and I am sure of my dates...

Would you keep waiting? People on the playground think I am a freak, my family is VERY worried, and my dh has started to say that he rather have a healthy baby than the perfect birth experience.
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Well, I am now *officially* here. 40wks today and not a labor sign in sight. I figured this would happen, 41w1d is my earliest I've ever gone - and I'm pretty sure that's because I took castor oil to make it happen. My Dd was born at 42w, and so I figure that if I leave this pregnancy alone like I did that one I have a good long wait ahead of me.

Now I'm almost looking forward to going to 42 weeks just to further disprove the myth of the 40 week gestation (in my case at least)!
YES!!!! I have plans to attend a huge luncheon this weekend for my mom's group. I've been planning on attending for months. No one in my group believed I would make it this long, and no one will carpool with me (it's over an hour away) because they're convinced my water will break on the drive. So Dh and the kids will drive me up there and hang out at my mom's house (she lives 15 min away from the hotel) while I party. I'm just amazed that people think babies pop out at 40 wks like on timers. But then again, I shouldn't really be surprised considering how many people have asked me Aren't they going to induce yet? Puh-lease! I wasn't even due yet! (And who is "they" anyway? )
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Originally Posted by summerlilies View Post
Would you keep waiting? People on the playground think I am a freak, my family is VERY worried, and my dh has started to say that he rather have a healthy baby than the perfect birth experience.
Are you doing kick counts? That can be very reassuring. For drs and hospitals they have to worry about their insurance. Its us who have to live with the decisions for the rest of our lives. Obviously you have to do whats best for you and your family. But I just wanted to reassure you that a due date, even with known conception, is still an estimate. I am very sure of my dates. Even with the March 1st edd I gave myself it was padded. I have 'known' since June 4th I was pg, didn't get the positive test till much later. So you can imagine how 'done' I am! In fact I have known conception date in all but 2 of my kids and still I go to 42 weeks.

I am still waiting, tomorrow I will be 42 weeks. My earliest was 13 days past my edd and I took castor oil that time. I've seen women go 36 weeks one time and go to 42 weeks another. Every baby is different. Unfortantly for me I seem to go at 42 weeks EVERY time. (and when you have done this 7 times in 10 years it gets really tiresome).

There is lots of stuff online about post dates. If you are worried do some research, at least it will help pass the time.
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Anyone else noticed that April mama's are starting to have babies now?
And we're still waiting. I'm scared what if I got all the way to April? I'm not all that late now, will be 41 weeks in another day but I want my baby!!!!
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I am now over a week overdue. Went for the non-stress test yesterday, they seem to think the baby is moving around fine, hrt beats go up and down normally. They also did an ultrasound to check fluid which the midwife I think went around a bit. Supposedly they arent supposed to count fluid that is around the umbilical cord but that is where the bulk of my fluid was so she counted it and said I had plenty of fluid. Hoping to go this weekend. My deadline to deliver at the birthcenter I want is fast approaching (before Tueday I need to go into labor). Have another appt tomorrow. I just wish it would happen already!
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I could wait til tomorow when I am officially 40 weeks, but there is no sign of labor, so can I join in today?

Neither of my other two babies were born by their "due dates" either. I have actually felt all along this baby wasn't coming until the 24th. My DH was supposed to be home that weekend so I was content waiting til then, but now he is coming home this weekend and therefore, unless there is a baby, he won't be home for the 24th. Also my other two have both been born on a new moon, so that gives me hope for the 19th.

I had some major contractions and pain in the early morning of the 13th. Then that day everyone was telling me I dropped, so maybe something will happen soon?? I'm not losing any mucous or water, BH (since the 13th) have been almost unnoticeable and nothing seems to be happening.

I'm UCing and I've been concerned (just a little) if the baby was head down. Well the last few times I've felt hiccups they were down very low so I'm hoping that means head is down.

Well that's all from me for now!
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Joining the club

As of yesterday the 14th. I've been 4cm and 50, 90, and 100% effaced for three weeks, and think that any time the doc says "any day", she jinxes us. For the last three weeks she's predicted "before the next appointment", the last appointment she prediced "thursday (today), during the day". WTF?! She wasn't right the last three weeks, power of suggestion doesn't seem to effect me.

It's all just entertaining, I know she can't predict labor any better than I can. But, I sure is a nice day today to have a baby...wouldn't it be nice.
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Diane - is your appt. friday for another NST? Ah, the joy of frequent testing. I think it's fine that the MW took an unorthodox fluid measure - fluid is fluid, and she could likely see you had plenty. Some practices use higher standards for the fluid measure than are necessary - higher than the threshold that is considered risky - meaning that lots of women are pressured to induce, when if they were at another practice it would have been fine. I was pushed to induce due to fluid levels (avoided b/c went into labor), but a freind sent me a study a few months later that showed that low fluid in post-date pregnancies is not as risky as assumed - that it's most likely a precursor to going into labor naturally. So don't fret about the fluid measure - and I would also say don't fret if you get a low fluid measure (but your care providers will!).

Summerlillies - try to relax and trust that your baby will come when ready - and soon. I agree that kick counts might help you feel more confident. Certainly let go of the pressures from the people on the playground and family - I've been getting asked if I'm going to be induced for weeks, even before I was close to my "due date." It's become so standard, people forget that it's only in the best interest of mother or child if it's actually *medically necessary*. Plus, people like drama. So suggesting that there might be something wrong, that intervention might be needed, etc. is a harmless way to build this up a bit. Really, it's very normal - don't let it get in your head. Also, does your MW require NSTs? I am sure if your MW saw any reason to be concerned, she would risk you out to an OB ASAP. I hope you go soon and get your birth center birth!!

I think I lost my mucous plug last night. A few painful ctx today, but nothing exciting. Hoping to avoid birthing tomorrow - birthdate gives me weird vibes.
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I'm 42 weeks 3 days now. I am still waiting. It does get old with all the people hassling you about the baby's health. I am reassured everytime my little baby kicks or moves it's hands(which is still frequent). I feel sorry for DH the most because he is dealing with all the annoyers at his work that keep asking him what is wrong with me and what is wrong with our baby. I wish he didn't have to put up with that. I noticed that someone was talking about people liking drama and I think that is so true. Sometimes you have to wonder which people are genuinely concerned and which ones are just wanting to rile up more drama. Hang in there everyone...
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Originally Posted by summerlilies View Post
Anyone here have a non-epidural birth while getting pitocin at the hospital??
Me, with my 4 year old. I was induced with pitocin and chose not to have any pain medication. The most difficult part for me wasn't the pitcoin induced contractions (sure no fun, but not the worst) it was the constant fetal monitoring. But I found ways around that to make it better for myself. While on the pitocin I got up (and took my time) going to the bathroom frequently. . once every 40 minutes, once every half hour, got to the point I was getting up every 15-20 minutes. I also kept my eyes on the prize. My OB promised me that once labor was established (and that I'd gotten to 6-7 cm) that we could turn off the pit, free me from the monitors and heplock off my IV. I got to 7 cm. . was untethered and got my butt up and walked the halls. About an hour later my dd was born.
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Still waiting too. 42 +1 My support people are gone. So I have no one to watch my kids. I asked one of my friends to come but I can't rely on her. It would be great if she could but I am planning on laboring alone while dh watches the other 6. Not ideal but you gotta do what you gotta do.

My mw is coming over twice a week now, which makes me feel even more like a watched pot.
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I feel you full heart! I am 42 weeks this weekend.
Im not terribly concerned.. just a bit bored of it all really.
I can relate to the support people crappola.. we do 98% of everything on our own.. I am blessed however to have teenagers who can help.. but still!

It's super hard feeling like a watched pot... ((hugs))
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My mother's coworkers keep asking her if I'm dilated yet. Do they not realize that they are asking a very specific question about the reproductive organs of a woman they've never met? I find that INCREDIBLY intrusive. But I guess that the mainstream loves to compare internals (esp. since so many OB offices start doing them at 34-35 weeks : ). Just seems stupid - a first-time mom on another DD board is freaking out b/c she's been 3cm for 3 weeks now (& is 39w3d), and has been assuming that she would immediately go into labor the first time she heard that number. That's a really sucky way to spend the end of a pregnancy, you know?

I'm still working full-time & will continue on until I'm actually in labor. Gotta keep my mind busy with something ...
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Joining the club today

This is baby #5 and the second time I have made it to 40 weeks. I am doing fine today though a bit bummed because I just read a great birth story from a gal in my birth class and she wasn't 'due' for another 2 weeks or so.
My Mom gets into town Wednesday night and #2 has a birthday Friday so we will all go out to dinner. DH and I have also planned a date and to stay in a hotel Saturday night so we have something to look forward to if the baby isn't here yet.

Of course I'd rather have the baby
Last night I had TONS of pressure and kept having dreams of my water breaking and of course, woke up pregnant.

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joining today also. Yesterday was my due date. I am not sure to feel good about this, physically, I feel better than I have with either of my pregnancies, or wondering if somehow that pregnancy test was totally off. I am small. We went to the playground and I was getting up and one woman said, yeah, those last couple of months are hard. I was due the next day. I haven't once got a you look like you are going to pop. Everyone says how small I look, I am even measuring small. It just makes me worried that I am going to go another month. No contractions, or at least nothing that seems like anything. I also feel wrong doing anything to try and start stuff. and if it feels wrong to do that, than I shouldn't, right? Nesting is gone, and i don't even feel like doing any yarn work. So I just sit there and occaisonally get to cuddle my kids. My baby feels really low, it is uncomfy to do anything but sit. Grrr, i don't know what to think or do anymore. I was actually pretty sure that I was going to go into labor last weekend.
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Man, Valerie, sounds good to have not been getting all the questions and looks. Everytime I leave the house I get asked "How far along are you?" or "When are you due?" I do like to mess with people, so I'll be honest and say 41.5 weeks or I was actually due on the 10th. And the looks on their faces! They just go, uhhhh.....sorry?

I'm doing ok, had a really hard day yesterday and it seemed like everything was making me cry. Other than that I haven't let it get to me.

I post a LOT to a forum for my local AP group and I'm starting to get irritated with some of the other mom's responses to me. They say maybe I'm letting worry get in the way of my labor and I feel like they think I'm whining about it all the time. But I haven't been!

I just started a thread yesterday that was kind of feeling sorry for myself because I am worried I won't be able to take my DD to the neighborhood easter egg hunt because it is on the 31st and I have no idea how far recovered I'll be from birth if I even do birth by then. I was not complaining, I just want to be able to plan on doing stuff with my family!

I have no feelings of anything changing, have never had any contractions.
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